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Love a sleek and sophisticated look? Try this style


Sleek looks are not for an everyday look. When you want to feel and look special, these are the looks you should try. Whether you are going on a date or have popped on a party dress and are going out for the night with your friends. It is both sexy and sophisticated. It is time to learn how to achieve this style in this step-by-step tutorial so keep reading and show off your style by #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Preparation

Making sure you nail your preparation is key to the success of this style. I would suggest that newly washed or 1-day old hair is the best for this style. If you are really pushed for time and you can’t wash your hair go ahead and put in some dry shampoo to help soak up that excess oil. Add your Cliphair extensions upside down at the nape of your neck for length and volume. Also, by putting them in upside down it will help to give your ponytail a little lift. Add a generous amount of control crème and brush it through your hair. Add heat protecting serum as you are going to be using heated tools. Now divide your hair into rows and straighten your hair, make sure you comb down any flyaways.

Step number 2: Form your ponytail

Gather your hair near the nape of your neck, use your comb to ensure that our hair covers the tips of your ears and take out some face-framing strands. Secure in a low ponytail. If you are thinking that your ponytail is not looking as voluminous as you want it to be then it is super easy to add extra extension wefts around your hair tie

Step number 3: The finishing touches

Once you are happy that your hair is bump-free take a wide section of hair from the top and wrap it around the hair tie. Make sure that it is lying flat so it looks deliberate and not rushed. Pin it in the back so it looks flawless. It is not much you have to do to finish this look. Make sure that you have brushed the end of your ponytail and add some serum to add that little bit of shine. To complete your look add some hairspray to your hands and run them over your ponytail to keep it natural but keeping it in shape.


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