How To Get the Perfect Blow Dry at Home

Getting the perfect blow dry at home isn’t always an easy feat, it involves some patience and some arm strength, however, achieving that look fresh out of a salon look at home isn’t that difficulty with a bit of know-how. Read on to get top tips on how to get that voluminous finish for yourself.

We all know that your human hair extensions look and feel the best with dry hair but washing your hair is obviously essential. The best way to get that gorgeous shiny and voluminous look is to blow dry you lock, and if done correctly, the results are incredible. Although it sounds like it should be simple, most people actually don’t blow dry their hair correctly leaving it frizz and untamed. If you want to look like you have just come from the hairdressers and spent a lot of money, keep reading our step by step guide to the perfect salon blow dry at home.

Before you start, you should consider how much time it will take to achieve that smooth and gorgeous hair. If you have long or thick hair, or both, getting that perfect look will take a little longer than your everyday routine. It may take around 40 minutes to blow-dry your full head, but all that time will be worth it when you are rocking great hair for days.

Step 1: Prep

You should towel dry your hair when you finish washing it, as this helps get that salon bounce, and also better for your hair. Make sure your hair is mostly dry before you start using the blow dryer. After you've done this, nourish the hair but avoid the scalp area so your hair doesn’t look greasy when you’re finished.

One of the major flaws people do is straighten their hair, neglecting their roots. If you add heat and pull down on your hair it can act like a weight on your roots, resulting in lifeless roots. To avoid this, you need to be proactive and spray your roots with dry shampoo the night before. By doing it the night before it won’t leave your hair with white residue, but it will retain volume.

Step 2: Nourish to strengthen

The key to having your hair look like it is professionally finished is to keep it nourished. If your hair is already dry or damaged, this step is vital in helping your locks get that shiny, healthy finish. And if your hair is healthy, it is likely to have more shine and sit better, but this step is important too if you wish to maintain that glossy look.

So, if you want your hair to still look perfect after you apply heat, whip out your hair mask. Coconut-milk based masks are brilliant for relaxingand you usually only need to have them on for ten minutes. Remember, your ends are the section that often gets the driest, so pay extra attention to this area to make sure they look soft and flawless.

You will also need a styling product designed to give you added volume and shine – a hair mousse would be perfect.

Step 3: Use protection

If you are blow drying your hair or applying heat to your hair at all, is a MUST. You can either use a serum or a spray as they’re much easier to work into your hair. If you want your hair and extensions lasting longer and feeling great, don’t forget to use protection.

Step 4: Make the most of plant oils

One of the best ways to handle flyaway or baby hairs is not actually hairspray it is oil, often in the form of a serum. Stronghold hairspray is actually not advisable for your hair health and may make your hair look stiff. Using a little oil is extremely helpful for dealing with pesky hairs, however, be sure to avoid adding too much oil as that’ll lead to your hair looking greasy. You can use this before or after your blow dry, depending on your preference.

Squeeze a large 50p amount into your hands. Rub the product in your hands and apply to hair ends, move up to roots (it will not make hair heavier), but ensure you don’t apply much to the roots as you don’t want any excess grease. This makes hair thicker, more disciplined during styling and provides shine.

Step 5: Your blow-drying technique

Starting from the bottom, use a round brush and roll wrap your hair round the brush from the roots. Use the blow dryer above the hair and roll down the hair as you continue applying heat, making sure the dryer is not too close to your hair as this will cause heat damage.

Lift up your hair with your hands direct air to the roots. It’s best to use cold air as this will lock in the style and cause minimum damage. Use a hair dryer with no attachment so the air will be dispersed, giving you more body and volume.


Get a large barrelled brush, separate a large strand, taking the hairbrush to the roots. Slowly pull the brush upwards. Roll strand around brush and heat it up with hair dryer. Direct the air from down, near the roots. Slowly moving up, take brush out, let the lock cool down. Style all over in this way. Then using your fingers lift hair up near the roots and fix with hairspray. Bend head down and separate strands with fingers. At last fix hair again with hair spray.

This works perfectly with micro loop extensions and tape in hair extensions, but you can blow dry your extensions in the same way, clipping them onto a non-moving object so you can style them as if they were your own hair on your head. If you want extra bounce and volume, blow dry your hair upside down for a few minutes once all hair sections have been covered.

If you like your blow drys to have loads of volume, try adding some texturizing powder. A sprinkle of this at the roots will give your hair lots of extra body. Finally, finish off with some shine spray for a glossy and healthy look.

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