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Dragon hair tutorial


Dragons have been around in mythology for literally centuries and we still love them in stories today. It is not just for kids either dragons were a huge part of the Game of Thrones success. Dragons do not just have to be scary though they are passionate and fiery (literally) and dragon themed costumes can look incredibly gorgeous! If you want to try something a little bit different this Halloween a dragon hairstyle should be up on your list. #wearcliphair

Step number 1: Prepare your hair

you cannot put scales in your hair without a stencil, glitter and a whole lot of mess. What always interested me is the bumpiness of the scales. That is definitely something you can replicate with your hair by creating tight curls. I love doing this as natural (without heat). It may take longer but it is kinder to my locks in winter. If you have thicker hair or are doing this with your Cliphair extensions in you might want to damp your hair first. Separate your hair into a 1-inch section and wind them around a paper straw (friendlier for the environment and easier to bend). Tie your straw close to your scalp so that your section won’t budge. Repeat this all over, you will look funny but it is super helpful. Spritz your hair with hairspray and go to bed or leave it in for a couple of hours, when you take them out you will have lovely curls.


Step number 2: Separation

This is key to getting a nice look so I suggest you use a fishtail comb to ensure this is nice and straight. You will be creating three equal section. I used the centre of my eyebrows as a guide. When your division is complete clip the two side sections out of the way for now. You are going to split your middle section into three so you can create a tight french braid. This braid will go all the way to the nape of your neck. Make sure you keep it tight around the back. Repeat with your side sections so you have three tight braids secured at the nape of your neck

Step number 3: The back

Now you have the top section sorted it is time to focus on the back. You essentially have three ponytails at the back. Divide the middle section in half. Join the right ponytail with the right side of the middle ponytail and the left ponytail with the left side. You are going to take a small section from the outside of the left side and join it with the inside of the right side. Do the same on the other side and pull it tight. Continue doing this all the way down and you will have created a lovely fishtail braid that will be like a dragon’s tail. Secure with a clear hair tie and spritz with hairspray. This not only keeps things in place but acts like glue so glitter can stick to your braids to complete the look.

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