Combining different hair extension methods is a trick that hair stylists have been using for years, it helps to speed up application times and tackle visible hair extensions in fine hair. Typically, hair extensions that add huge amounts of volume or masses of length tend to be bulkier and harder to hide, especially when the hair is up. By combining a heavy extension type with a more discreet method around the hairline, you can have the best of both worlds! Read on to find out how to mix & match hair extensions, which methods work best together and who each combo is suited too.

Benefits of Combining Hair Extensions

  • Saves time
  • Cheaper
  • Can have a huge length transformation as well as discreet extensions
  • Can have both masses of volume as well as wear the hair up
  • Easier application
  • Easier Repositions
  • More styling options

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Hair Weft & Nano Ring Hair Extensions Combo (back to index)

Hair Weft & Nano Ring Hair Extensions Combo

Best for: Average Hair Thickness

It is possible to have thick hair but a thin/fine hairline, so both a Hair weft and Nano Ring Hair Extensions would be suitable. In this scenario it wouldn’t be practical to have a full head of Nano Rings installed as this would take a very long time on thick hair and actually, it isn’t necessary as you only need them around the front. Hair Wefts are ideal for thick hair as the natural hair is strong enough to hold it and will blend naturally, as well as taking a fraction of the time to apply. Apply a Hair Weft at the back of the hair to give you all the length and volume that you need and use Nano Ring Extensions at the sides and top where the hair is less dense. Wefts are also notoriously difficult to put up so keeping them to the back section will help with this.

Hair Weft & I-Tip Hair Extensions Combo (back to index)

Best For: Average – Thick Hair

Even if the hair is thick all over the head, including the sides and front, it will still be tricky to hide a hair weft when the hair is up. The solution to this is to replace the side weave with I-Tips or Stick Tips around the hair line. This way the hair will be able to be pulled back into an up-style without bulky seams from the weft hair extension poking through. Another benefit to this combination is that the same rings to apply the I-Tips can be used to attach the weft to the hair. To apply a Hair Weft to the hair using micro-rings extensions it will need to be applied as a LA Weave or as a Micro-Ring Weft.

Hair Weft & I-Tip Hair Extensions Combo

Tape-In Hair Extensions & Nano Ring Extensions Combo (back to index)

Tape-In Hair Extensions & Nano Ring Extensions Combo

Best For: Thin & Fine Hair 

This is the ultimate combination of hair extensions for thin hair. Apply the Tape-In hair extensions at the back of the head from the crown area down towards the nape, this will blend out the natural length line of the hair. Use Nano Tip Hair Extensions around the front and top of the where the hair is at its finest to ensure the extensions remain undetectable. Not only are both of these methods the safest for thin & fine hair due to their lightweight feel and gentle application, they are also the most invisible hair extensions.

Clip-In Fringe & Clip-In Full Head Extensions Combo (back to index)

Best For: Quick Transformations & Zero Commitment

Transform your entire look in under 20 minutes with clip-in hair extensions! After you have applied the Seamless full head, add a fringe piece in the same colour to add another dimension to your style. Fringes can be worn in many different ways including parted bangs, side swept, blunt and full. A great way to hide any noticeable clips on Clip-In Fringe is to add a hairband or bandana.

Clip-In Fringe & Clip-In Full Head Extensions Combo

How to Mix Hair Extension Shades (back to index)

How to Mix Hair Extension Shades

Best For: Creating highlights without damaging hair with dye

Who says you have to perfectly match your extensions to your hair? We like to bend the rules at Cliphair and use Hair Extensions to add colour not just match! Dying and bleaching natural hair can be damaging, expensive and a lot of upkeep. Using hair extensions to add highlights or streaks gives you the same result without any of the commitment giving you the freedom to add and remove colour as you please. Read on to find out which colours complement each other best…

What shades to add to Blonde hair? (back to index)

Pastel colours like pinks and lilacs, work beautifully with blonde hair to give some playful highlights. Add pink clip-ins underneath your hair and curl it for peek-a-boo streaks that are perfect for festival season! See our range of Pink hair extensions here

What shades to add to Blonde hair?

What shades to add to Brunette hair? (back to index)

What shades to add to Brunette hair?

Brown hair works best with warm, caramel shades. By adding toffee brown or blonde pieces to brunette hair you create the illusion of a Balayage without adding a touch of bleach. Check out our full balayage collection here.

What shades to add to Red hair? (back to index)

Stick to gingery, warm tones when adding highlights to red hair. Ash tones tend to clash with the red undertone so we advise sticking to honey and strawberry blondes to enhance the vibrancy. The model below uses our shade Cinnamon Swirl.

What shades to add to Red hair

Conclusion (back to index)

So, If you can’t decide which extensions you want to go for there’s no need to limit yourself to one method! You can mix & match to achieve your dream look without putting your hair at risk by using Hair Extension Combos.

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