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Making Clip in extensions last longer – Hair Care (ii) Q&A Session 12

Making Clip in extensions last longer – Hair Care (ii) Q&A Session 12

So, you’re doing your best to look after those stunning clip in extensions but you’re still a bit unsure. I mean, do they need more care than your natural hair? What kind of products should you really be using? Is it really that bad if you bleach your extensions?

Wonder no more… read on and all will be answered. If the answers you’re looking for aren’t in this blog, then head back to last week’s clip in care blog for more answers and insights.


Should you care for your hair extensions more than your natural hair?


  1. Should I care more for my hair extensions than my natural hair?

You don’t really need to care for your human hair extensions any more than your natural hair; you just need to go easy with them. That means avoiding harsh treatments and high heat, conditioning them well and washing them only when they really need it.  

There’s a massive misconception about caring for human hair extensions. Generally, people assume that because they’re made from human hair, you can care for your human hair clip in extensions in the same way as your own hair. But it’s not true. Although you can dye, tone, cut, and style your clip in extensions just like human hair, they need much more care than the hair on our heads.

And it makes sense. Our natural hair gets its nutrition from the roots and scalp and extensions don’t. And because extensions go through a range of extensive processes to become hair extensions, they need more care and attention; they can dry out and become damaged much more easily than our own hair. But it’s not all bad news…

Caring for human hair extensions doesn’t need to be a big job – a minor change to your regular hair care routine is all you need to help keep them healthy. And what’s more, your own hair will thank you too.



  1. How to take care of your clip in extensions?

Look after your clip in extensions carefully… it’s not complicated at all!

Caring for human hair extensions is simple really; it’s just like caring for your own hair but with a few adjustments.

  • Don’t wash your hair extensions too often. You might be used to washing your own hair every 2 or 3 days – but instead you should wash your extensions after every 10 to 15 uses, depending on how much product you’ve been using.
  • Wash your extensions in lukewarm water and always do the last rinse with cool water to seal in the moisture.
  • Always use extension-friendly products. This means sulphate-free and alcohol-free shampoos, conditioners, protectors and styling products.
  • Always condition your hair after washing. No excuses ever.
  • Use a hydrating moisturising hair mask after every 5 to 7 washes.
  • Always brush your extensions before washing them and never brush them when they’re wet.
  • Do not rub at them with a towel to dry them. Instead gently pat the hair dry with a towel then hang to air dry until they’re at least 50% dry before blow-drying.
  • Always use extension-friendly heat protection when you use any type of heat tool. The Cliphair Heat Protection Spray is perfect for the job.
  • Don’t be tempted to bleach your hair. You’ll ruin your beautiful extensions.
  • If your extensions get tangled, use the Cliphair Detangling Hairbrush or a wide-toothed comb to brush out the tangles. Start at the hair tips and work upwards. If your tangles are stubborn and not shifting, then spray them with some Cliphair Moisturising and Nourishing Spray and gently tease out those tangles.
  • You can dye and tone your extensions, but we’d recommend you get professional help. Dye or tone your extensions wrongly and you can end up with nasty-looking patchy colour. And we’ve said it before (but because it’s so important we’ll say it again) never bleach your extensions.
  • Unclip your hair extensions before going to sleep.
  • Never swim in your extensions; the chlorine will damage the hair and its colour.
  • You can curl, straighten and blow dry your extensions, but always remember to use heat protection.
  • Follow these instructions for your own hair too and you’ll see it makes a world of difference!



  1. What kind of products can I use on my clip in hair extensions?

Choose sulphate-free, alcohol-free products for your human hair clip in hair extensions. You’ll probably find that place you bought your extensions from sells the best haircare products for your type of extensions.

Choosing products that work for your hair and skin is the most important thing. Normally you’ll find that the haircare products from your extensions supplier are best for your type of extensions. That’s because these products are designed specifically to help their extensions look glossy and healthy for longer.

The basic rule of thumb however is that the best products for hair extensions are sulphate-free and alcohol-free. This stops your extensions drying out and protects the bonds and keratin in the hair.




  1. Can you style / use heating tools on your clip in extensions?

Yes! Use heat tools on your human hair extensions but do so carefully – with heat protection spray and a low temperature setting.

Yes, you can use heat tools on human hair extensions, but make sure you use the lower temperature setting and heat protection treatments. But remember that too much heat is bad for your extensions and will shorten their lifespan, giving your gorgeous silky extensions a frizzy, dry and heat-damaged look.

Keep on loving your clip ins and they’ll love you back by keeping their gorgeous glossy, silky looks for longer. Want to know more about looking after your lovely locks? Got a question we haven’t answered? Then write to us at advice@cliphair.co.uk with your questions about looking after your hair extensions.


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