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Get Ready For Summer With The Right Haircare

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Summertime means holiday and relaxing for most of us. But unfortunately, not for our hair.
It is important to give your hair special care during the hot summer season. We have gathered the top tips for your summer hair care routine. 

Do not forget to moisture your hair

There is nothing like a big glass of cold water the cool yourself off on the hot summer days. Can you relate? So can your hair! In the summertime, our hair needs to the moist too. The dry air and the sun’s rays can make our hair appear dry and brittle.

But washing will not help your hair moist. On the contrary, washing with too hot water will dry hair more.

For healthy hair, you can use Cliphair hair Mousturising Silky Spray. Just spray a few times on your natural hair and hair extensions and it will give you hydrated, noticeably shiny hair. It also prevents frizz and split ends.

Avoid excessive heat

We all love styling our hair however using heat while styling our hair might damage our hair dramatically. Especially on the hot summer days, while your hair is already heating from the warm weather and direct sun, using heat on styling will affect your hair more.

You can use Cliphair Heat Protection Hair Spray to create an invisible barrier between your hair and the heat supply. The heat protection spray protects your hair up to 230°C and gives you peace of mind while getting your hair done.

Are you a swimmer? 

Salty seawater and the chlorine in the pools can cause your extensions to discolour, matt and lose their quality. If you are a swimmer and do not want to miss out on your water exercises, we would strongly recommend you to take the necessary caution. If you are a regular swimmer we would recommend you to prefer clip in hair extensions instead of permanent hair extensions. So you can take your extensions off each time you are jumping in the water.

As permanent hair extensions will stay on your hair for long, each time you are going for a swim, they will lose their quality more. Taking off your clip in hair extension each time you are going to swim, on the other hand, will only take you 5 minutes to apply back once your hair is washed and dried.

But if you are using permanent hair extensions and also do not want to give up on swimming, then please make sure to put your hair in a bun and try not to wet your hair. If your extensions get into the pool water, make sure to rinse immediately and apply hair care after. 

Wear loose hairstyles

Summertime is not just to show off our beach bodies. It is also to show off our gorgeous hair. Beanies are great for protecting our hair from the rain and our head and ears from the cold. But after spending so much time making our hair, it is heartbreaking to hide our gorgeous locks under a woolly hat.

But hiding our locks in a hat is not the only negative side of the winter. Tight headbands and bonnets are breaking our hair and causing damage. As we do not have to hide our hair during the summer times, you can take this time to give your hair a nice break from the tight hair bonding.

For more summer hairstyles you can visit our Insta-worthy Summer Braids with Hair Extensions… and How to Get the Look blog

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