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Your questions about micro ring hair extensions answered

Micro ring extensions are brilliant and are the professional hair extensions weapon of choice. It is one the styles of hair extensions that have been around the longest but there are still a lot of people who have not tried them yet. That is totally fine but if you are curious about micro ring extension and are thinking of trying them or having them in your salon, this blog is for you. Today I am going to attempt to answer some of the most common questions about micro ring extensions. To show off your micro ring extensions #wearcliphair.


Question number 1: how long should my hair be?

Micro ring or loop extensions are fantastic and look incredibly natural but the key to making them look natural is the application. Then how to apply these extensions? I will address in a separate question. To make sure your hair will look natural make sure your hair is at least 3-4 inches long before you have your extensions attached. If it is any shorter it probably won’t attach properly.

Question number 2: how long will my micro ring extensions last

This depends on the quality of the hair used in your micro ring hair extensions. If you get synthetic hair extensions, it won’t last very long I’m afraid but if you get real hair extensions then they will last much longer. The best hair to use is Remy hair, which is what that is all we use in all of our Cliphair extensions. I would say that the longest micro ring extensions are 9 months. This will be much shorter if you do not give your locks the proper TLC.

Question number 3: can you apply your micro ring extensions yourself?

There is a long and a short answer to this one. Technically you can but it can be quite tricky to do yourself so if you are not experienced putting them in I would get a professional to do it for you. Also if you ask a professional to help you to put in your extensions they will be able to do this with more accuracy and quicker than doing this yourself or asking a friend. Unfortunately, it is one of the longer types of hair extensions to apply, if you do it yourself it could take up to 4 hours though. It does pay off in the end though as they last a really long time.


Question number 4: will they damage your hair

Your hair always needs more love and some weekly treatments but if look after your locks the way you are meant to extensions do not damage your hair. To make sure that you check the attachment once every two months. This will make sure it is still as secure as you want them to be and to make sure that there is no tangling. I would recommend using Cliphair’s treatment spray on your extensions and brushing it through regularly to make sure your extensions remain smooth, silky and healthy.


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