Micro loop hair extensions, otherwise known as micro ring hair extensions, are semi-permanent hair extensions applied by looping your own hair through little silicone lined aluminium rings or plastic loops. This might surprise you, but micro loop hair extensions have been around a lot longer than some on your favourite hair extension types.

Perhaps the reason why they still being used is because of the lack of damage to natural hair – they are the only type of hair extension technique which do not use any type of glue, bond, heat, stitching or chemicals in how they are fitted and removed. If you are thinking of trying or are still on the fence about micro loop/ micro ring hair extensions, then this one is for you. Today we are giving you six reasons to get micro loop/ring extensions.

1. Reason One: Discretion (back to index)

Being discreet is one of the top priorities when it comes to hair extensions. When you go shopping for jewellery, a lipstick or a dress you want people to notice a big change. With hair extensions, you do not. You want people to think this is your natural hair just at its best (all of the time). Micro loop extensions are one of the subtlest types of extensions on the market and are easy to seamlessly blend with your hair.

2. Reason Two: Micro Loop/ Ring Hair Extensions Are Good For Your Hair (back to index)

6 Reasons to Get Micro Loop Hair Extensions/ Micro Ring Extensions

Most hair extension types use some kind of adhesive to keep them attached to your hair. Whilst this isn’t terrible for your hair, it isn’t always the best method for your hair. Micro loop extensions do not use any adhesives to connect the extensions making them kind to your natural hair.

3. Reason Three: They're Long Lasting (back to index)

If you are looking for human hair extensions you can wear for at least three weeks per application, then micro rings are a good choice. You can wear them for up to four to six weeks before having to remove and refit them – you can re-use the hair with new rings over and over again. When you take good care of your micro loop extensions, they can last up to six months (sometimes even longer).

4. Reason Four: You Can Sleep Wearing Your Micro Loop/ Ring Extensions (back to index)

6 Reasons to Get Micro Loop Hair Extensions/ Micro Ring Extensions

Unlike clip in extensions, micro ring extensions are in your hair all the time so you can sleep comfortable with your hair extensions in. Not only are micro loop extensions comfortable to sleep in, they are also easing to keep tangle free. Just create a three-strand braid and you will have beautiful locks in the morning.

5. Reason Five: Showering Is Easy (back to index)

Showering with other types of extensions can sometimes be a little time consuming. Micro loop extensions are extremely easy to shower with. All you need to do is brush your mane with a wide tooth comb then get in the shower. The big tip for this one is not to flip your hair forward and massage it but to do so in a vertical position.

6. Reason Six: They’re Fun And Versatile (back to index)

We all love to show off our hair, that is one of the reasons we love to wear hair extensions in the first place. Micro loop hair extensions are one of the easiest types of extensions to style with and will make your life so much easier and more fun. Our micro ring hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair so you can apply heat to your extensions and style them in different directions. Just make sure that you don’t brush too deeply where the loops are, so you don’t pull them out.

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