The key to achieving the hair of your dreams with Clip In Hair Extensions isn’t so much about how much longer or fuller they can make your natural hair appear – it’s all about choosing the right clip in extensions for you. How thick is your natural hair? How long is it? Is it healthy? These are some of the important things to ask yourself when considering clip in hair extensions as these are the factors that will help you decide if you need a classic full headset, a double weft set, or whether you only need a one-piece set so it’s important to know the difference between the clip in extensions available to you. Today, we are breaking down everything you need to know about clip in hair extensions.

Clip in Hair Extensions are loved by beginners and experts alike. They are perfect for an instant transformation without having to commit to the look on a long-term basis. Growing your hair out? No problem, clip in extensions also make a perfect way to switch up your style without waiting months for your hair to grow. Whether you are switching up your hairstyle with length and extra volume or looking for ways to add highlights to your hair with hair extensions this blog will help you understand which will be best suitable for you.

1. The Classic Full Head Hair Extensions (back to index)

Clip in Hair Extensions Explained

This set is perfect for thickening up hair of the same length rather than adding more length. For anyone who wants to create a lot more length, a double weft or supreme quad weft is perfect, the classic full head set should only be used to thicken up or add maximum of two inches length. It's great for customer with extremely thin hair that are worried about adding too much weight as its our most lightweight full head set.  

Our classic full head set contains a total of eight different sized wefts, complete with metal clips pre-attached (no more than 3 clips per weft) – so all you’ll have to do is clip each one of those eight wefts to your hair and you’ll be ready to style and go! The wefts come in different sizes so you can fit them to the shape of your head – providing an even coverage and concealing where your natural hair stops, and where the extensions begin.

Remember Real Hair Extensions come in a variety of weights. The standard weight for a full head of extensions is 120 to 130 grams of hair dependant on length. So, the longer the hair, the more it will weigh. If you have very thin, fine hair, then you may want to consider the shorter length, so the extensions don’t feel heavy on your head and appear more natural too.

2. The Double Weft Hair Extensions (back to index)

Clip in Hair Extensions Explained

Double Weft Extensions are called this because they feature two wefts securely sewn on a single hair. One of the biggest benefits of getting double weft extensions is that you get double the volume of a classic full head set (single weft), and they also come with same number of clips as a regular single weft set.

Double weft clip in extensions are perfect if you’re looking to extra volume without having to fiddle with double the number of clips - though they can be used to create both length and volume. If you have fine hair, double weft clip ins will certainly give you the volume you want. For those with thicker locks, double weft extensions are a fantastic way to achieve a fuller, more glamourous look. 

The standard weight for double weft hair extensions set is 180 to 200 grams of hair as they’re thicker and offer more hair.

Both the classic full head set and double weft set contain: Two 8 inch (20cm) wide wefts - 3 clips per weft, two 6 inch (15cm) wide wefts - 3 clips per weft, two 4 inch (10cm) wide wefts - 2 clips per weft, and two 2 inch (5cm) wide wefts - 1 clip per weft

3. The Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extensions (back to index)

The Wrap-Around Ponytail is a sleek and elegant hairpiece that can turn any look into a polished fashion statement. Featured in cinema, fashion and countless red carpets, this classy piece can now be yours. 

You can choose between three lavish lengths: The 14 Inch Mini (100g)20 Inch Classic (120g) and 24 Inch Mega (140g), to add more drama to your updo. With its built-in combs and Velcro strap, the wrap-around ponytail is an irreplaceably solid hair piece. Its wrap-around lock guarantees discretion, hiding your bobble for a compact, seamless finish. Our fabulous wrap-around ponytails is available in blonde hair extensionsbrown hair extensionsblack hair extensions and red multiple shades to suit you. From peppy, flirty and fluffy to high, sleek and dramatic – a world of endless updos opens its doors to you, with this silky Remy human hair wrap-around ponytail.

4. The Quad Weft Hair Extensions (back to index)

The Quad Weft Hair Extensions explained

The quad weft is a thicker one piece which can be used on its own to create volume and a small amount of length. Can be used with any full head set as a add on to add extra volume. 

The one-piece hair extension set which contains four strips of hair securely sewn onto one thick weft – giving you four times the volume on a single weft. However, this is not to be confused; the quad weft contains nearly as much as full head set, so if you want super thick hair extensions, you may want two sets, or the Supreme Quad weft to give you nearly as much thickness as a double weft set. The quad weft is a 10inch wide hairpiece with five silicone clips that you can easily attach to your hair. Each piece weighs 85grams.

5. The Supreme Quad Weft Hair Extensions (back to index)

The Supreme Quad Weft Hair Extensions Explained

The brand new supreme quad weft from here at Cliphair offers extra volume and thickness on just a one piece set. Giving you 4x4 volume on one weft, this thick one-piece set has four wefts of hair sewn on one thick lace piece (instead of eight), making it the perfect choice for those who want more hair with less clips, and without the fuss. 

It can be used on its own as a stand alone piece to create both length and volume, suitable for all hair types apart from extremely thin hair. The supreme quad weft is 10inches wide and an incredible 120g (our lightest set is 40g, followed by our thicker 80g set in the quad weft range). It’s also available in three different lengths; 18", 20", 22".

6. The One Piece Top Up Hair Extensions (back to index)

The One Piece Top Up Hair Extensions explained

One-Piece Clip In Hair Extensions are the fastest way to extend your hair. They are usually used in addition to full head set to add extra volume. You simply attach the single 12inch wide weft and use the five attached clips to secure it. The one piece top-up is suitable for all hair types.

Ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches, all one-piece weft weight 40g.

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