Looking for the perfect Christmas present for a loved one – or for yourself? This year, Cliphair went over the top and created the perfect hair extensions gift sets for everyone. Between the party-perfect bundle to gift all the glitz and glamour of versatile styling or the beginners’ set for that friend that always wanted to try a new hairdo and never took action, the Cliphair Christmas Bundles are guaranteed to steal hearts – coming with a 10% discount compared to retail prices when you buy these products separately. Don’t let this opportunity slip away – check out these stunning bundles today!

The Tape-In Extensions Complete Bundle

Ready, tape, go – this is the perfect gift set for the ones who would like to experience a long-lasting makeover without spending half of their day at the salon. Quick and easy to apply, tape in hair extensions are suitable for medium and thick hair types and can be used to add volume, length, thickness, or even just a dash of colour without all the fuss of bleach damage and hair dye. The gift set includes everything you need for a first time application, with a pack of our luscious tape hair extensions, a bottle of tape extensions remover, and a spare pack of adhesive tabs for the next refit. 

Why We Love It: a versatile, complete kit – ideal as a taster for that one friend that always wanted to add some boost to their tresses but didn’t know where to start. Also makes a great present to… yourself!

The Hair: made of 100% Remy human hair.

About Tape In Hair Extensions: tape in hair extensions are the perfect permanent hair extensions, especially for those that don’t have time to waste. A full-head application takes around 1.5 hours to finish, and can provide volume, thickness, length, highlights, or lowlights – depending on your choice and style. They are suitable for both average and thick hair types, and are gentle to your hair – for a zero-damage, flawless makeover.

About Cliphair Tape Remover: a gentle, deliciously-fragranced formula that helps your tape hair extensions slip off of your natural hair with no damage and no pulling. The perfect tool for a quick and easy removal, with its oil-based, alcohol-free formula enriched with natural citrus extracts, it works in one minute without harming your hair cuticles.

What’s In The Pack?

  • 1 pack of tape in hair extensions (100g) in a shade of your choice
  • 1 bottle of Tape Hair Extensions Remover (30ml)
  • 1 pack of spare adhesive tabs

Application: needs professional application. Always refer to a qualified salon professional for installation, refitting, and removal.

Weave + Nano Extensions Combo Bundle

The luxury makeover you’ve been waiting for – now delivered to your doorstep. What can one do with this luscious hair combo? For instance, weave weft hair extensions are perhaps the most versatile hair accessory ever: you can use them for sew-in weaves, a modern and trendy LA weave, or even custom-made clip in jobs; a weave weft adds volume and length for a long-lasting makeover that only needs maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks. The added two (yes, not one, two!) packs of nano ring hair extensions will give you all the freedom to fill the rest of your head with volume and thickness exactly where you need it – with the utmost precise application, with single strands weighing exactly 1g. The hair in this bundle is double-drawn and belongs to our Remy Royale range, a superior-quality collection of hair that can be used and reused for 6 months to a year with the right after care. What’s not to love?

Why We Love It: the perfect bundle for those looking to achieve a complete hair transformation that lasts long and will make them look (and feel) like a celebrity. Chosen by A-listers and Hollywood stars alike, weave wefts and nano ring hair extensions are the ultimate pampering hair pack for that extra-bougie loved one in your “nice” list.

The Hair: made of 100% double-drawn Remy human hair, for a glamorous, silky-smooth finish that has the same thickness from roots to tips.

About Weave Weft Hair Extensions: beautiful and thick, weave weft hair extensions can be used to craft a fresh new hairstyle that will last long and perform like the hair of a celebrity. Popular with application methods such as braided sew-ins and LA weaves, this type of hair extensions can transform short and medium hair to luscious, long, and full show-stopping mane. It can also be glued, and styled however you prefer. Ideal for medium to thick hair types.

