You may have found yourself aweing at some new hair colours for the colder season, and I know – blonde is usually super trendy and recommended during summer, but who knew that these celebrities would turn the tables of sun-kissed hair, making it the hottest hair idea for this winter? Following the footsteps of celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Keke Palmer, and more… Here’s some blonde hair ideas for Christmas.

Ashy & Rich – Kim Kardashian Ash Blonde Hair

Kim K isn’t new to hair changes – after all, her platinum hair extensions moments have set quite the hair goal for lots of girlies out there not too long ago. And yet, her strikingly gorgeous new hairstyle is nothing short of viral. Goodbye cowgirl copper – hello, ash blonde! Kimmie’s extra-long tresses, in her signature glass hair trend (pssst: you can read more about it in our dedicated blog – Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It) are now dyed in a stunning dark ash blonde hairstyle. Looking for a similar vibe? Then look no further than our Iced Cappuccino hair extensions collection for your next salon appointment!

Chrissy Teigen Blonde Hair

Chrissy’s devotion to blonde tones is admirable – whether it’s gorgeous balayages, trendy ombre hair, highlights, or even a full-head bleach job, she knows her colours and always rocks whatever blonde (or bronde) she goes for.

Whilst the look is absolutely adorable on her, some are speculating this might be yet another wig for some of her work duties. Either way, the shade is super trendy, youthful, and playful – just the right thing some of us would love to experiment with around the festive season…

We’ve matched Chrissy’s new hairstyle to our Lightest blonde hair extensions – the perfect vibe for a Hollywood-like Christmas makeover!

Rihanna With Dark Blonde Hair

Although Riri’s been hinting at a move towards lighter hair around A$AP Rocky’s birthday, when she was spotted wearing her freshly-highlighted hair in a trendy messy updo, this gorgeous light-brown-almost-blonde look is something else. The vibe I’m getting? Absolute late 90s / early 00s craze, with stunning lightest brown long, silky-smooth tresses running down almost to her waist. Not to mention the layering work… Supreme!

If you’re going for a Y2K-themed hair transformation, then this look is certainly for you. Pairing Remy hair extensions to go full-in? Then explore our Lightest Brown hair extensions collection.

Keke Palmer Caramel Bronze Hairstyle

A little black dress and a fresh, stunning balayage job? Yes, please. Not everyone likes to dip into more winter-y shades such as platinum blonde, dark brown, or even jet black during the colder season. If anything, Keke’s the living proof that a sun-kissed balayage can (and will) be trendy and relevant all-year-round, when done properly! This gorgeously bronzed shade works wonders with her undertone and perfectly compliments her complexion. What’s not to love? If you’d like to make this look yours, explore our balayage hair extensions section. And if you’re looking for something that goes as close as this particular shade as it can, then have a look at our soft bronze balayage extensions collection!

More Blonde Inspiration From The Past…

After the red wave we’ve experienced recently – you can read more about it in my previous blog: The Boom Of Celebrities With Red Hair And Why I Love It – it’s safe to say that blonde hair is rapidly taking over in the dream factory. Whether it’s singers, artists, performers, actors, or models that we’re talking about, there is something about the unique allure of blonde tresses that is quickly spreading among the A-listers. Here’s some more blonde hair transformations from the past, to inspire your new hairstyle ideas for winter…

Kourtney Kardashian Platinum Blonde Hair

When it comes to trend-setting and flawless hairstyles, the Kardashian-Jenner clan knows no rivals. With her ice blonde bob, Kourtney’s look broke the internet earlier this year. The businesswoman and Poosh founder, who recently welcomed her first son with husband Travis Barker, has then ditched the cool tones in her hair to go back to her original natural black hair. If you’d like to try these looks for yourself, explore our ice blonde hair extensions today!

Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair

I’m personally a HUGE fan of this shade! Sultry, romantic, and supercharged with just the right amount of spice – strawberry blonde hair extensions are the perfect tool to complete this look and achieve the perfect curly blowouts as seen on Blake Lively!

Although the Met Gala fairy godmother is always switching things around by experimenting with different types of blonde, including gorgeous honey tresses, this look is certainly one of her most memorable hairstyles.

Margot Robbie Barbie Hairstyle

How could we not mention the blonde of 2023? Barbie blonde hair extensions have had their unique moment this year, and we just know we owe it to the release of the Barbie movie. Margot Robbie’s performance as the world’s most famous doll has brought countless smiles and tears on everyone’s face in theatres this past summer – and hundreds of thousands of people have experimented and recreated some of Barbie’s most iconic hairstyles.

Beyonce Bronde Hair

Bronde hair is one of the biggest trends in autumn, as people try to slowly detach from the more highlighted, brighter hair shades of summer – leaning towards colours that start to match the hues of falling leaves. Together with other similar balayage hair extensions, shades such as “Hazelnut Brondie” and “Chestnut Bronde” tend to gain popularity among the fans of Beyonce and her stunning tresses. So go off, if you’d like to experiment with some of these colour, find your perfect match among our mixed shade hair extensions.

Gigi Hadid Dirty Blonde 

Gigi isn’t new to fabulous hair changes, and just like her trend-setting sister Bella, she’s raised the bar for many of us out there when it comes to editorial hairstyles and gorgeous wavy hairstyle ideas. Her dirty blonde hair, a youthful and almost punk-ish look, has to be one of my favourite hair changes when it comes to runway looks. You can enhance this look by getting smokey lowlights in your natural blonde hair, or why not? Add dirty blonde hair extensions to your look for a damage-free hair makeover.

Kylie Jenner Silver Hair

Not exactly a natural blonde shade, but what’s not to love about these cool, ashy platinum blonde? Kylie’s silvery mix of bleached tresses was too good not to mention in this list! She committed to a full head of silver grey hair too, but this mixed colour has something retro and rebelliously editorial to it. You can play around and recreate this look with your hairstylist for a fashionable touch this winter – and then add silver sand hair extensions for the ultimate bounce, thickness, and dimension in your tresses.


Is blonde hair back? Has it ever really left the scene? These stunning blonde hairstyle ideas will keep you looking fabulous throughout the colder season.

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