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#hairhacks How to Get Vintage Curly Hair

how to get vintage curly hair
Authored By Cliphair Extensions

‘Tis the season to look gorgeous and, fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do it. Whether you’re blasting your hair with a turbo powered blow dryer or tugging at it with sizzling flat irons; the aim is the same – to tame unruly locks and create a style that is sleek, sexy, and perfect for festive parties. But, did you know that you can create sumptuous, rolling curls without the help of electrical styling tools and searing temperatures?

Would you be surprised if we told you that you actually don’t need any tools at all, except for a good hairbrush and an armful of coke cans? Back in the fifties, glamorous ladies used to tease out their vintage waves using nothing but the items that they could find around them. This would usually be torn up rags, big foam rollers, and (yes) soda cans. The styles were beautiful but economic and practical. They could be created from pretty much anywhere.

So, if you find yourself far from home this Christmas, without your usual treasure trove of styling tools, don’t despair. These vintage ‘dos will set you right in no time.

Coke Can Curls

Step One: Divide Up the Hair

To build up bouncing curls, without curling irons, start styling clean (slightly damp hair). We advise washing it and then letting it dry naturally as the easiest way to do this. Section off the top part of the hair, above the arch of each eyebrow. Clip the side section back, because you don’t need them for now.

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Step Two: Start Rolling

Now, divide this front section into chunks of around two inches, from front to back. Take the first section (nearest your face) and spritz it would firm hold hairspray. This is the clever bit. Take a soda can – miniature ones are easier to handle – and use it to roll up a big, broad curl. You can do this by placing it at the end of the section of hair and gently moving it towards your scalp, with the hair wrapped around its body.

Step Three: Keep Rolling

Secure the can with two elastic bands, one around each end. Then, turn to the rest of your hair. Finish the front section first, by moving backward in a kind of Mohawk style. If your tresses are quite long, you’ll get around 3-4 soda can curls here. When you’re finished, turn to the sides and add curls to them too. You can allow them to set naturally, without heat. Or, to speed things up, you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser function.

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Step Four: Unroll and Brush Out

Once you’re satisfied that your vintage curls have set perfectly, start unrolling the cans. Try to be gentle and don’t tug or pull too hard. When you’re finished, take a wide-toothed comb and carefully brush those Veronica Lake waves out. Add a generous dousing of hairspray and you’ve got a vintage ‘do that is fit for a fifties screen siren.

How to Combine Vintage Curls and Clip In Hair Extensions

The longer your locks, the more dramatic your vintage curls will look. So, you can add extra length to the equation if you want to create a truly dazzling ‘do. The only thing that you have to remember is not to tug or pull too hard. If you’re wearing hair extensions, be extra gentle and make sure that they’re firmly secured first. Ultimately, styling methods that don’t use heat are always going to be kinder on your hair (natural and extension), so mastering some old school tricks is a great idea.

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