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DIY vegan hair volumising treatment

DIY vegan hair volumising treatment

Everyone is buzzing about salt from your muscles and body to your health and you guessed it, your hair. But what does salt have to do with your hair? Ladies struggling with flat and lifeless hair (possibly even more so if it is not newly washed or you have the wrong conditioner) this is your secret weapon. We love our hair extensions and they are your first port of call when it comes to hair lift and oomph but on no wash days, your natural hair oils seem to leave you looking and feeling flat despite the extra help. Don’t worry lovelies been there, done that and got the t-shirt. I found this recipe super easy and helpful and it is cruelty-free which I know we all love. Keep reading to check it out!




Get your ingredients

This one is super simple and should be easy to get your hands on at your health food shop. The first item is epsom salts. This may seem super weird because we all usually use it to relieve sore muscles in the bath but the magnesium and sulphate combination is brilliant for your flat locks as well as your tight muscles. The second ingredient is a good conditioner. Emphasis on the word good. Get one that is as pure and safe as possible so it won’t make your hair feeling gluggy and make the roots even heavier.




Creating your mixture

The brilliant thing with having such a simple recipe is that is manageable. With this treatment you can make and much or little as you want but you will need to remember you school maths lesson as the measurements for this mixture is 1:1. That means you need exactly the same about of epsom salts as you do your conditioner. Mix in a bowl until your epsom salts are dissolved. Move your treatment into an airtight bottle or container until you are ready to use it.




How to use your volumising treatment

Now that your magic potion is made it is time to put it on so jump in the shower. Rub this treatment into your hair, particularly near the crown and let it set for 25 minutes before you wash it out. That is it! You can feel the thickness and extra body to your locks once your hair is dry. This will not affect the way in which you style your hair at all so go crazy.





Extra tips for styling with volume

The key to keeping your hair looking full is to choose the right style. Your colour go simple and let your hair out but if you do want to go for something a little fancier I would suggest something that shows off you crown area like a half up, half down style or a fancy wedding style updo. You also don’t want to weigh your roots down. This is a mistake loads of people make by putting on too much leave in conditioner or serum near your roots.




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