Winter is here – and as we prepare for a series of work Christmas parties, family gatherings, and celebration with friends and loved ones, it’s also time to find a new look. Winter is the month for cool blondes, ashy tones, dark and sultry brunettes, and enticing shades of red. This year, exploring a new shade is easier than ever – especially considering how many celebrity inspiration looks we’re getting flooded with. For the fashionista in you, the change in season can mean experimenting with something that may even be a little out of your comfort zone. Ready to explore the most fashionable colours for winter? Let’s have a look together. 

Warm Up With Fiery Red Hair Ideas

First things first, although maybe blondes and highlights might be more popular during summer and red might be more popular during autumn, there’s no such thing as “seasonal shades”. That said, there are certain types of red hair that are on the rise this season: an example? Think of the viral Cowgirl Copper hair! This velvety, stunning mix is the perfect muted dark auburn, illuminated by a touch of Flaming Ginger. Our range of Cowgirl Copper hair extensions is already selling fast – further confirming the theory that this is the red shade for the it girl this season. Not your cup of tea? Explore our range of red hair extensions and find your perfect match. 

Dark Auburn Hair

Similar to our Cowgirl Copper but with a more elegant and less spicy vibrancy, this shade is the perfect go-to hairstyle for those who love red, but with an infusion of timeless classiness. Dark auburn is the perfect hue for brunettes that would love to experiment with red without having to go through too much bleach damage, swapping vibrancy for subtleness in a striking, elegant dance of warmth. Sensational in longer hairstyles and big, bouncy blowouts, securing a set of clip in hair extensions in this shade ensures that you can add that extra oomph to your tresses whenever you’d like.

Platinum Blonde Highlights

There’s something incredibly classy about platinum blonde hair: after all, this is the iconic shade adopted by divas from the past such as Marylin Monroe. But how can you further boost something that is already winning as it is? We thought a lot about this famous shade and how we could possibly enhance it even more, and that’s when we came up with this idea: what if we added highlights to it? Crafted by mixing together Lightest Blonde, Ice Blonde, and our stunning Silver Sand shades, Platinum BlondeMe is the perfect colour for you to add an extra kick to your tresses. Do I have your attention? Come and explore our platinum blonde highlights hair extension.

Dark Brown Hair Extensions

Finding the perfect shade of brown isn’t easy – and yet, there is one shade that sticks out more than others, especially during winter. Our best-selling darkest brown hair extensions are a prime choice for brunettes who want a subtle change for the season. This sophisticated brown is as close as it gets to natural black tresses, maintaining the warmth of brown shades. Not feeling like committing to a full-head of a new shade? Then how about using darkest brown clip-ins for a sultry addition of lowlights to your hairstyle?

Simple and easy to attach, products such as seamless hair extensions are the perfect choice to get a change of head whenever you feel like it.

Dark Blonde Hair Ideas Like The Celebs

If Kim Kardashian, Keke Palmer, and Rihanna all went for a honey or dark blonde type of shade, then it must be the new hot colour for this season, right? Right. Experts are recognising the rise in trend for blonde hair, highlights, and balayages – even in the striking cold of winter! Shopping hair accessories such as our Lightest Brown hair extensions to match Rihanna’s new shade, or balayage hair extensions to add a touch of light to your mane during the coldest season of the year can be an avant-garde investment in your next best hair look. Want to know more? Check out our dedicated blog: 10 Celebrity Blonde Shades For This Winter.

Jet Black Hairstyle Ideas

Never change a winning team, am I right? Jet black is still one of the most loved hair shades ever. Easy to match when getting a fresh set of clip ins or professional hair extensions, can be paired with lots of other shades for funky highlights and pops of colour, filling and replenishing for dryer and damaged tresses, and characterised by depth, mystery, and a unique shine. What’s not to love about jet black hair extensions?

With options such as the Silver Shadow balayage and Dark Espresso Melt, black-haired beauties can enjoy adding a sun-kissed, fashionable touch to their hair without having to go through any bleach damage at all.

Silver Hair Extensions

Grey hair is IN! As seen on celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Kylie Jenner, silver hair is an all-year-round trend. Looking for the perfectly cool winter hair shade? Then look no further than silver hair extensions, to add to your already metallic mane or to pair with black or brunette tresses for a daring, dazzling highlighted effect. Perfect for slaying that “ice queen” look that everyone loves so much during the festive season!

Toffee Brown Hair

Brunette but with a toasty, spicy finish? Toffee brown is THE shade when it comes to illuminated, warm brunette hues. All the velvety richness of brown hair, brightened by a zesty touch that brings all the warmth and spice of red to a brunette without actually going red. Perfect for those who’d like to experiment a little and add character and fire to their hair without too much damage or straying too far away from their natural colour. You can never go wrong with a shade like this, especially during the season of sugar, spice, and all things nice.

Get Frosty With Ice Blonde Hair

Living la vida icy is more than a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle! Let’s be honest, the love and care that you have to put into maintaining this type of hair look is unique – and so are the final results! Committing to ice blonde hair (and adding ice blonde hair extensions) is a life-changing experience that will illuminate your features, bring out your makeup style, and generally elevate your look with sophistication, elegance, and timeless class. Quoted by many as an undying trend, this bright and frosty shade will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Bronde Hair Extravaganza

Bronde is another all-year-round hair colour that works wonders no matter the season. Our selection of bronde hair extensions appeals to many fans of this gorgeous mix of blonde and brunette, with shades such as Iced Cappuccino catering to the lovers of ashy tones, Oak Brondie for the warm-haired bronde babes, and Hazelnut brondie for those who enjoy mixed shades with a toffee-like, warm, and light flavour. Bronde is the perfect shade for those who enjoy the best of both worlds, with brown root-drags, blonde highlights on a brunette base, or lots of lowlights on a naturally blonde canvas. No matter what your bronde is, you can find it in our collection mixed shade hair extensions


Found the perfect shade for the new year? Get your Remy hair extensions today and adopt a new look for the festive season. Let everyone go “wowza!” when admiring your fresh new hairstyle!

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