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How To Wash Your Hair Extensions

seamless clip in hair extensions

It is important to wash your hair extensions in order for them to look their best and to remove any product build up. You should generally be washing your hair extensions every 10-12 wears. You may find your extensions are becoming tangled and unmanageable; this is a sign they need washing.

Ideally you should use a shampoo that is not too harsh on the hair, its best to use products designed especially for human hair extensions and free from harsh ingredients such as alcohol and sulphate which can dry out the hair.

If you use a colour-depositing shampoo on your own hair (such as a blue/purple shampoo if you are blonde or a dark shampoo for brunettes) then consider using this every other wash or mixing half and half with the gentle shampoo in order to keep the hair toned which will ensure the best colour match to your hair. 

washing hair extensions

How to wash your hair extensions step by step guide

Step 1 – Take all of the hair extensions and hold at the clipped end. If washing an 8 piece set, split the hair into 2 and do 4 pieces at a time. This will help to ensure the hair is thoroughly clean and rinsed.

Step 2 – Hold the hair extensions under a running tap, ensuring the water is warm but not hot. (Try not to submerge the hair in a sink of water as this can cause the hair to swell and become unmanageable and tangled) 

Step 3 – Apply the shampoo to the hair gently massaging in from the top to the ends 

Step 4 – Rinse the hair under the warm tap allowing most of the shampoo to run out before carefully separating the extensions to remove any remaining shampoo. 

Step 5 – Squeeze out excess water, pat gently with a dry towel and apply conditioner to the hair, avoiding rubbing the hair. This can either be rinsed off straight away or left on the hair for 1-2 hours before rinsing for a deep condition, its advised to deeply condition the hair at least every other time you wash them to restore moisture and keep them feeling silky! 

Step 6 – Wrap the hair in a towel and gently squeeze out any excess water. Lay the hair flat on the towel to dry. For best results allow hair to air dry, or if you’re in a rush blow dry the extensions on a low heat. We do not advise brushing the hair whilst it is still wet as this could cause shedding.  

Step 7 – Straighten the hair once dry (if required) ensuring you use a heat protection spray to protect the hair as you would your own. 
Finally, clip in and style as usual! 

washing hair extensions

Hints and tips to wash your hair extensions

- Try to avoid submerging hair in water – it tangles the hair. Instead, keep a grip of the hair at the clipped end preventing extensions tangling up.

- Use a good quality conditioner or hair mask on the extensions from time to time to add moisture back in to the hair

- Allow hair to air-dry, laid flat on a towel. This will prevent any heat damage and is much easier than using a dryer.

- You are likely to experience a small amount of hair loss when washing, drying and brushing your extensions. This is normal, like your own hair the extensions will experience shedding or breakage from washing or heat damage. 

For more information why not speak to our team of experts. 

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