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Big Hair, Big News! Introducing our Supreme Quad Weft Extensions

Supreme Quad Weft Extensions

We are excited to announce the launch of our new our brand new 120g Supreme Weft Extensions – our thickest collection yet from the One-Piece Clip In range. Offering extra volume and extra thickness on fewer clips, it’s now easier than ever to achieve gorgeous voluminous hair in an instant. We are giving you volume, thickness and length. ALL in one easy go.

Created especially for our customers who want more hair, less clips, and no fuss. Our Supreme Quad Weft is the perfect solution for anyone who wants all the thickness, body and volume in their hair without having to fiddle with too many clips.

Made up of four separate strips of hair, which are firmly sewn together onto one thick weft of hair, this ingenious hairpiece will give you the thickness of wearing eight regular hair wefts, but you have the seamless comfort of only wearing one. Think of your normal single weft of extensions and times it by four. 4x the volume and 4x the fun (and just five clips for ease and comfort).

They are just as versatile as most of your other forms of extensions and give you all that extra hair without weighing down your roots, plus they are just as discreet and undetectable as our single and double weft sets.

Wearing the Supreme Quad Weft is easy. The 10" wide piece securely clips on to your head, from ear to ear - instantly adding length and thickness for a complete hair transformation. You simply just clip in, style as you please and go! They are made of 100% Remy human hair and so you have the ability to style it however you like, giving you the voluminous locks and depth you’ve always wanted in seconds.

What makes the Supreme Quad Weft different?

The weight

Supreme Quad Weft Extensions

This makes the third addition to our quad weft range. Our lightest set is 40g, followed by our thicker 80g set, and the supreme quad weft is an incredible 120g for those who want that extra oomph.

Who is it suitable for?

The Supreme quad weft is suitable for all hair types, and easy to use for everyone, from beginners to professionals. It is, however, mostly suitable if you have thin to medium hair, or if you simply want more thickness.


Divide some rows near the back of your head and clip them from ear to ear a few centimetres away from your roots. Clip on to instantly transformation you look! Depending on how you wish to place it, application takes 1 – 7 minutes.

Supreme Quad Weft extensions now available in 11 of our most popular colours and 3 different lengths; 18", 20", 22". 

Do you have any questions or need help from our hair expert team? Reach out to us for any help and advice. And don't  forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your new extensions!

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