About Nano Ring Hair Extensions: the most discreet type of permanent hair extensions – coming in nifty 50g packs for precise application and reduced waste. Every strand weighs exactly 1g, and has the same thickness from root to tip – just like the weave included, as part of the glorious Remy Royale collection – made of 100% double-drawn Remy human hair.

What’s In The Pack?

  • 1 Classic Remy Royale Lace Weave Weft (120g) in a shade of your choice
  • 1 Pack of Nano Ring Hair Extensions (50g) in a shade of your choice

Application: needs professional application. Always refer to a qualified salon professional for installation, refitting, and removal.

Nano Bond Extensions + Beads Bundle

The perfect nano bond hair transformation that you’ve been longing for – now for less. This stunning bundle comes with 2 packs of nano bond hair extensions – the latest improvement in nano hair technology. Featuring a see-through silicone tip that offers a sturdy, anti-slip grip that is kind to your hair with less shedding and falling, these hair extensions offer you all the comfort and natural-looking movement of nano ring hair extensions with even more discretion. Suitable for thin to medium hair, they stay hidden even in the trickiest of updos – making the perfect product to add volume, fullness, and luscious length to your tresses. This type of extensions can be applied even in very short hairstyles, such as a trendy 90s bob that you want to dress up for the new season. The extensions are fitted by using nano beads (included in the bundle) and a set of hair extensions clampers.

Why We Love It: super-discreet and long-lasting, nano bonds are the latest technology in nano hair extensions, already loved by avant-garde stylists and hair enthusiasts. Coming together with a jar of 200 silicone-lined nano beads (available in black, blonde, and brown), this bundle is the perfect starter pack to give your (or a loved one’s) tresses a luxurious boost.

The Hair: made of 100% double-drawn Remy human hair, nano bond hair extensions are cuticle-aligned and thick from root to tip for a glamorous, luscious finish.

About Nano Bond Hair Extensions: the new and improved cousin of nano ring hair extensions, these strands weigh exactly 1g each and come in handy packs of 50g for precise application and no waste. They are the perfect product to add boosted length and thickness to fine and medium hair with utmost discretion, staying hidden in hairstyles such as buns, ponytails, and more.

What’s In The Pack?

  • 2 Packs of Nano Bond Hair Extensions (50g) in a shade of your choice
  • 1 Jar of 200 Silicone-lined Nano Beads (available in black, blonde, and brown)

Application: needs professional application. Always refer to a qualified salon professional for installation, refitting, and removal.

Clip-In Extensions Starter Bundle

For that one friend that always wanted to try something new, but never went off and made the effort of buying. This fabulous bundle includes a full-head set of Seamless hair extensions, plus a full-sized combo of Heat Protection Spray + Moisture Lock Spray, aka everything you need for a glossy, full, and healthy mane whenever you feel like it. The beauty of Seamless clip in hair extensions resides in its hair quality: 100% double-drawn, cuticle-aligned tresses that star as the only clip-in product in our Remy Royale collection. Coming in 8 differently-sized clip in pieces, these extensions can be used to add volume and length to fine and medium hair, ensuring a glamorous finish that has the same thickness from root to tip. The seam swapped the classic lace for a sturdy yet thin silicon seam that lays flat against the scalp with utmost discretion. 

Why We Love It: this bundle is the perfect starter pack for hair extensions beginners, offering a flawless result with zero difficulty. It can be used to transform one’s hair in the comfort of their own home, in just a few minutes! With the Heat Protection spray to protect the Seamless extensions’ superior-quality hair and the Moisture Lock Spray to provide flawless shine, softness, and manageability, this hair extensions combo is, simply put, the perfect gift.

The Hair: made of 100% double-drawn Remy human hair, Seamless hair extensions belong to our luxury Remy Royale range, with flawless shine and performance when compared to other types of clip in hair extensions.

About Cliphair Heat Protection Spray: the gentle mist that will take care of your tresses like no one has ever done before, with its enhanced heat defence spray formula that repairs your hair fibres while shielding your strands from heat damage. Can be used on wet or dry hair, combating frizz, static, and flyaways – prepping your mane for flawless styling. 

