Well done! You’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to find out how much extensions cost. But where do you begin? Buying good quality hair extensions for volume or length can be a lengthy (pun intended) process. Not only do you have to consider the many variations: clip-in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, fusion, pre-bonded, micro-ring… Once you’ve navigated this minefield, you’ve got to figure out where to buy them and/or have them applied by a hair extension specialist.

Don’t worry girls! We’ve compiled a handy guide to answer the most pressing questions in the hair extensions community: how much are hair extensions and where can you buy cheap hair extensions?

1. Temporary Hair Extensions (back to index)

How Much Do Clip In Hair Extensions Costs

How much do clip in hair extensions costs

Let’s start with the quick and easy: clip in hair extensions are for day to day use. The most temporary option, these are intended to be applied and removed each day. In terms of price, overall, clip in hair extensions are usually the cheapest option. Because you can apply the extensions yourself in a matter of minutes, there’s no need for expensive salon costs or upkeep. Clip in extensions can last up to 12 months if cared for properly.

When searching for cheap hair extensions clip in, we always recommend opting for 100% Remy Human Hair. Synthetic hair extensions are generally stiff and look much more artificial than real human hair extensions. If you’ve decided clip hair extensions are for you, you can cut the price tag depending on the look you’re going for. If you’re just looking to add a boost of volume, one piece clip in human hair extensions may be more suitable. Products like our Quad Weft give you a substantial boost in volume and length with just one section of hair (80g). Other one-piece clip in hair extensions (or hair pieces) include clip in ponytail and clip in fringes. Ideal for cost-cutting depending on the desired look. 

If you’re set on full head clip in hair extensions (we don’t blame you), prices vary depending on the quality and amount of human hair, the length and clip type. We suggest opting for Remy human hair extensions, considered the gold standard of human hair extensions. For 180g of 18” long good quality Remy human hair, expect to pay between £135-£200 in the UK.

How Much Are Clip In Hair Extensions At A Salon?

The beauty of clip in extensions is that you can bypass salon costs by applying clip in hair extensions yourself. If you are keen for hair extension fitting by a hair extension specialist, the cheapest option would be to buy cheap clip in hair extensions yourself and pay a base salon fee to have them fitted. As they only take a few minutes to apply, this should be a minimal cost. We would only suggest specialist fitting for events and special occasions if you’re new to clip in hair extensions. Otherwise, go DIY!

To guarantee a long and happy life with your Hair Extensions they will need to be cared for properly with the correct products and tools. We have created the Ultimate Care Guide to help you look after your precious hair extensions and included lots of fantastic tips for your own hair too. 

Where Can I Buy Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions?


The cheapest clip in hair extensions in the UK (100% Remy Human Hair) are just a few clicks away. Price comparisons with other competitors have revealed that Cliphair is the most cost-effective retailer for high quality Remy Human Hair extensions. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but just look at the prices! If you don’t believe us, have a look yourself… See you in a sec!

Why Are Human Hair Extensions So Expensive?

Human hair will always be more expensive than synthetic options as it lasts much longer. You can also wash, heat style and dye human hair which gives way more freedom to personalise you’re extensions to your own needs whereas false hair cannot usually be customised. Synthetic hair may be cheaper on the initial purchase however it will need replacing much sooner which costs more money in the long run.

2. Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions (back to index)

How Much Do Tape in Extensions Cost?

The next type of hair extensions on our agenda are tape in human hair extensions. Tape in extensions are semi-permanent and will require a hair extension specialist to fit them. But don’t panic! You can still cut the cost with some sneaky tips. The best way to source cheap tape in hair extensions is directly via the retailer. Most salons offer hair extension fitting plus the price of the hair extensions themselves. Save yourself the money! By ordering cheap tape in hair extensions yourself you can get them fitted for a fraction of the price, result!

For 100g of 20” Remy human hair tape-in hair extensions expect to pay upwards of £125. Psst… For double the weight and half the price than most online retailers go to Cliphair.

How much to Install Tape in Hair Extensions?

How much to Install Tape in Hair Extensions?

We always recommend getting tape hair extensions fitted by a hair extension specialist. Fitting can take 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, with refit appointments every 4-8 weeks. For just the fitting, expect to pay around £75-100 per hour. For salon packages, including the hair itself, expect to pay upwards of £200. Salons in cities will charge considerably more so do your research before committing. 

How Much Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

How Much Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are another semi-permanent method. Hot fusion methods apply pre bonded U-tip hair extensions by using keratin glue to bond the extensions to the hair. Cold fusion methods use pre bonded I-tip hair extensions which are applied via micro-rings to the hair. Again, costs can be reduced by buying the fusion bond hair extensions yourself and paying for a hair extension specialist to fit them in a salon. U-tip extensions are on the market in the UK starting from around £54 for 50g of 18” Remy Human Hair. I-Tips are slightly cheaper for the same length and weight.

Keratin bonded hair extensions at a salon usually cost upwards of £200 per 50g of hair fitted (including the hair itself). Fitting alone costs upwards of £70. As I-tip hair extensions are applied via micro-rings, expect to pay similar prices as keratin bonded hair extensions (for fitting alone and complete packages). 

How Much Do Micro Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Micro Extensions Cost?

Micro ring hair extensions and nano ring hair extensions are attached to the hair via rings in the hair. Because they are free from glue or harsh chemicals, when fitted by a qualified hair extension specialist they are virtually damage free. As above, cut costs by sourcing the Remy human hair extensions online. Micro-ring extensions start from around £90 per 50g for 18” length. Nano-rings are about 50% smaller in size, and therefore extremely undetectable. Expect to pay slightly more for nano-rings starting at around £85 for the same amount/length. 

Micro-ring and Nano-ring attachments at a salon will start at £100 per hour and a full head usually takes around 4-5 hours to apply depending on the hair type and desired finish. Usually this will include styling and cutting as well as the cost of the hair (if you did not source it yourself).

How Much is a Sew In Weave

Weaves are applied in a few different ways and this will effect the cost of the application, some are sewn into braids whilst others use the popular LA Weave method that combines the method of sewing and micro-rings. If buying the weave/weft yourself you can expect to pay around £150 and upwards for 18” of 120g of double drawn hair. The weave fitting cost will vary on the method however usually starts from around £50 per row. Weaves are easier and faster to apply which explains the cheaper application cost. Again, this varies widely depending on your location in the UK.

What Are The Cheapest Types Of Hair Extensions?

The cheapest hair extensions are Clip-Ins as they do not need a professional application which adds further cost and they can last up to 18 months if cared for well. The cheapest permanent solution is a weave or weft as the application is super quick and easy which tends to be cheaper than more intricate systems like nano rings or fusion bonds.

3. Hair Extensions: UK or USA (back to index)

You may notice on your search for hair extensions that the US market has a far wider range of colours, types, and application methods. While you may be tempted to source extensions overseas, the USA is actually far more expensive for hair extensions than the UK. If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective method, stick local! With a little research you’ll easily find the perfect hair extension for you and your hair, without the extra cost. 

Now you know how much hair extensions cost, why not do some price comparison research of your own!

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4. Conclusion (back to index)

Explore the world of hair extensions with confidence! This guide reveals budget-friendly options like clip-ins and weaves, while offering tips for semi-permanent solutions like tape in hair extensions. Remember, quality matters – invest in Remy human hair for long-lasting luxury. Rock your extensions, queen, and slay on any budget!

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