Many thought the red hair trend had died out years ago, and yet history repeats itself. That much we know. It started off slowly, keeping it quiet. Gigi Hadid was one of the pioneers in 2021, and shortly after her sister Bella played around with red wigs too - but without committing to red dye. Then, Dua Lipa went bright auburn as she became the new face for Versace, and that’s how I knew something about red hair was about to happen.

1. Celebrities’ Red Hair In 2022 (back to index)

Doja Cat

Before going for her big shave, Doja Cat sported bright red hair at the beginning of 2022. Throughout her career, the singer and performer inspired a generation of hairstyles, and heavily contributed to the return of popular Y2K hairstyles. Want to know more? Then check out our Doja Cat hairstyles guide.

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Sophie Turner

Former Queen In The North Sophie Turner looks so good in red that it’s hard to remember that she is, in fact, a natural blonde. It looks like - although she went back to her natural colour after Game Of Thrones wrapped up in 2019 - the fiery tresses of Sansa Stark grew on Sophie, so much that she decided to go back to red hair - this time in a rich, deep burgundy shade.

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After Barbie Ferreira, Zendaya is the second member of the Euphoria cast that chose to go red recently. As of March 2022, her hair has a subtle touch of warm, dark plum red that perfectly blends in with her natural hair colour. Check out this and more hairstyles on our Zendaya hairstyles guide.

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Kendall Jenner

It’s hard to think of Kendall changing her hair colour, but her coppery transformation has been the talk of the town for quite a while. Love it or hate it, she did rock it for a while - only to go back to her naturally dark shade and pretend nothing happened. I remember, Kendall!

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Sydney Sweeney

Although she did appear in numerous other shows before Euphoria, Sydney’s performance as Cassie in the HBO series made her fame skyrocket - and it’s easy to see why. Despite her character being a blonde, Sydney dropped the barbie hairstyle for a blushy, gorgeous strawberry blonde shade. Feeling inspired by her transformation? Check out our range of strawberry blonde hair extensions.

Kaia Gerber

Being the model daughter of a supermodel icon like Cindy Crawford is a huge responsibility. Your fashion choices can and will influence thousands of people out there… Thankfully, Kaia never misses - and her choice to go copper right before the pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles is to be applauded.

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Lourdes Leon

And it’s at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party that we see another daughter of art in action: Lourdes Leon, daughter to superstar Madonna, sporting bright mahogany tresses and silver claws. Parted in the middle, long and sleek: if you’re thinking of copying her look, get your Cliphair Remy hair extensions in shade Deep Red Hair Extensions.

2. Thinking Of Going Red? (back to index)

If you’re feeling inspired by these (and many more) celebrities that decided to adopt scarlet tresses as their signature look, keep in mind that there are a few things to consider before booking your appointment at the salon. First things first, which shade of red would go best with your skin undertone? Find your perfect shade with our guide: How To Choose A New Hair Colour.

Then, make sure you read our guide: 10 Things To Consider Before Going Red. From how to top up your fading colour to wardrobe essentials to match your new aesthetic, you’ll soon enough find out that being a redhead isn’t just a fashion statement - but a true lifestyle.

Last but not least, make sure you check out our list: 20 Essentials To Be The Ultimate Gorgeous Ginger to ensure you have what it takes to make the most of your new hairstyle.

Red is an awesome colour, rich in depth and texture, capable of taking your whole aesthetic to a whole new level. Whether you've already been seduced by this hair colour in the past or you're a newbie to magnetism of red hair, rest assured that this shade won't go unnoticed.

3. Conclusion: (back to index)

From the romantic and subtle Strawberry Blonde to spicy mixed shades such as Cinnamon Swirl to brighter, natural shades such as Light Auburn, Dark Auburn and the punchy brightness of Flaming Ginger: red is taking over the world, starting from the Hollywood showbiz. Feel like hopping on the red train?

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