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Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles for Video Conference Calls

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

Whether it’s a zoom meeting with colleagues, a skype interview for a new job, or a Facetime video call with a client, video calling in the professional field has now become a reality as a lot of us adjust to working from home during the pandemic.

Getting your hair ready for work in the morning on any normal day can be stressful – who wants to spend an hour in front of the mirror before heading off to work? Or even worse, primping and preening while on the morning commute? Although working from home comes with some serious benefits (you get to have a lie in AND you can wear whatever you like), it also comes with video calls with colleagues, clients and customers.

Keep reading for some ideas on how to look professional with minimal effort (and possibly still wearing whatever you like).

The low sleek chignon

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

This style is a classic look that is elegant and makes you look totally powerful. To start this style, make sure you have your Cliphair human hair extensions in, if you are clipping or taping in extensions for this look, start behind your ears so you can position the extensions correctly for an updo. You can then work your way up to your temples and down towards your neck.

It doesn’t matter too much if this look is created on first or second-day hair, just put in some dry shampoo to make sure your roots aren’t oily. Brush your hair to make sure that your dry shampoo isn’t visible, and the extensions are blended. Create a centre part from your hairline to your crown then gather your hair into a low ponytail, making sure your hair is bump free.

Once you have secured your ponytail split it in half. Twist the right section and wrap it around the base then pin in place before you do the same with the left section. Once they are secure and your bun looks great to add some hairspray so that it stays in place.

The revamped pony

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

Nothing beats a classic ponytail for elegance and simplicity. However, it can feel a little basic at times, so why not jazz up the style by adding a ‘half up, half down’ vibe? You can use your clip in extensions to either create a dainty pony just above your clip in hair pieces or you can twist your pony into a messy knot or bun. Just loop the hair halfway through the tie for a sort of bun, sort of pony style. To keep things looking natural, make sure that you leave enough hair to cover the seams of your extensions.

This super relaxed half up, half down hairstyle is fun and sassy. This look works for medium to long hair, so if you have shoulder length tresses (or shorter) can join in too. For perfect style, it is a good idea to blow dry before you start – but to be honest, on a busy morning where your schedule is packed, a rough comb through with a paddle brush should be enough to get the volume going. The best thing about this style is that it is supposed to look artfully dishevelled. It isn’t messy, it’s tousled.

The bedhead

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

Yes, that’s right – you can get away with rolling out of bed and passing off messy locks as a hot style statement. This is one is easy as pie, because all that you need to do is tie your hair up into either ballet buns or French braids, before you go to sleep. If you spend the night with your hair secured in this fashion, in the morning you’ll end up with beautifully tousled and artfully ‘messy’ locks. It is important to avoid the urge to comb your hair, before you leave the house – you want those super sultry waves and curls to last all day.

The fishtail

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

The fishtail is one of our all-time favourite hairstyles, so we can’t help but include it here. It can be incorporated in so many different ways. There’s the double fishtail, the half up half down fishtail, and the upside fishtail. For a super easy style though, take a small section of hair from one side of your head and create a long, but thin, braid. For extra boho appeal, you can even add beads or a quirky ribbon.

The ballerina bun

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

This gorgeous style can be achieved with clip in hair extensions, because it rewards body and volume. It’s also pretty easy to put together, if you can get a handle on the tricky tucking in bits. Once your extensions are secure, pull all of your hair into a ponytail that sits right at the top of your head (it should be really high). Backcomb the ends until they’re nice and fluffy. Then, in sections, curl them into a circular shape, with the ends secured at the stem of the ponytail; secure tightly with slides or grips. Alternatively, you can also get this style using ponytail hair extensions.

The braided updo

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

This simple, elegant braided updo is easy to achieve, you just have to braid two small sections at each side of your head and then gently pull all of your hair into a sleek bun. If you have longer hair, you can get away with pulling half of your tresses into a thick fishtail braid, and the other half into loose and romantic bun or top knot.

The uptown messy bun

Top 7 Work-Approved Hairstyles Ideas for Video Conference Calls

Thought that messy buns were only for weekends? Wrong! This version of a messy bun is created to look fashionably textured rather than overtly scruffy so your boss or client won’t criticize, and you will still look fab and feel great. You can either begin by adding your Cliphair extensions now or at the second stage of this look. If you are using your clip in hair extensions, you may find it more subtle to add your extensions at the second stage.

The key is to add volume to your crown. Put a little mousse in the palm of your hand then add some dry shampoo on top. This sounds crazy but it stops your hair looking wet with the mousse. Scrunch this in and after you let it soak in add some texture spray.

Pull out some face-framing sections the do your hair up into a ponytail at your crown. If you are using clip in extensions, put them in now. Backcomb your hair at the base then lightly twist your ponytail to create a bun. Pin into place then tugs on the sections you want to look more loose and you're done!

Which of these hairstyles would you try for your next work-related video call? Or do you have more ideas? Let us know, and don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair to show off your hairstyles #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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