If you are looking to grow out your short hair, or even fancy taking the chop but are worried about the next stages, then here are our top tips on how to use hair extensions to help you grow out your short hair.


We’ve all been at that tricky stage of hair growth at least once in our lives, but the problem with growing out a cropped hairstyle is that you don’t have the luxury of a quick ponytail to sort the problem. Cue our trusty human hair extensions – the simplest way to create a chic hairdo, completely disguising awkward length hair, and elegantly growing out our pixie crops. Depending on the style you had cut in, you can add extensions in a number of different ways.


Kylie Jenner recently made headlines this week when she unveiled her short natural hair – just days before, her hair extensions were so long that they reached her waist. And just like the Jenner star, we all love to change their hairstyle from time to time. A new hairstyle can make you feel special and give you a new look for each season.

The drawback to changing your hairstyle is that when you want to grow it out you find yourself in that awkward growing out stage.

This stitage is not only difficult to manage; can make you feel frustrated with your hair as you battle to style it to perfection. This stage also lasts for quite a while, so here’s how to have you looking and feeling great while growing out your hair.


What Can I do With Short Hair While Growing it Out?

Growing out Your Short HairClip in hair extensions can really help get you get through this difficult period, by adding volume and length to your existing hair and giving you back a style that is easy to work with and looks fantastic. At Clip Hair, our human hair extensions are quick and easy to use so rather than struggle to style a growing out hair do, use your preferred choice of hair extensions to fast forward your hair and look.

Alternatively, you should go for tape in hair extensions if you have thin short hair for a seamless blend, or perhaps learn how to choose the right extensions for short hair from our blog. 

Our real hair extensions are just like your own hair, they can be washed, dried and styled in the same way as you would your own, making them ideal for enhancing an existing look or changing it completely.

How long does it take to grow short hair out?

Hairstyles for Growing out Short HairOn average, your hair grows .3 – .5 mm per day, or half an inch per month, although this differ from person to person. Depending on your current hair length, it takes about seven years to grow it to your waist, and three years to grow it to your shoulders.


Hairstyles for Growing out Short Hair

Taking just minutes to put in, clip in hair extensions are the perfect disguise and you can finally wave goodbye to months of hair frustration. Here are just a few of our favourite hairstyles for growing out your short hair. 


1. All Over

Growing out Short HairFor a straight-cut bob, just add one or two layers of hair extensions at the base of your head, underneath your top layer of hair. These can be all one length, or graduated, depending on the look you’re after.


So, you’ve decided on you one-length bob, how are you going to style it? Go for an off-centre parting for an edgy but sultry look. You can even experiment with colour and try a colourful ombre or simply team you bob with any of the latest trends for a statement look. 


2. Just the Front

Growing Out Your Short HairFor a super-choppy, interesting graduated bob, try popping your extensions in at the front only. This leaves your sharp back layers exposed and leaves you free to create loads of volume all over.


You can even transform your look and go for an elegant fringe. The introduction of a fringe when you’re trying out such a short style makes all the difference – a sassy side fringe turns it sexy and cheeky, whereas a full fringe creates an innocent impression. A softly feathered fringe adds a softness to a very demure cut, making it easy to effortlessly grow out your short hair in style. 


3. Asymmetric

 Growing out Short HairIf you’ve been rocking a crop for a while, then chances are you’re the sort of lady who likes to look a little different – and this style is a head turner! Whilst your short back and sides grow out, whack some extensions in the top part of your hair, add a dramatic side fringe, and vamp it up! This style looks great with the short bits tucked behind your ear, and it eliminates the problem of awkward sides.


If you go slightly longer at the front than at the back, it means that the cut will naturally frames your features and perfect if you have a round faced shape as it elongates your face. 


4. Curls

Growing_out_Your_Short_Hair_curlsTurn your edgy look around by curling your short hair to instantly add a softness and girliness that can sometimes be difficult to achieve with a chin-length hairdo. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and tuck one side behind your ear to turn your bob into a picture of sophistication, or perhaps go for a soft, wavy fringe to keep your style sweet and easy-going. If your short hair has more of a rock chick vibe, add delicate and quite romantic waves at the front for a flirty but powerful look. 


Don’t be scared to take the chop – it’s always worth trying, and with the help of extensions, growing it out is a breeze so you can confidently snip your hair.


Do you have any tips for growing out short hair or do you have any killer styles during this period? Let us know! And don’t forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your looks.


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