Hair Extensions come in many variations and are used to solve a multitude of hair concerns. Whether you are wanting to thicken your hair up, make it longer, add a change of colour, or even just glam up for a special event, extensions are the answer. But which type is best for you?! In todays blog we are going to explore the different types of hair extensions and the differences between temporary and permanent extensions to help you decide which type is right for you and your lifestyle.

1. What Is The Difference Between Permanent And Clip-In Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Permanent hair extensions are wefts or individual strands of human hair that are attached to your own hair for weeks, in some cases months, before being removed or repositioned. They require less daily styling than Clip in options and have a far more natural finish.  However, more care needs to be taken when looking after them and they usually cost more for the initial application.

Clip In hair extensions are a temporary hair extension method that are applied and removed on the same day and do not require professional help to put in or remove. This type is ideal for people who only want to use Remy hair extensions on special occasions or for events only. 

2. Permanent Hair Extensions (back to index)

Permanent Hair Extensions

What Are Permanent Hair Extensions

Even though applying clip hair extensions or hair pieces is not extremely difficult, it does take a little practice. For some of us it's just too time consuming to fit into our morning hair regime! The good news is you can still have all the benefits of hair extensions without needing to do them yourself! Permanent hair extensions are applied professionally to your hair and left in for 4-6 weeks at a time without needing to be removed in between. Result!

The initial application of permanent hair extensions takes a lot longer than temporary types of hair extensions; It can range from 30 mins to 4 hours depending on the amount and method. This may seem like a long time however it’s a one-off application that will last you for weeks as opposed to an everyday task. 

Another factor to consider is the cost of these types of hair extensions. The cost of the hair does not include the application service price which again will differ depending on the time it takes to apply them and where you have them done. After 4-6 weeks you will need to return to your hair stylist for a maintenance appointment to check your extensions or reposition them. This will also come at a cost, however is cheaper than your initial appointment as it does not include the hair price. 

Almost all permanent hair extension types are able to be reused so although the upfront cost is higher, good quality hair can last you up to a year if looked after well! 

Due to their smaller size and the freedom of placement, permanent hair extensions have a far more natural finish than clip in hair extensions options. Not only are they easier to hide in your own hair, but they sit in more rows giving a natural layered effect. Clip in extensions or Hair Pieces tend to have larger seams and attachments (clips) which can be very tricky to disguise in fine hair. 

FUN FACT: Individual hair extensions, when applied, will mimic the natural pattern of your hair when left to air dry. If you have naturally wavy hair the hair extensions will set into this movement alongside your hair! So there’s no need to worry about styling on holiday when you want to leave your hair naturally wavy.

For those of us that have highlighted hair or different tones throughout, its a lot easier to colour match when using permanent hair extensions as you have the freedom to order smaller packs. On many occasions a stylist will use 2-3 different colours on one hair to complement and match the clients hair colour perfectly, this isn’t always possible with temporary hair extensions as the sections are much larger and the shades are pre-mixed. 

You will also need to put a little more effort into looking after your hair when you have Permanent hair extensions attached. Although the hair is human it has been removed from its original root so all the natural oils and nutrients it needs to survive and stay healthy are gone, this means the hair will need extra protection and special products to stay in good condition. 

Now you know the commitment that goes into having Permanent Hair Extensions, see below for the different types of hair extensions and who they are suitable for.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tapes are a type of permanent hair extension consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab that is attached to the hair. The adhesive used on tape in extensions is a gentle medical glue, similar to what is used in plasters and other medical materials. Tape extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions due to them being easy to apply, lightweight and virtually invisible as they lay flat to the head. They are the least damaging type of hair extension and are suitable for all hair types; from very fine to thick. 


  • Easy To Hide 
  • Least Damaging, Kinder To The Hair
  • Suitable For All Hair Types Including Fine/Thin
  • Quick And Easy Application 
  • Cheaper Application 
  • Super Secure, Very Unlikely To Lose Any Between Applications
  • Reusable 


  • Not Great For Customers Who Wear Their Hair Up 
  • Re-Sticking The Tapes Can Be Tricky And Time Consuming, We Prefer To Use New Hair Each Time
  • Removal Can Be A Little Messy 

For even more information on Tape Hair Extensions, check out our Blog “Everything you need to know about Tape Hair Extensions” 

I-Tip/Stick Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip/Stick Tip Hair Extensions

I-tips are a type of hair extension applied using micro-rings and secured to your hair with pliers. This holds your hair in the ring and keeps the extension in place. Heat may or may not be needed – your hair extensions expert will know what’s best, depending on your hair type and condition.


