Over the years, the popularity of hair extensions has skyrocketed. And why wouldn’t they? Cover up a bad haircut? Check. Long-lasting, lengthy hair without the hassle of waiting for it to grow? Check. There are endless benefits and you just can’t say no.

But there’s a lot of hair extension myths floating around in the industry and we’re up for a challenge and are here to debunk them. Here are all the hair extension facts you need to know.

1. “People Will Be Able To See Hair Extensions” (back to index)

A common fear that deters most people off hair extensions is that they'll be visible. This is only true when using low-quality hair extensions and poorly fitting them. With our Colour Match service, our premium quality hair extensions are matched to your current hair colour by hair colourists and styling professionals - for a natural finish that blends in with your natural hair. With our colour-matched seamless clip-in hair extensions, your fitted hair will be practically impossible to notice!

2. “Hair Extensions Don’t Look Natural” (back to index)

If you think hair extensions don’t look natural, think again. It’s very simple to achieve unnoticeable extensions – all you need are hair extensions that match your natural colour – or, if you have highlights, a shade or two lighter (or darker) will blend well.

The right hair extensions will blend just perfectly with your hair. Hair extensions only really look out of place if you purchase them from untrusted, unrecognised brands. Clip in hair extensions are great for adding length and volume, while tape hair extensions on the other hand are a great longer-lasting solution, and are more suitable for fine or thin hair. What’s more, tape hair extensions are less bulky and don’t tend to weigh your hair down, leaving your hair full yet voluminous. 

Find out the different types of hair extensions and the differences between temporary and permanent extensions to help you decide which type is right for you and your lifestyle. 

3. “Hair Extensions Will Damage Hair” (back to index)

Good hair extensions shouldn’t cause any damage to your natural hair. Before taking the leap you need to research and purchase from only trust and recognised brands with good reviews as cheaper, poorly made hair extensions can cause damage long term. So needless to say, it’s worth the investment for the seamless look. Click on our "which hair extensions are least damaging" to find out everything you need to know on this subject.

4. “Hair Won’t Grow Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions” (back to index)

Whether you’re using clip in hair extensions, tape, bonds, weaves or fusions, hair extensions will NOT stop your hair growth. Hair extensions attach close to your roots, like regular hair clips, and grow with your natural hair. So, go rock those luscious locks while the real thing grows back in the meantime. 

5. “Hair Extensions Are Difficult To Maintain” (back to index)

Like natural hair, extensions require maintenance and regular washing. Most extensions need washing every six to eight times per use. This can be achieved by simply removing them from your hair and combing out the tangles before washing. Permanent hair extensions can stay in for up to a year with maintenance very 2-3 months. 

6. “Hair Extensions Are Only For Younger Women” (back to index)

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Hair extensions have no age limit and suit people of all ages -they are perfect for giving new life to fine and thinning hair on just about anyone. It’s a great way of volumising hair and taking away a few years. But make sure to do the research so you know what’s best for you first.

7. “Hair Extensions Are Expensive” (back to index)

Think again. With the rise in their popularity, hair extensions have become more accessible than ever. Even though the cost of extensions will vary depending on the method you use, the thickness and the length - permanent hair extensions do last up to a year with only a couple of monthly checks, so low to minimal upkeep spend. Alternatively, if you don’t want permanent extensions, you can always opt for clip-ins that can be worn and removed as and when you require.

8. “You Can’t Do Fitness Whilst Wearing Hair Extensions” (back to index)

One of the main reasons why so many people avoid using hair extensions is the fear of having them disrupt their exercise routines. However, hair extensions CAN be worn during fitness without causing any issues.

However, hair does become dehydrated from salt by perspiration, so sweat can impact the quality of extensions if they're not properly treated. Luckily this is easily solved by limiting the amount of hair and skin contact- put your hair up or into a plait, use hair products like leave-in conditions to help retain moisture. It’s virtually impossible to avoid sweat during a workout. So, make sure to shampoo your extensions afterwards.

9. “Hair Extensions Are Uncomfortable To Wear” (back to index)

Although wearing hair extensions can take a little time to get used to, they are far from uncomfortable. Like anything nice, after a while, you barely notice that you’re even wearing extensions at all. 

