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Best Reasons To Wear Tape In Hair Extensions

You will be hearing more and more about the tape hair extensions because they are so popular right now. I feel like everyone wants a more permanent hair change is opting for this style. Whilst clip in hair extensions are great for a one-night transformation to think of tape in extensions as your season long fairy godmother. I am going to break down for you why they are so amazing and my favourite type of extensions right now.

clip in extensions-tape-hair-november-light-weight

Light weight

Cliphair Tape in hair extensions are the bomb if you don’t want to make your head too heavy. They are made from real human hair so are not unnaturally heavy. It isn’t just the hair that makes the difference. The way in which it is designed means that it is the least dragging on your natural hair and therefore causes the least damage. It is also so much easier to remove because of how lightweight it is.

clip in extensions-tape-hair-november-minimal-maintenance

Minimal maintenance

This is brilliant right from the start of your extension’s life. When you are putting them in it does not need any heated tool what so ever. This makes it so much easier to keep your extensions healthier as we all know that heat isn’t brilliant for your hair extensions. It isn’t just the maintenance of your extensions that are improved but to your natural hair as well. The way the extensions are made is that the hair spread out over the width of your hair extensions so the volume and weight are distributed evenly. This essentially means that it doesn’t drag at any one point in your hair and won’t weaken your own hair or make it fall out.

clip in extensions-tape-hair-november-cost-effective



Yes, you do need to get a pro or at least a very, very talented friend to put these in (it will take roughly an hour to put a full head of extensions in) it is still the most cost-effective type of extensions. They are cost effective firstly because they are so good at what they do. They are the most flexible type of extensions which is brilliant because it means that you can try it with so many styles and you might not have to get extra ponytail extensions. The second reason they are so cost effective is that they could save you cash on styling products. Tape in hair extensions are brilliant at blending because of how flat they lie at the roots. This means you will need to do less backcombing, spraying and scrunching and you will, therefore, need less of your hair mousse, hairspray and be able to use less conditioner. As far as bang for your buck it is time for you to get your hands on some tape in extensions. The final benefit is that tape in extensions can last three to six months (given that you look after them properly) and be put in several times. That is such a long time for extensions you are wearing 24/7.


These babies are brilliant so get your hands on them!

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Kelly P. Miles
Kelly P. Miles

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