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Protecting Your Clip Hair Extensions In The Summer – Q&A Session 9

Protecting Your Clip Hair Extensions In The Summer – Q&A Session 9

Picture the scene. It’s a gorgeous sunny day and you’re relaxing at the beach or pool, with nothing more to do than sip at a thirst-quenching tropical fruit drink. It’s pretty much our idea of the perfect holiday! And of course, beachy mermaid hair is the perfect accessory to your perfect tans and cute flip-flops. But you still need to take care of your skin and your hair extensions under the scorching sun – and here are some tips to help you…

(P.s. did you see our last blog? It’s a step-by-step guide to toning clip-in extensions. You can read it here.)



does chlorine effect your hair extensions


1.      Is it bad to leave chlorine in hair overnight?

You should never get chlorine in your extensions; it will damage them and can change their colour dramatically. If you accidentally get chlorine on your extensions, rinse them thoroughly with cool, fresh water as soon as you can – and never leave it in your hair overnight.

It’s never a good idea to get chlorine on your gorgeous extensions. Chlorine is a very harsh chemical, and it will do more than dry out your beautiful locks; it can cause your colour to fade or bleach. Think that’s a small price to pay? Think again. Chlorine bleaching can cause hair to turn a range of awful shades from orange through to green. Not the summer look you want, so keep those luscious locks out of the pool!

2.    Can I go swimming with extensions?

swimming in your hair extensions

Swimming with extensions is a no-no. Chlorinated water and saltwater are bad news for extensions. So either unclip before you take a dip or wear a swimming cap.

Because swimming pools are chlorinated, we’d recommend you don’t wear your clip in hair extensions when you take a dip. After all they’re so quick to remove, which makes it easy to protect your delicate hair extensions from chlorinated pool water.

You should also remove your clip in extensions before swimming in the sea. Seawater is salty and all that salt will really damage your hair extensions and dry them out.

Be safe, not sorry and unclip your extensions or wear a swimming cap to keep your clip in extensions protected.

3.    Does saltwater ruin hair extensions?




In one word – yes! Saltwater is very drying and can cause your extensions to become brittle and dull-looking.

You’ve probably heard all about how beneficial the minerals and salts in ocean water can be. But if you think a swim in the sea will give your clip in extensions a boost, it’s time to think again. The salt in seawater is very dehydrating and so far as your extensions go that means damage! Your natural hair is better equipped to cope with salty water as the natural oils from your scalp nourish your hair. But because your delicate clip in extensions don’t benefit from natural oils, salty water will dry them out leaving them brittle and dull-looking.

4.    Can I go sunbathing in clip in hair extensions?



You can sunbathe while wearing clip in extensions so long as you remember to protect them. Use heat protection spray and you’ll protect it from the worst of the heat.

Climate change means our summers are getting hotter and hotter. We all know how bad UVA and UVB radiation is for our skin and how important it is to use suncream, but have you thought about whether the sun affects your hair?

Sad to say, the sun does damage your hair. Not only does it dry your hair out, but it also encourages the colour to fade. So next time you step into the sun, protect your hair as well as your skin. A wide-brimmed hat is one option, or you could wear heat protection spray to protect your hair from the sun’s heat.  That way you can sunbathe, knowing your hair and skin are protected from the sun.

5.    Summer holiday tips for your hair



Keep things cool and look fab while you’re doing it with these simple tips:

  • Get yourself a stylish summer hat. The perfect hat will go with everything while protecting your face and
  • Invest in heat protection spray and make sure you use it! You’ll protect your precious locks from sun damage and get beautiful beachy waves while you’re at it.
  • Make your own hydrating mist by mixing a small amount of conditioner with water and keeping it in a handy spray bottle ready to use when your hair starts looking frazzled.
  • It’s tempting to oil your hair before stepping out into the sun but try to resist! Adding oil to your hair will concentrate the heat and make it fry – the result? Even drier hair!



Use these tips to keep your hair care on point during your summer holiday and beyond. If you have any other questions, drop us an email us at advice@cliphair.co.uk with the words Q&A in the subject area and you’ll get the chance to be featured on our weekly blog.




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