  • Easy To Hide 
  • Can Be Placed Near Hairline
  • Perfect For Up-Dos
  • Very Natural Finish 
  • Suitable For Normal To Thick Hair 
  • Cost Effective And Reusable
  • No Heat Or Glue Needed For Application 
  • Easy To Reuse And Reposition 


  • Expensive Application 
  • Long Application Time 
  • Not Suitable For Very Thin Hair 

For even more information on I-Tips/Stick tip Hair Extensions, check out our Blog “Pre-bonded Hair Extensions 101”.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions are a type of pre-bonded extensions that have a loop attached to them for quicker, easier application than I-tip or U-tip extensions. You don’t need heat to attach them to your hair; instead, you attach them by looping your own hair through the little rings. The lack of heat means they’re safer in some respects, but if you apply them incorrectly, the potential for damage is far worse than with fusion bond extensions. 


  • Smallest Most Discreet Method On The Market Today
  • Suitable For All Hair Types Especially Thin/Fine Hair 
  • No Heat Or Glue Needed
  • Easy Removal And Reposition 
  • Super Cost Effective, Can Be Reused Many Times 
  • Very Natural Finish 
  • Can Be Used To Create Fringes 
  • One Of The Least Damaging 


  • Long Application Time 
  • Lose Between 12-15 Between Applications 

Hair Weft/Weave Hair Extensions

Hair Weft/Weave Hair Extensions

The Hair Weft, or Weave as it is also commonly referred to, is one of the fastest transformation methods and most versatile type of hair extension available. They can be converted into bespoke temporary Clip-ins or even applied permanently in many different methods to suit your hair type and desired result; the possibilities are endless. Not only are Hair Wefts super adaptable but they also give a extra voluminous result compared to other permanent hair extensions that have a more subtle finish.


  • Many Methods To Apply, Very Versatile 
  • Quick And Easy Application 
  • Cheaper Option 
  • Great For Thick Hair And Big Transformations 
  • No Heat Or Glue Needed For Application 
  • Easy Removal And Application 
  • Super Cost Effective, Can Be Reused Many Times
  • Super Secure 


  • Not Great For Customers Who Wear Their Hair Up 
  • Quite Heavy So Not Suitable For Customers With Thin/Fine Hair
  • More Difficult To Hide 

For Even More Information On Hair Wefts/Weaves, Check Out Our Blog “Hair Wefts And Weaves All You Need To Know”.

Micro-Ring/Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro-Ring/Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro loop hair extensions, otherwise known as micro ring hair extensions, are semi-permanent hair extensions applied by looping your own hair through little silicone lined aluminium rings or plastic loops. This might surprise you, but micro loop hair extensions have been around a lot longer than some other types of hair extensions.


  • Easy And Quick Application 
  • Cheaper Application Method And Product
  • No Heat Or Glue Used In Application 
  • Easy Removal 
  • No Heat Or Glue Needed For Application 
  • Perfect For Customers Wanting To Wear Hair Up
  • Natural Finish  


  • Not Suitable For Very Thin Hair 
  • Cannot Be Reused
  • Lose Between 12-15 Between Applications 

For Even More Information On Micro Loops/Rings, Check Out Our Blog "6 Reasons To Get Micro Loop Hair Extensions/ Micro Ring Extensions".

U-Tips/Nail Tips/Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

U-Tips/Nail Tips/Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Long nail tip pre bonded hair extensions or fusion bonded extensions are quite literally bound to your natural hair with glue. Like tape ins these are not extensions you can stick in yourself they take about 3 hours to put in with a heat clamp (definitely do not try this at home.) They are available as keratin nail tips / U-Tips and as stick tip / I-Tip extensions, therefore it’s always best to consult a professional first. They last around 5 months with some TLC and as attached in small sections so don’t cause strain on your natural hair. 


  • Super Secure, Unlikely To Lose Any Between Applications 
  • Can Be Placed Close To Hairline
  • Natural Finish
  • Good For People Who Wear Their Hair Up
  • Long Lasting, Least Maintenance Needed
  • Perfect For Customers Wanting To Wear Hair Up
  • Suitable For Normal, Healthy To Thick Hair 


  • Heat Applied Method, Not As Good For The Hair 
  • Long Application 
  • Expensive Application Method 
  • Not Suitable For All Hair Types 

Interested in knowing more about permanent hair extensions? Micro ring or nano ring (or a mix of both!) could be just what you're looking for. Every hair type is different and every hair extensions product is specifically designed to meet the needs of every customer. Find out how permanent hair extensions can help you turn the volume up with vertigo-inducing length and add body to your mane and discover the right fit for you by reading our blog: Micro Ring Vs Nano Ring Hair Extensions: Pros & Cons.

