Let’s be real - achieving long, princess-like tresses wasn’t easy at all (unless you cheated and got an instant makeover with the aid of clip-in hair extensions!). And now what?

Well, now you can certainly have some fun with your mane. Perhaps you have the soft curves of a round face, or the small forehead and chin that characterise a diamond-shaped face, or the strong jawline of a square face. Did you think that growing your hair longer would easily suit you regardless of your traits? Well, think again! But don’t fret: as per usual, here’s a guide on the 20 women’s hairstyles for long hair that you can try, in harmony with your natural face shape.

1. Which Face Shape Suits Long Hair? (back to index)

Truth is, with the right haircut and ‘do, any face shape can rock longer tresses. As long as you’re willing to experiment with middle and side parting, curtain bangs, layers and whatnot - there is a long hairstyle for you. Ready to style? Let’s see together which hairstyle suits your face shape the most. As this is our guide to long hairstyles by face shape, they have been grouped accordingly.

2. Long Hairstyles For Squared Shape (back to index)

The goal with an important jawline such as yours is to accentuate your cheeks, going easy on your forehead. That’s right; squared-faced people are naturally born with well-defined top and bottom features on their faces, and the right haircut will do justice to the central part, balancing out your natural beauty.

Curtain Bangs

The first suggestion that comes to my mind is to redirect you where a lot of celebrities have found beauty and happiness over the years: the curtain bangs zone. 

Trendy, easy to style and suitable for many different types of face shapes, curtain bangs are relatively easy to obtain - so much that you can even try and get them at home, following our step-by-step tutorial: The Face Framing Bangs Everyone Is Talking About And How To Get Them.

Wispy Bangs And Waves

Ready to channel your inner mermaid? Grab your waver and bring those tresses to life. But first… Have you considered giving yourself a little makeover with the aid of your trusted hairstylist’s shears? If not, then allow me to show you wispy bangs and how they can lightly (but effectively) change the way you look. This is the lightest type of fringe to exist, requires minimal attention and will give you a soft, summery look when paired with beach waves.

Goth Barbie Middle Part

If you like your hair straight and spaghetti-like, then simply trust a middle part and go full goth. It can be waaaay more rewarding than you can think. Especially if paired to darker shades, such as a deep brown or jet-black hue.

This type of hairstyle also works well with a series of updos that you can have some fun with - such as the spiky bun, one of the latest celebrity-favourites.

Side-swept Bangs

Whether you like your haircut to be layered and lively or silky and smooth, a side-swept fringe can be the add-on that you were looking for (without even knowing).

You can also pair this look to a long ponytail for a gorgeous, sleek effect. Want to know more about this hairstyle? Then check our lookbook article about the queen of ponytails, Ariana Grande. If your hair is missing the volume and thickness necessary to kill this hairstyle, then get yourself a clip-in ponytail hair piece


Baby Bangs

Got long hair and a square face? Well, what would happen if you added a love for vintage hairstyles to this recipe?

Look at Megan Fox, who - besides her shenanigans with life-companion Machine Gun Kelly - stunned the internet with her pin-up style bangs. Romantic but at the same time mysterious and fierce!

3. Long Hairstyles For Round Faces (back to index)

Round faces are typically softer around the edges, with a gentle curve to their chin and forehead and wider cheekbones. A great example of round-shaped beauty is actress and singer Selena Gomez. Her stylists have always nailed her looks, flattering her natural shape and making the most of her length.


Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs and long, silk-smooth hair are giving class and style. And what if you decide you like to curl your tresses every now and then? Well then it’s giving life-sized doll. Either way, this hairstyle can’t go wrong. Trust Hannah Simone, which made this her go-to look for years (and was her character Cece’s signature hairstyle in the show New Girl too)!

Textured Mane

Bringing your tresses to life with a slight wave and texture is a crafty, easy way to balance out your face shape with volume. The natural illusion of movement that light waves create around your face will frame it with grace and style. You can pair this with a side-part too, to make it even more vibrant!

Layers On Layers On Layers On Layers…

Well I could go on and on but I guess you get the gist of it. Layers. Now, layers are the perfect way to achieve easy movement around your face, without wasting too much time during the styling process. Call it a lazy haircut, or whatever. But if someone like Chrissy Teigen has made it her signature hairstyle, then it must mean something. Try it with a deep side part for a real stunner effect!

The Shag

We owe this hairstyle’s popularity to celebrities such as Zendaya, Halle Berry and more. It was originally created in 1971 for Jane Fonda by stylist Paul McGregor, in order to suit both her in real life and her character in the film “Klute”. Since then, the hair shag (both curly and not) have been in and out of the spotlight, as these long hairstyles frame face and neck like no one else.

The Braided Up Do

Braided up dos are all the rage. Classy, comfortable and versatile - you can either go for the bold double Dutch braid, or the romantic single French plait - or why not? Perfect for any age, these timeless classics still go strong with their stunner effect!

