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How to Make Human Hair Loc Extensions with Weave Wefts

Human Hair Loc Extensions

Yes, you heard right! You can make your very own human hair loc extensions using weave wefts. With a super easy attachment method, you can easily create and install your very own human hair loc extensions at home!

Whether you’ve always wanted to try locs (but afraid of fully committing to the style), or whether you just want to extend your existing dreads to fuller, longer locks; human hair loc extensions are the key to achieving the most natural looking, neat dreadlocks. Today we are going to show you how to create your very own human hair loc extensions using weave wefts.

We all know that hair extensions are the answer to switching up your look – from using them to add more length and volume and maybe even colour to your natural hair. But the use of human hair extensions is so versatile when it comes to styles and textures. Beyond the glamourous waves, sleek styles and tight curls, you can also create your very own custom dreadlocks with extension. Add in some accessories like beads, charms, hair rings and feathers for a really cool look!

Human hair is the best type of hair extensions to go for when creating your human hair loc extensions. Although you can use synthetic extensions, human hair is the best choice as it’s softer, easier to maintain and will stay tight and neat for longer.

Have you always wanted to try locs but afraid of fully committing to the style? Enter: weave wefts – the key to making your very own custom human hair loc extensions.

Human Hair Loc Extensions with Weave Wefts

What you'll need:

A styling holder or clipper to hold the hair

Rubber bands


Human hair extensions

Step One: Preparation

Cliphair loc Extensions

Take a small section of your hair extensions, (choose amount of hair according to how thick you want your dreadlocks to be). Once you decide how thick you want the dreadlocks, cut the extensions at the wefts and continue to get as many pieces as you like for your dreads. Hold each hair piece with a plastic hair band.

Step Two: Backcomb

Place the piece of hair somewhere sturdy, use a hair extensions holder or a clipper to hold the hair. Hold the hair in a 45-degree angle and begin to back comb about three inches, pushing the hair back.

Once you’ve done the initial backcombing, you’ll need to go back to that area and backcomb the hair again about one inch deep. The tighter you backcomb the hair, the denser your human hair loc extensions will be and they’ll also have shape. Once you get to end of that hair, break it up and smooth it a little bit and backcomb it again. Take turns in twisting and backcombing the hair.

Step Three: Roll, roll, roll

Weave weft dreadlocks

Once your human hair loc extension piece is tight from the backcombing, begin to roll. To get the best results, concentrate on one area at a time. The key to getting the perfect, tight dreadlock is down to heat, friction, and concentration on one area at a time so make sure you feel the hair getting warmer and tighter.

Roll the top of the hair first and when you feel the heat, move on down the strand until the dreadlock is rolled from top to bottom and repeat this process. You can leave the ends loose or you can blunt them together by placing the ends in your palms in the same direction non-stop for three to five minutes.

Step Four: Repeat and roll 

Repeat the same process. Back comb, until nice and tight and roll it up eventually you’ll have a nice tight dread that will be perfect to add to your hair. You can also extend your natural locs with extensions using hair extensions at the bottom and using a thread- you attach using a slip knot- tie a couple knots to make sure the dread is secure.

Step Five: Install

Install your human hair loc extensions using the crotchet method (you only need a crotchet tool). You can also tighten the dreadlock when you are crocheting it to your hair.

What do you think of creating human hair loc extensions? Would you try this look? Tag us and let us know!


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