10. “Hair Extensions Cannot Be Styled” (back to index)

Though it may be surprising - if you’re using human hair extensions, they can be styled and treated like your natural hair. You can apply products, straighten, blow-dry and curl the hair without causing any damage to your hair or the extensions – what’s not to love!  Check out our " Top 15 Hair Extensions Styles" to level up your look instantly. 

On the other hand, however, synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled like natural hair. The heat from styling tools can damage and melt the hair. This extends to the use of certain hair products that can similarly cause damage to synthetic hair extensions, such as mousse, hair sprays, etc. If you've been considering hair extensions, you might be wondering whetever to invest in syntethic hair extensions or those made with real human hair.

Click our blog "Battle of the hair extensions: Synthetic vs Human hair" to decide which is best for you. 

11. “I Don’t Have Enough Hair To Be Able To Apply Hair Extensions” (back to index)

There are different types of hair extensions for different hair types. For one, clip-in extensions would be less suitable for thin hair as they won’t hold. Tape-in hair extensions on the other hand are the best option for thin and fine hair. The flat bonds on tape create a natural appearance that blends with natural hair. They are placed near the root and fastened between the natural hair strands.

12. “Hair Extensions Can Only Be Worn To Events And On Special Occasions” (back to index)

Hair extensions aren’t just for special occasions. Permanent hair extensions are used by many and for various different reasons. Bad haircut? No problem, hair extensions will help cover that right up. If you’re finding it difficult to grow out your hair, they help achieve longer hairstyles while you wait. Or maybe you just fancy a change, that’s easily solved by extensions too.

13. “Hair Extensions Are Painful To Wear” (back to index)

It’s completely normal to experience mild discomfort when first putting in hair extensions. But you’ll get used to them very quickly and soon won’t even remember that they’re even there. 

14. “Hair Extensions Cause Headaches” (back to index)

False. Lengthening the hair will always feel slightly odd at first, though this is sure to ease quickly. Professional extensions are measured to suit you and fit comfortably. If you’re experiencing headaches, they are likely fitted incorrectly or you’re wearing more than you actually need.

15. “Hair Extensions Cannot Be Dyed” (back to index)

Human hair extensions CAN in fact be dyed. Just like with styling, dying human hair extensions works the same way as it does your natural hair. However, synthetic hair cannot be coloured. This is due to bleach and ammonia in most hair dyes that will damage these synthetic hair extensions. Click on our "How To Dye Hair Extensions" to know the whole process of dyeing and toning human hair extensions with step by step guide and all FAQS.

16. “Hair Cannot Be Worn Up If Wearing Hair Extensions” (back to index)

Again, false! You can absolutely wear your hair up with extensions. You can do everything you need to do without causing damage. Before any styling, gently brush through the hair extensions and ensure they are applied correctly. Then you can easily create a stylish up-do of your choice.

17. “You Can’t Sleep Whilst Wearing Your Hair Extensions” (back to index)

Going to sleep with hair extensions is safe and comfortable, especially when wearing permanent ones. It’s important you assess the bonds and that they’re secure – this should be done on daily basis. We can reassure you that you will have a perfectly normal night’s sleep with zero discomforts.  

18. “You Can’t Add Different Hair Colours To Create A Balayage Look” (back to index)

You CAN create a balayage look with extensions. By using additional hair extensions in various shades, they will blend with your natural hair and faded hairline. Additionally, it even adds fullness and depth to the hair.

19. “Horsehair Is Used For Hair Extensions” (back to index)

Almost all hair extensions you buy from reputable brands will be made from donated human hair, and we encourage that you do opt for human hair given the choice since it’ll blend more naturally into your own hair.

20. “All Hair Extensions Are Synthetic” (back to index)

Most hair extensions in fact are made from human hair as they can be styled and maintained in the same way as your own hair. Synthetic hair extensions are less popular because you can’t apply heat to them.

Whilst we hope you learnt something from the above, make sure to as much research as possible to find the best extensions for you as everyone is different depending on their own preferences.

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