Hair extensions have come a long way, since their first recorded use in the Cleopatra era. While they have evolved immensely over the centuries, there is still a lot to learn and understand. There are so many types of hair extensions (colours, types, textures and lengths), so if all gets overwhelming, or maybe you're new to hair extensions, or you simply want to ensure you're making the right choice and you're getting your money's worth.  Today we will be going figuring out which hair extensions are worth it for you.

You may think that you cannot get salon quality hair extensions anywhere else but, in a salon, but if you spend time looking, you will be able to find great hair extensions that offer you the same quality for a fraction of the cost.

However, you can also find poor quality hair which simply isn’t worth the money. The key to successful hair extension buying is knowing what to look for and know where to find the best quality products available. It will make it easier to find the same quality as you would at a hair and beauty salon anywhere. Cliphair discover which hair extensions are the best option for you.

Synthetic hair extensions VS human hair extensions

Hair extensions come in two basic flavours: human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are a natural choice. For a start, the hair is real. Hair extensions of this type can match a person’s hair exactly and to all appearances be completely natural. Synthetic hair, no matter how expertly created, can never quite match the natural silky shine and lustre of the human hair.

Human hair extensions and synthetic hair price

When it comes to price, as aforementioned, human hair extensions are the more expensive option. Synthetic, hair is much cheaper, but human hair extensions are certainly a worthwhile investment. Although more affordable than real hair extensions, we would advise you to stay away from synthetic hair extensions. These products won’t offer you a natural looking blend with your own hair and they are often nowhere near as durable as human hair extensions.


Human hair extensions in the UK and other countries are graded according to their quality. While there can be variations, the grading is usually from grade A through to grade D. Extensions classed as grade A are the best quality, offering a totally natural look and feel. This classification has the hair follicles still in place. The hair is collected from ‘root-to-tip’ meaning the hair is taken from the donor’s head in its natural position have the root and cuticle ends directionally aligned in the same direction precisely like our own natural hair to help prevent the hair from tangling

Human hair extensions are versatile; you can straighten, curl, wash and even dye the hair up to two shades lighter or darker. Designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, good quality human hair extensions are added into your natural hair, to add volume, thickness and/ or length. Remy hair extensions are more capable of preserving the hair’s shine, softness and making it tangle free for a longer life. With proper care, Remy human hair lasts for three to four applications (9 to 12 months).


Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions are both attached in the same way. Several different methods are employed. They can be weaved, or sewn, in. This involves weaving the human hair extensions into the person’s existing natural hair. This makes a good, strong attachment that will not blow off with the wind or come unstuck in any way.

Are clip in hair extensions worth it?

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it? Remy human hair extensions blonde

Clip in human hair extensions are incredibly popular and they’re popular for a reason. The hair extensions are attached to an unobtrusive, yet sturdy clip, so the hair always stays in place. Clipping the real hair extensions to existing hair is easy and quick to do. Anyone can learn to do it, making it arguably the most convenient method of all.

Clip in extensions are worth it for anyone looking to change their look without the long-term commitment. They are also among the least damaging type of hair extensions – the clips are supported with silicone strips to help prevent damage and uncomfortable snagging.

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it?

Clip in hair extensions have a flexibility and convenience that the other ways of attaching human hair extensions do not. They don’t have to be worn for days or weeks before needing to be replaced. Their very clip on nature means that the wearer can unclip them before going to bed. Then in the morning the real hair extensions can be clipped back in place in a matter of minutes.

Clip in extensions are suitable for all hair types, specifically very thin density hair. However, you’ll find different weft sizes, so single weft, double weft or quad weft clip in extensions are suitable for medium to thick density hair. With good maintenance, clip in hair extensions can last up to three to four months with daily use.

Are tape in extensions worth it?

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it?

Whilst clip in hair extensions are great for an instant transformation, tape in extensions offer a more permanent option. Made with seamless, adjustable adhesive wefts, tape in extensions are design to give you the most natural look because of the way they lay flat against your hair.

The double-sided tape sticks the extensions together and attaches the extensions to your hair, however this is non-damaging to your hair. The tape is designed to blend them easily with your natural hair. Tape ins are light and don’t drag on your natural hair, therefore causing the least damage compared to other types of hair extensions.

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it?

Tape in hair extensions can be removed and refitted with ease, using a tape extensions remover that dissolves the stickiness of tape for easy, damage and pain free removal. You should always use tape remover when taking out the extensions.

Tape in extensions are suitable for all hair types, especially thin hair as tape ins are very light. However, if you have naturally oily or greasy hair, the tapes may become more prone to slipping.

The extensions last between three to six months, but you can make them last longer by looking after your hair extensions appropriately.

Are hair weave weft extensions worth it?

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it?

Human hair weave wefts are woven in with your natural hair and offer a more permanent option to clip in extensions. You can sleep in them and style them like you would with your own natural hair. It’s best to get your weave extensions applied by a professional as you will have to sew the hair with a needle and thread onto cornrow braids created from your natural hair.

It is important that the person who attaches the human hair extensions is properly trained. If the weaving is done too tightly, it can pull on the existing hair and even pull it out, especially if the existing hair is thinning. Weaving that isn’t performed properly can also damage the natural hair follicles. However, weave weft extensions can also be glued in, or clipped in (you’d need to attach the extensions and the clips yourself).

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it?

Weave weft extensions typically last around two months while maintaining their quality and shine. However, they can be reapplied.

Are pre-bonded hair extensions worth it?

Which Hair Extensions Are Worth it?

Pre-bonded hair extensions can be glued or bonded on to existing natural hair using keratin and special bonding glues.
There are several different types of pre bonded hair extensions which include U-tips, I-tips, and micro-ring/ loop extensions. Pre-bonded hair extensions are easy to remove from your hair with no damage.

If your real hair extensions are glued or bonded, you must adhere to the recommended after care procedures. Failure to properly look after glued or bonded real hair extensions is often the reason why damage occurs.

Make sure the micro extensions are not held in with any nasty chemicals, our micro ring extensions are secured using silicone lined aluminium rings instead.

So are hair extensions worth it?

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