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Holographic Hair: What is it and How to Get the Look

Holographic Hair: What is it and How to Get the Look

The rainbow trend came, and we conquered it, the grandma chic silver-grey hair trend came, and we slayed it. We’ve really tried (and perfected) it all, from unicorn hair and mermaid hair, to pastel hair a’la Kylie Jenner. But now we are moving on to holographic hair – a multidimensional hair colour of pastel hues with a metallic sheen that makes your hair appear as if it’s magically changing colour (basic, said no one ever). So today, we are covering what there is to know about this holographic hair trend, and how to achieve this iridescent hair colour.

how to get holographic iridescent hair

If you haven’t seen this psychedelic rainbow trend all over you Instagram feed, then you’re certainly about to – it’s set to be a hot hair trend for 2020 and this colour is all about having fun, freedom, creativity, and self-expression. So, whip out the hair dye (or hair extensions) and get creative – have fun with colours and style, from metallic pinks to balayage styles.

What is Holographic Hair?

Holographic hair colour is characterised by multidimensional metallic or pastel highlights, expertly placed to create an opalescent and colour-shifting effect on your hair. To the eye, the hair will look like its changing colours under different lighting.

Talented hairstylists from Ross Michaels Hair Salon in the US seem to have been coined the term "holographic", and subsequently bringing the trend into the world of hair coloring.

Read on to find out how to get the holographic hair colour and how to take care of your new do.

 Holographic iridescent hair


How to Get Holographic Hair Colour

Getting holographic hair requires a lot of technique, so we recommend going to a professional colourist who will be able to expertly apply the various shades to your hair for a bespoke, professional look. However, if you are doing it at home, here’s how to get that holographic look.


As with most dyeing hair jobs, you will start off with lighter tresses (platinum/ ice blonde for best results). You can either try this trend on your natural hair, or you can try this our using human hair extensions. If you have dark hair, your best option is to lighten your hair first so the colours can be visible.


how to get holographic hair colour

So, to make sure that the pastel colours shine through and are visible, start with blonde or grey hair (the grey will add and shimmering colour shifting sheen that’s reflective and glows). To add colour, you should brush on or foil n panels of different hair dyes in your choice of colour; violets, lavenders, blues and pinks are a good choice for a muted pastel tone.

You can choose exactly how and where you want the colour streaks to create your own bespoke look, so you should also consider your technique in application. For example, if you apply the hair dye by streaking the colours horizontally instead of vertically, your colours will appear layered across the whole head.

holographic hair trend

How to Achieve That Holographic Effect?

Following on from the technique mentioned above, the trick to getting that holographic effect is to over direct to the opposite side for exaggerated layers and you’ll have control over the horizontal aspect of the silhouette.

If you use this technique, the colours will appear on slightly different spots across your hair, however, they’ll be broken up to create that iridescent hair look.

holographic hair trend 

Although not necessary, adding a metallic toner will add a serious iridescent sheen to pastel highlights. Toning with a metallic toner for about 20 minutes will add a blissful light silver tone to the hair.


Top Tips:

Although using hair extensions is a safer option for your hair, you should remember that dyeing your hair extensions will certainly have an effect on the lifespan of your hair extensions.

how to dye holographic hair colour 

As we all know, colour-treated hair requires a lot of special care and attention. So, here are a few tips of how to take care of your holographic hair below.


Tip #1: Carry out a strand test

This is an essential step. Even if you have used the same brand of box hair dye, not two batches are the same so it should be done each time you dye your hair. Strand tests make sure you aren’t allergic to anything and won’t have a reaction.


Tip #2: Use products made for dyed hair

The best way to take care of dyed hair is to use products specifically made for colour treated hair. Be sure to use products, from shampoo and conditioner to hair serum and hair masks. This will preserve the quality and colour of your hair.

Holographic iridescent hair colour


Tip #3: Regular care routines

Don’t forget to do regular deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair soft and shiny. You should book regular touch-ups with your colourist or to help keep your holographic hair looking good as new.


Tip #4: Keep the shine

To keep your unicorn-inspired hair bright and radiant, you should use glosses in between your retouches. You can use serums and sprays to keep your tresses shiny and bright.

holographic hair how to get it


Holographic hair colour is a trend that only getting bigger. Will you be trying this hair colour trend? Or do you have any tips and tricks to mastering the colour? Let us know! And don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your looks.

If you think achieving holographic hair colour will be too difficult, perhaps start with rainbow hair or mermaid hair first.

For a quick and easy blend of colours, check out our range of Balayage hair extensions.

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