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Halloween inspired unicorn hair


Whip out the glitter, temporary hair dye and skeletons in your closet it is almost Halloween. Not all Halloween personas have to be scary, for a lot of people Halloween is an excuse to dress up. But there is a big push toward bringing out out your creative side as opposed to your terrifying side. One of my favourite Halloween’s outfit is the unicorn. It is colourful, magical and very fun to create. Today I am going to share with you a step-by-step tutorial of this style inspired by the dozens of unicorn looks on Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your style.

Add some colour

Unicorns are magical and as such we love to play with colour when creating them. You can do this by getting some cruelty free temporary hair dye. If you are not so sure how your work will take having rainbow hair for a week the other option is to get some funky coloured hair extensions in pink, blue and red.

Your look will need hair extensions anyway it will just depend on whether you want to use natural toned extensions for volume or funky coloured extensions. Once your hair is lovely and multicoloured make your you put in some conditioning balm on so your ends don’t look dry and horrible.

Turn up the heat

Add some heat protecting serum and curl your hair, away from your face, all over. Pin your curls whilst they cool so that they remain looking like barrel curls rather than loose waves. To help with this you can spray your hair with a layer of hairspray as your curls cool. When they are cool, let them down and gently comb through them so they look more natural.



Creating the shape

Separate your hair at the top of your ears and tie the bottom half out of the way for now. The horn is incredibly easy to create and the reason is, you are going to use a prop. This may sound like cheating but if you are planning on going trick or treating or a party it is the only way it will stay in place a remain looking great. I used a foam cone I found in a craft store but these will be everywhere in the next few weeks. If you can’t find one make one out of cardboard, just make sure you create small holes down the bottom so you can attach it to your head with bobby pins.

Attach it a few inches back from your hairline, that way you have plenty of hair around it to make it look natural. Gather the hair into one-inch sections and drape it around your horn until it is covered. Use the pins to secure but make sure they are concealed. If you have any hair left from the top half at the back of your horn create a mini ponytail. You are going to create 3-4 more mini ponytails with the remainder of your hair, making sure they are in line. Gently tease these ponytails so they look like one long ponytail and you are done.


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