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Top 6 Tips for Looking After Dyed or Coloured Hair Extensions at Home

mantaining Coloured Hair Extensions

We’ve been on lockdown too long – and all this time away from our hairdressers is starting to show. Maintaining dyed or coloured hair extensions is already slightly complicated compared to natural coloured hair extensions, but this is magnified when stuck at home and can’t quite the products or tools you want. So today we are giving you all the top tips in looking after dyed and coloured hair extensions at home.

From how to wash your coloured hair extensions while keeping their vibrancy, to how to protect your hair from heat in the hot weather, we cover some of the top tips you need for maintaining healthy, shiny and bright hair throughout the lockdown.

Does dyeing work on all extensions?

In a nutshell, no. the key thing to remember is that dye will work the same on our hair if is made of the same thing as our hair. As synthetic hair is made of plastic and other materials, dyeing them will not work and will damage the extensions. Remy human hair extensions  are required for a beautiful dye job and can be dyed up to two shades darker while maintaining its quality.

1. Take it cool

mantaining Coloured Hair Extensions

You should wash or rinse your human hair extensions in cool water. This is so much easier now that it is getting warmer. Tepid, cool or even cold showers are not just brilliant for waking yourself up. Hot showers reduce the life of your hair and lifeless hair is not good for hair health and colour vibrancy.

It may make you have quicker showers but remember to always use conditioner with coloured hair (particularly at your ends) if you want your hair to stay healthy and keep your colour bright.

2. Switch your products

Using the right product is incredible for hair health in general but if you are making any changes to your hair, it is an absolute must. First off, make sure you are using hair products specifically designed for dyed and coloured hair extensions, and if your making your own DIY hair treatment for coloured hair extensions, make sure you research the benefits or disadvantages of using those ingredients on coloured hair.

You also want to use shampoos that are botanically based rather than chemically based (which most of them are). Plant based shampoos, conditioners and hair masks are the best as they are less likely to have chemicals like sulphate in them. Sulphate leeches your extension’s moisture making them brittle and weak. If your extensions are lighter than a deep brown shade the best bet is assume that they are dyed. So, if you want them to stay bright and vibrant get products that are specifically for dyed hair.

If your hair is a single solid colour, you can try add some of your hair dye to help keep it bright. If your colour extensions of mixed colours then give this tip a miss, as mixing all those colours will create more of a mess than a success.

3. Avoid the heat

Coloured Hair Extensions

This one is hard during the warm seasons but heat really weakens your hair so going heatless is ideal. Instead of drying your hair, let it air dry. This may mean a bit more planning as to when you are going to wash your locks, but it will be worth it. Styling with heat is the same so instead of curling, check out our blog for heatless hairstyle ideas.

While we all love some Vitamin D, the sun is actually not so friendly to coloured hair. If you can, use a UV colour protection spray to protect the colour and vibrancy of your locks.

As we are currently on lockdown, this is easy to maintain while at home, and if you do go outside, you can simply wear a hat to protect your hair.

4. Don’t forget to tone

As bright hair colours are bleached first, then dyed – or it’s important to look after your coloured hair extensions as blonde hair extensions. If you notice your colour going brassy, tone it using purple shampoo to colour-correct the hair. This will keep your colour brighter and help it to last longer. Rinse treatment is also a great option to help with the colour vibrancy as it will also keep your hair looking lovely and shiny which makes it look healthy.

Also, make sure that your shampoo does not have sulphate in it as it strips your hair of its natural oils and you need to keep your natural oils as much as possible for healthy brightly coloured hair.

5. Try beer

Although an unexpected ingredient, beer is actually good for your hair and helps bring it back to life with some volume. If you have lighter tresses, then try adding some lemon juice to your beer hair treatment to help brighten blond hair in the sun.

6. Moisturise as much as you can

Whether you have blonde hair, red or pink hair, hydrated hair is healthy hair. As the bleaching and colouring process for hair extensions is quite drying, moisture is especially essential for coloured hair extensions. Use plenty of conditioner after shampooing too help help keep your hair hydrated while keeping its colour bright.

How else are you maintaining your coloured hair extensions at home? Let us know, and don't forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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