About Cliphair Moisture Lock Silky Shine Spray: the shine spray that knows no rivals – enriched with precious ingredients such as Argan oil, olive oil, blackcurrant extracts, and Macadamia nut oil – this product can be used as a finishing step to boost shine and softness in your tresses, or as a primer before blow-drying for improved manageability.

What’s In The Pack?

  • 1 Set of Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions (150-190g) in a shade of your choice
  • 1 Moisture Lock Shine Spray (150ml)
  • 1 Heat Protection Spray (150 ml)

Application: can be worn at home, doesn’t require professional application.

Shade Ring Bundle

The perfect present for a stylist that has it all – but needs a little extra. Also perfect for those who would like to take a closer look at our shades and find their perfect match every time they feel like changing their hair!

Know a hairstyling professional that is passionate about Cliphair hair extensions – or that already works with us? Gift them the present of a stunning Shade Ring Bundle – comprehensive of our solid colour shade ring AND our brand new mixed-shades ring.

Why We Love It: it’s the perfect accessory to show off in your beauty parlour, and oh so incredibly helpful when it comes to match your client’s hair to our shades. No more online colour matching and back-and-fourth chats, with this nifty salon addition!

The Hair: made of 100% Remy human hair, just like our gorgeous hair extensions.

About Cliphair Shade Ring: featuring a comprehensive collection of our solid and mixed shades, this shade ring duo is the perfect item to have a real-life glimpse of Cliphair’s colour availability and quality. The perfect taster for your customers whenever they’re looking for a hair extensions makeover! 

What’s In The Pack?

  • 1 Mixed Shades Colour Ring
  • 1 Solid Shades Colour Ring

Application: hang it in your salon, show it off to your clients, or store it safely in your own home. The world is your oyster!

Party Season Bundle

Get your style going with this fabulous clip-in combo. Batman and Robin? Nah. Bacon and eggs? Eh. The perfect duo is here, and it’s made of our stunning Seamless hair extensions + the iconic Wrap Around Ponytail hair extensions. Use them singularly for stunning hairstyles such as fierce braids, gently tousled ponytails, supercharged blowouts, and classic waves – or combine them for the ultimate glamorous half-up, half-down party ‘do.

Party season is on – don’t miss out on this fabulous bundle and leave your audience speechless with a series of glamorous makeovers and hairstyles that will elevate your style in any occasion.

Why We Love It: the perfect combo that can bring to life SO many hairstyles. The products features can be used on their own or combined for Hollywood-like results! Quick and easy to apply, our Seamless clip ins and Wrap Around ponytail can be worn in just a few minutes wherever you’d like.

The Hair: Seamless: 100% double-drawn, luxury Remy Royale hair. Ponytail: 100% Remy human hair of AAA quality.

About Seamless Hair Extensions: the superior quality of luscious Remy Royale strands meets the “quick and easy” practicality of clip in hair extensions. The result? A stunning set of 8 clip in wefts held together by a sturdy, flat, silicone seam that lays against the scalp with undisputed discreteness. 

About Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions: all the luxury of a sleek ponytail hairstyle, yours in under 5 minutes. The wrap-around strand is rolled around the ponytail attachment for an elegant, slick finish that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your hair and the ponytail itself. Can be curled, straightened, and styled as one wishes, to achieve a series of deliciously trendy hairdos – such as braids, buns, ponytails, and more.

What’s In The Pack?

  • 1 Set of Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions (150-190g) in a shade of your choice
  • 1 Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions (available in 20” or 24” lenghts) in a shade of your choice


Whether you’re browsing for a party look or the perfect gift for a loved one, these stunning bundles will exceed any expectation. Explore our Christmas bundles collection and find the perfect present for yourself, or for someone special in your life. Whether they are a hair enthusiast, a trend-setter, or a passionate stylist, there’s no better choice than Cliphair hair extensions! This year, wish for glamour – #wishforcliphair.

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