3. Temporary Hair Extensions (back to index)

Clip-In Hair Extensions

clip in vs permanent hair extensions

Clip in Hair Extensions or Hair pieces are the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their hair occasionally or for special events. They can be worn everyday if preferred however unlike permanent options they can be removed at ease so you have the freedom to change up your look as you please and experiment without the commitment. 

With a little practice most Clip ins and Hair pieces can be applied to your hair in under 5-10 minutes, comparing that to sitting for hours in the salon we understand why they are so popular! The development of Clip Ins over the years have also brought new and even more discreet options meaning they are easier to hide in even the finest of hair. 

The disadvantage of Clip In Extensions for some people is that they have to apply them themselves, finding time to add extensions into the daily hair routine can be tricky and not everyone feels comfortable with hair styling. Here at Cliphair we have tons of tutorials on how to apply and blend clip ins in with your own hair to help you build your skill, after watching our guides you’ll be applying your own hair extensions in no time at all and at ease! See below for a quick and easy How to video of a Double Weft Full Head Clip-In application.  

Clip ins also tend to be a lot cheaper in comparison to permanent options, as there is no application fee needed the price you pay for the hair is the only payment you need to make. Permanent hair extensions also need to be applied professionally so there is a price on top of the cost of the hair along with monthly maintenance appointments. To find out more read our Applying and removing Tape In Hair Extensions: 4 common mistakes and how to fix them

Not only are they kinder to your bank account but they are also easier to look after, as the hair is not normally used on a daily basis it does not need to be washed as regularly. You can find all you need to know about caring for your clip-ins in our blog "How to Look After Your Hair Extensions: Ultimate Hair Care Guide".

As Clip ins and Hair Pieces tend to be bought by the customer, you may not have a consultation before purchasing them. For this reason, its super important to do your research and make sure that the product you are choosing is suitable for your hair type.

Clip ins tend to be heavier and bulkier than Permanent hair extensions.

They can add more tension to the hair and be difficult to hide. Full headset clip ins, however, tend to look incredibly natural on fine-haired girls. And for those who want to oomph up their hair a bit more, a one-piece or regular quad weft work a treat. Your ideal set of hair extensions should blend in effortlessly and give you extra volume without straining your hair and scalp.

Now you know a little bit more about Clip in hair extensions and hair pieces we’ve explained each type below and who they are suitable for to make your choice even easier! 

Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions

Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions

Full head Clip-in sets usually come in either 8 or 5 different sized pieces with small metal silicone lined clips attached. Full heads take a little more time to apply as there are more pieces however the results tend to have a more natural and blended finish compared to one pieces. You also have the freedom to only use the sections that you need and can easily remove any that have been placed incorrectly. Full head Clip-In Hair Extensions come in a range of lengths, weights and shades, to suit your specific needs and hair types. We've listed a few main types below.

Double Wefted Full Head Clip In

For medium to thick hair, try a Double Wefted Full Head Clip In Hair Set. This set is perfect for adding luscious volume and length to your locks. Each clip has two luxurious wefts sewn together for double the impact in the same application time.

Classic Full Head Clip In

bleach blonde clip in hair extensions uk

Best suited for those with fine or thin hair, a Classic Full Head Clip In Hair Set is used to create a natural amount of thickness and volume in those who need an extra boost. These are better for fine haired people than one pieces as the weight of the extensions are evenly distributed around the head rather than all on one strip of your hair. 

Ultra-Volume Full Head Clip In

Ultra-Volume Clip In Full Head Set (240-300G) Ultra-Volume Full Head Cliphair UK

If you’re looking for ultra-glam, Insta-worthy volume and length, an Ultra-Volume Full Head Clip In Hair Set is for you! Only suitable for average to thick hair, this set gives you more hair, more thickness, and more body, so you can effortlessly level up your look in minutes.

Seamless Clip In

Ginger Red/Natural Red (#350) Remy Royale Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions

If you’re keen on comfort or worried about the visibility of extensions with fine/thin hair, try Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions. Compared to other hair extensions solutions, the silicone layer is much lighter and gives you superb comfort while wearing them with confidence.

One Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions

The beauty of One Piece Clip Ins is the speed in which you can put them in, they literally are made from one strip of hair so they are applied in minutes! By far the easiest and quickest of all hair extensions this type is extremely popular. The only downfall is due to all the weight of the hair being on one section they tend to be on the heavier side meaning they aren’t always suitable for thin or very fine hair. If your hair is medium to thick and your looking for a super fast volume boost or transformation then a one piece is your go-to! Again, they can come in a range of weights, lengths and shades to suit your requirements.

one-piece hair extensions clip in

Giving you more hair, less clips, and just as discreet and undetectable as our single and double weft sets, our Supreme Quad Weft hair extensions are an instant solution for the ultimate volume and maximum comfort.

These revolutionary hair extensions give you more volume and thickness with four wefts of hair sewn on one thick lace piece (instead of eight), securely attached with just five small, subtle silicon-coated clips. The 10-inch-wide piece securely clips on to your head, from ear to ear, so you can achieve a fuller look in seconds. Simply just clip in and go!

One 10 inches (25cm) wide one-piece. 5 clips securely attached.

Ponytail Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in Ponytail hair extensions are basically ready made Ponytails that are quickly attached to your own hair. They are used as a DIY enhancement to either add thickness, length or colour to all sorts of hair up styles. You can find many varieties on the market today including human, synthetic and pre-styled pieces depending on the look you are trying to achieve and your budget. As they are quite heavy for very fine haired or thin hair customers you will want to go for a lighter piece that is no more than 80 grams. Click the link to read our how to create Wrap Around Ponytail Hairstyles. Or visit our Wrap Around Ponytail Extension product page to shop the collection.

Ponytail hair extensions cliphair

Versatile, stylish, made from real Remy human hair and super-forgiving, pop on a ponytail extension and you’ll be ready to face the day with sass and style.  

Thanks to their wrap-around design, these real hair ponytail extensions work for all hair types. Add surprising length to short hair styles or volume and extra swish to longer hair, they’re funky worn up high on your crown and sizzling hot worn low at the nape of your neck. These ponytail hair extensions can be worn loose, twisted into a glamourous up-do or braided – you choose.

Easy to wear Ponytail Extensions.

Each ponytail extension attaches with an invisible comb that tucks under your natural hair and fastens with a ribbon to wrap around the joint for a sleek, polished invisible ponytail.

Fringe Clip In Hair Extensions

clip in fringe human hair natural black

If you have longer hair but want to change your look with a fringe, you can now do this quickly and easily with a clip in fringe. The way you use a clip in fringe will depend on the brand you buy. Most of them have three clips, so once you’ve styled your hair, you simply clip them to the top of your head. You can clip them lower down for a longer fringe or higher on the head for short bangs. Clip in fringes usually come with instructions and are easy to clip in after some practice.

As its so lightweight its also suitable for all hair types including fine and thin hair and is also a great cover up for receding hairlines or broken baby hairs.

4. Which Type Of Hair Extension Is Best For Your Lifestyle? (back to index)

When it comes to lifestyle, you will need to consider which one would be more convenient for you. For example, if you’re the type of girl who refuses to leave the house without her extensions in, tape in hair extensions, which promise to make it easier to get ready on those dark and dreary Monday mornings is going to sound very appealing.

Tape hair extensions take away the ‘clipping in and out’ of hair extensions, making a perfect choice for daily wear.

Clip ins offer a more temporary hair extension method, in which you can take them out when you go to bed, shower, bathe or swim. If you want little effort and big impact, then clip in hair extensions are for you and they are by far the most popular form of extension. You can get the clip in hair extensions in various lengths and thicknesses with clips sewn into the strands.

All that technical stuff is done is already done for you in double wefts, single wefts, ombre, wavy and several other variations so all you have to do is attach them yourself.

Which Type Of Hair Extension Is Best For Your Lifestyle

Overall, there are plenty of reasons for choosing either Permanent or Temporary Hair Extensions it really does depend on your lifestyle, what look you are wanting to achieve and your hair type. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages and it is your choice what matters most to you when it comes to your hair extensions. The great news is there is a type and solution for everyone in todays world so making your decision has never been so easy! 

Here at Cliphair we have a team of dedicated hair experts that are ready and waiting to help you along your hair extensions journey! If after reading this Guide you still have questions feel free to get in touch.

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