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#hairhacks How To Do A Low Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most versatile styles that a lady has in her arsenal. It can be worn in a hundred different ways, for any kind of occasion and in any environment. The pony is perfect for lounging on the sofa with Netflix and ice cream. It’s also great for scrubbing up pretty and heading out on the town.

It can be rocked at weddings, parties, dinner dates, at the gym, or on an emergency hangover dash to the supermarket. It just might be the most perfect hairstyle of all. For understated glamour, it’s got to be the low slung pony. This is a ‘do that is favoured by supermodels, because it is relaxed and low maintenance, while also being impeccably chic.

We’ve got some handy hints and tips on how to create the perfect low pony, so listen up and prepare to get styling.

The Twist

If you love wearing ponytails, but hate the look of elastic bands, there’s a simple solution. Position your pony just above the nape of the neck. Secure it with an elastic, but leave one long strip loose. Wrap this tight around the base of the pony and the elastic, so that you’ve got a smooth and seamless finish. It is actually easier to do this when your tresses are slightly damp. Put this one together when you’re fresh out of the shower and your hair is almost dry.

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The Tieback

Or, instead of using your hair, you can take a lead from the winter 2017 catwalks and hide the elastic with a strip of ribbon. In fact, string, wrap ribbon, and lace are all great choices. To add a little edge, make the fabric longer than it is wide. This will elongate the ponytail and make your hair look more dramatic and striking. Just make sure to create the pony, secure it, and apply hairspray before you wrap it. Otherwise, it might come loose and slip out during the day.

The Pancake

To create a gorgeous pancake pony, secure the hair with an elastic at the base, as usual. Then, add more elastics, at intervals, so that the pony is divided into a kind of rough braid. Use your fingertips to gently flatten and pull the sections outwards for a flattened ‘pancake’ look. This hairstyle is a common sight on catwalks. Some designers like to leave the end section long and loose. Others like to tie it off quite close to the bottom, as it makes the flattened pancake effect more prominent.

The Mini Roll

This elegant style couldn’t easier to put together. It works wonderfully with clip in hair extensions too, because it adds dimension and texture. We’ve been talking a lot lately about the trend for ‘miniature details.’ This is a great example, because the tiny rolls are very subtle. They don’t make a dramatic statement, but they enhance the overall style. To incorporate them, leave two thin sections loose at either side of your face. Then, gently coil them around and slot them into the pony with the rest of your hair.

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