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Yes, Bananas Do Make Your Hair Healthy

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

You probably already know that some foods can be very nourishing for the hair. Avocado, for instance, is not just an amazing ingredient for the diet, it can also be used to make super nourishing hair masks. It isn’t the only one because there’s a food out there that can rival the avocado for root boosting potential.

The best thing is that you’ve probably got a few sitting in your fruit bowl already. We’re talking about bananas. These sumptuous yellow beasts can make your tummy and your hair happy. They are packed full of potassium, healthy carbs, vitamins, and natural oils; all of which are essential for the health and vitality of your tresses.

Keep reading for some cool banana hair mask ideas, which will restore shine and give those roots lots of strength.

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For Softer Hair

If your hair has been feeling a bit rough this winter, try an avocado and banana hair mask. It might sound a bit strange, but it’s a lot more appealing than raw eggs (which are another common ingredient). The two actually mix together very easily, smell rather nice, and provide oodles of nourishment to brittle, rough locks. Add a little coconut milk for an extra boost of intense softness and shine.

For Shine and Vitality

This DIY hair mask will increase the shine and strength of your hair. The roots will become stronger and the lengths thicker and less prone to breakage. To make it, combine a quarter cup of olive oil with a single egg white. Peel one banana, chop it up and mash it into the mixture. Apply it to your hair for 15 minutes, then follow with your regular shampoo and conditioning products.

For Fast Repairs

There are all kinds of reasons why you might need a quick boost of strength. For instance, if you dye your hair quite regularly, it will be more vulnerable to styling, handling, and the elements. You really need to give it some extra love and care. You can repair damaged hair fast by using the following hair mask recipe. Mix three spoons of honey with one banana. Apply the mixture to your hair for 20-25 minutes for maximum nourishment.

For Thicker Hair

For girls who struggle with very fine hair, bananas masks are a cheap and easy solution. Once per week, combine mashed bananas with natural, plain yoghurt. Mix it together into a smooth paste and apply to your tresses. Leave to set and nourish for around 25 minutes. Then, wash and condition as you normally would. All of those natural oils will work to expand the hair shafts and leave them looking noticeably thicker.

How to Treat Hair Extensions with Banana Masks

Your real hair extensions can benefit from the use of bananas masks and homemade treatments as well. However, it is easier and more practical to take them out before you apply your super cool DIY hair formulas. Just lay them flat out in the sink and apply hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners directly onto the hair. Leave to rest and wash out thoroughly, as normal. You’ll find things much simpler with this method.

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