You may be a natural brunette looking to revive your tresses after a long winter, or you may be one of the light-haired people that hopped on the brunette train at the end of last year, following the winter trend like many celebrities did - and now willing to give new life to a colour that has long gone dull.

Either way, the hot shade you might be looking for is called expensive brunette, and it’s the dark hair colour trend everyone is talking about.

What Is Expensive Brunette Hair Colour?

Expensive brunette is a low-maintenance shade of brown characterised by a shiny finish and embellished by subtle, golden touches - strategically placed to bring brightness without committing to highlights. On top of that, expensive brunette is a colour that adapts its details to your skin tone, your hair colour and your natural hair texture - an adaptable shade of brunette that is realised in complete harmony with the wearer for the ultimate natural finish.

Expensive brunette is a textured hair colour, and it’s such a hot shade that someone is already referring to it as “sunset brown”: a colour so warm and fiery - without edging into ginger - that perfectly captures and frames your features with the aid of natural sunlight; in a few words, it’s the perfect colour for your summer holiday!

How To Get Expensive Brunette Hair

Tom Smith, European creative director for Evo Hair, talked about this sultry shade to Glamour magazine, suggesting: “the key element to discuss with your hairstylist is that you don’t want one flat colour all over. Expensive brunette is all about depth and dimension, and so you and your colourist should agree on the deepest shade and the lightest shade you want to see in your hair and then allow the colourist to place shades between in a way they see fit to enhance your haircut.”

Why Is It Called Expensive Brunette?

The hair colour trend takes the name from the concept of expensive itself: just like the money piece hair, it’s based on a structured texture, rich in shades and movement. Its glossy finish and multi-tonal depth suggest, in fact, that achieving this shade is quite expensive (the so-called brown celebrity hair) - hence the name.

Can I Get Expensive Brunette With Hair Extensions?

As per usual, my suggestion is always to get your hair done before buying hair extensions - once you have your fresh colour on, you can get in touch with us and we can colour match you to the right shade. You may want to spice up your brunette strands with highlights, balayage, or even ombre shades - anything is possible with fresh new hair pieces. If you stick to clip-in hair extensions, which are a zero-commitment makeover option, there are endless possibilities for you to switch looks for every occasion!

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Celebrities With Expensive Brunette Hair

You can obviously imagine, if what we know about this glossy, glorious shade wasn’t convincing enough, seeing it on your favourite celebrity might do the job.

After all, if people with this much visibility decide to go for such a rich colour there must be a reason, right? (Besides extremely talented hair experts in their team, I mean!)

So, let’s have a look at who is already wearing the expensive brunette trend in the world of cinema, music and art.

Hailey Bieber

Surprise, surprise - American model Hailey Bieber is keeping on top of trends, and ditched her balayage caramel locks for a deep, textured and warm brunette shade that reflects on the sunshine like a chocolate mirror. Absolutely irresistible!

Emilia Jones

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Emilia Jones - and Locke & Key is the show to blame for that. Emilia's career is on the rise, and clearly, her stylists know that this is the perfect time to hop on a new hair trend to compliment her looks and style.

Jessica Alba

Jess Alba isn’t new to multi-tonal brunette shades. This Latina Queen has been rocking highlights and balayage before they were cool! The actress is a natural brunette, and also proud founder of The Honest Company - therefore it’s not surprising to see her nail this look perfectly.

Ariana Grande

Ariana doesn’t follow trends, she creates them. Did anyone expect anything else than perfect hair for the launch of her very own beauty line, R.E.M. Beauty? Even when wrapped in her iconic signature ponytail, this deep and textured, warm shade of brown works divinely.

Camila Cabello

What does talented singer + Elle magazine cover + fresh new hair equal to? Well the answer is quite simple, and it’s: ICONIC. Elle Mexico dropped this post on their instagram to announce their latest issue and promote Camila’s new album, “Familia”.

Lily Collins

On the trail of her well established success and her Emily In Paris going viral, Lily is keeping on top of things and never, ever misses a delivery. With layers and wispy bangs, Lily’s hair truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Selena Gomez

In the roster of singers and celebrities launching a make-up and/or skin care line, Selena stands out by dropping a close-up photo gorgeously glowing in warm sunlight, illuminating her tresses with notes of chocolate, fire and coffee. The perfect shade to promote her SPF infused skincare range, inspiring to get both your face and hair ready for summer.

Priyanka Chopra

Like many on this list, Priyanka is a natural brunette too - and she isn’t new to multi-tonal deep shades either. Styled by iconic Danielle Priano, this gorgeous shot of Priyanka’s hair going wild in the New York’s wind shows her glamorous colour at its finest.

Kendall Jenner

If there’s a list of beauty and fashion trends, rest assured one of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters is going to be on it. In this case, Kendall is rocking her signature ponytail - showcasing hair so textured in warm tones of brown and gold, developed on single hair strands so thin that it almost looks like she’s wearing hair tinsel. Stunning!


If you’re thinking about going darker this summer instead of hopping on the highlights train, consider this gorgeous brunette look as your formal invitation. Sultry, mysterious, complex and enticing: expensive brunette is the hottest shade of brown you’ll see this season! Already in the expensive brunette club? Have a look at our brunette hair extensions range. Get in touch to get colour matched!

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