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Steal her style Rachel Weisz edition


I have chosen to talk about Rachel Weisz for three reasons.

1. she is brilliant

2. her new film The Favourite is supposed to be great

3. lots of you are going darker as it gets cooler. So it is nice to see a see some great styles on someone with rich, dark hair.

Deeper hair often stays more nourished during the colder months, particularly if it is dyed. One of the main reasons that some people are concerned about having darker locks is the perception that it might be boring or make you fade into the background. That could not be further from the truth. Today I am going to show you how Rachel styles her chocolatey locks so you can steal her style. #wearcliphair.


The casual elegance

If you have deeper toned locks it is great to play with texture. If hair dyed in the darker shade can traditionally handle more heat then the blonde  dyed hair. It is great if you are like me an in love with curly locks. If your hair is on the thinner side and you are wearing a lighter coloured dress it can be quite obvious so don’t forget to add some hair extensions to make your locks look luxurious. A side part, some hair serum and loose curls and you are ready to take on whatever you have planned for the day or night.


Getting down to business

This is such a simple look and literally, anyone can do it. No heat is required to create this style just a little bit of teasing at your roots. Some wax and a few pins to keep your bun in place. Simple, classic and ready for work and play.



Futuristic femme

Ok so this might not be a style (or outfit) you will want to rock every day but Halloween is fast approaching and this would make a great outfit. Start with straight locks and thoroughly brushed hair, to begin with, so your teasing will be quicker and more manageable. The key is to create volume at your crown, place the headband and then create volume behind it as well. If you can get the headband and cord wrapped around your hair at the back it will look even more out of this world.

The high-class undone look

This style screams high fashion. Anyone can make a bun and yes it will look classic and beautiful but if you want to have a bit of an edge add some texture to your locks to start with and don’t worry about perfection. Loose strands of hair are likely to appear at some point during the evening so save yourself some hassle and create them as part of your style, to begin with. Add some texture spray and secure your bun with bobby pins rather than hair ties to allow you to play with your strands of hair and get the look just the way you like it.

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