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Waves for days hair tutorial

This week I have been all about creating natural looking waves. I have been doing a lot of moving around and changing outfits for different occasions so I knew that my waves had to look spot on. My hair does have some natural kinks to it but it is definitely not something I would describe as being well out together or glamorous looking. I wanted to create a style that was both glamorous but looks totally effortless. Today I want to share with you some of my latest pics. Also how I have created the natural style that went with anything. #wearcliphair



I like to think of my waves as a version of Charlotte’s hair from Sex and the City, with just a touch of Carrie. These usually last me 2 days if I treat them nicely and look insanely nice. I tend to create this look after my hair has been washed and air dried. I used my tape in hair extensions for this style in case it got windy and I needed to do my hair up quickly. There is nothing more annoying than being paranoid about exposed bonds when you are in a rush.


Parting waves

Excuse the face, we all have those moments. What was going on at the back of my head is creating three horizontally divided sections. I divided them at the bottom of my ears, behind the mid of my ears and near my temples. Leave the bottom section down and tie the other two up.


Turn up the heat

Although I often do heatless curls for my hair when I want a more polished look. I go back to relying on the heat. I added some heat protecting serum to my bottom row (I am not risking my hair health or frying my lovely hair extensions). Then I took small sections, probably about an inch wide and wrapped them around curling iron starting. Make sure that you start at your roots and pull it tight. Hold each strand on the iron for about four to five seconds so it has time to properly curl. If your hair tends to lose shape easily I would pin each section to hold the curls whilst they cool.


Work your way up

Once you have repeated this along with the nape of your neck it is time to move up to the section behind your ears. I always worry about burning myself so, after adding heat protecting serum, I focus on the areas around my ears on either side first. I tie the rest of the section into a low ponytail so that it doesn’t get in the way. Obviously roll your curling iron away from your head/ear and don’t worry if you aren’t going as close to your roots as you are in other sections, it won’t ruin the style. Once you have done that continue with the rest of the row and the top row. I try to finish with the curls that will frame my face as I want to give them extra attention. Gently run your fingers through the curls to break them up and tease your roots at your crown a little for extra height. I always finish with alcohol-free hairspray so it holds my waves in place without damaging my hair.

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