4. Long Hairstyles For Diamond Faces (back to index)

Diamond and heart-shaped faces present similar features (prominent cheekbones and narrow chin, for example). What’s the difference between them? Well, simply put, heart-shaped faces have a larger forehead compared to diamond-shaped faces. Besides big lovely eyes and important cheekbones, what to these hairstyles have in common? Well, first of all, they can both try a lot of similar hairstyles…

Soft Curls & A Side Part

This is one of the best ways to spice your hairstyle up without going too dramatic with your shears. Grab your curling iron instead, and voila… Easy, wasn’t it? Well, if you have no idea of where to start when it comes to curling, check out our guide. P.s.: it also tells you how to curl hair extensions! Like I said… Easy, no?

The Big Updo

Heart-shaped faces and diamond-shaped faces are naturally designed to pull-off a great updo with no effort. Literally. So why don’t you go big with your ‘do? Try to experiment with a beehive like Audrey Hepburn, Lana Del Rey and Amy Whinehouse have done before. In case your hair is missing the volume and thickness you need to play around with hair puffs and whatnot, you can always resort to clip-in hair extensions to give your updo the extra kick.

Mermaid Hair

This is a simple but effective hairstyle on long tresses, and it works wonders on the natural traits of those who were born with a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face. The so-called “mermaid hair” is a wavy hairstyle parted in the middle. Often associated with funky-coloured streaks, if you want to try this hairstyle over summer but don’t feel like dying your tresses, why don’t you apply some funky-coloured single clip-in hair extensions?

Twisted Half-Up, Half-Down

A good way to accentuate your forehead and chin and balance them out in harmony with large eyes and prominent cheekbones is to resort to half-up, half-down hairstyles. One of them is the twisted half-up, half-down - a simple way to add a bit of volume and movement to your tresses without compromising on showing off your length.

Wispy Bangs With Curls

Wispy bangs are the lightest type of bang and they are suitable for many different face shapes. If you’re a fan of bangs but are afraid they won’t do your natural traits any justice, then go easy on them and try wispy bangs out first. In order for you to not miss out on volume, you can pair your new haircut to bouncy curls for a romantic finish.

5. Long Hairstyles For Oval Face (back to index)

Oval faces perhaps are the luckiest peeps ever, since they can literally experiment with almost any hairstyle and it will look flattering and trendy on them in almost every case. Regardless, there’s a few haircuts and hairstyles that have been created specifically for people with this face-shape, and it’s easy to see why. Let’s check out 5 hairstyles for oval face shape!


Classic Layers

Think of Friends’ “The Rachel”, but make it longer and more modern. There you have it the hairstyle that influenced millions of hairdressers and hairstylists around the world when asked “can I get a layered haircut”?

Well, as The Rachel was designed specifically for oval-shaped actress Jennifer Aniston, it’s a no-brainer that even its modernised version remains a timeless classic for all the oval-shaped beauties around the world.

Long Face-Framing Bangs With Beach Waves

As previously mentioned, curtain bangs are suitable for pretty much every face shape available - and beach waves are the most popular summer hairstyle, so the equation is pretty simple. If you’re looking to achieve a sun-kissed, vacay-all-day hairstyle (no matter what season it is) this is the look for you. For a more mermaid-y look, you can try and add a few funky-coloured strands in your hair and use a waver for styling. Not ready to commit to crazy colours? Then try adding a few funky coloured hair extensions in, for the perfect festival hairstyle.

The Sleek Ponytail

This hairstyle was made popular by celebrity and business-woman Kim Kardashian - and since then, a lot of fellow celebs and influencers have been seen rocking this hairstyle. You can wear it super-high for a fierce effect, or smooth and low for a chic, low-key finish. Recent tradition wants the middle parting to be evident even when slicking your hair back for a super-shiny effect.

Glass Hair

You’ve seen it on models like Adriana Lima and tons of influencers on your social media, but have you ever, truly achieved glass-like, silky-smooth, shiny hair?

The “glass hair trend” refers to a mane that is silky, smooth and so shiny and reflective to remind of glass. It works best on dark haired people, since hues such as black and brunette reflect the light better.

The trend has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram after A-listers and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and more rocked it in their latest selfies and red carpet appearances. You can pair it with any hairstyle you’d like. If you want to know more about this trend and how to make your hair shine like glass, take a look at our dedicated blog!

Big Bouncy Blowout

If the ongoing retro revival doesn’t scare you, then go and blow the dust off your mother’s velcro rollers and hear me out: big bouncy blowouts are all the rage! From the more low-key 90s blowout hairstyles as seen on Alicia Silverstone to the bigger, bouncier glorious blowouts like Cindy Crawford’s (and also re-made popular by influencer Matilda Djerf) - feel free to experiment with the return of big hair! Lacking volume? Then add some kick to your natural hair with a full-head of double-weft clip-in hair extensions.

6. Conclusion (back to index)

There is beauty in every face shape, and everyone has the right to feel confident and have a change of hair when they feel like it. I hope that this blog post will help you find some inspiration for your next hair move!

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