Looking for ways to keep your red hair from fading? If you recently decided to hop on the redhead train, then you may have already encountered the main problem of having scarlet tresses: the colour washes out so easily! If you want to prevent your shower from looking like a crime scene and want your red hair to stay as bright as it can for a longer period of time, don’t worry: there are a few tips and tricks that you can try to stop the fade. Ready to roll? Let’s find out the secrets to a vivid, long-lasting, bright red mane!

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Immediately (back to index)

After leaving the salon, your hair is not only bright red - it should also feel nice and clean, lightweight and fresh. Try to sort out your schedule so that your freshly coloured hair will look at its best in terms of cleanliness for any important appointment or date night - you might need to resort to a ponytail for your second or third day hair. Why? Well, in order to preserve the brightness of your new red hair, it’s advisable not to wash it for a couple of days after dyeing it!

If you need to resort to a ponytail for when your hair is not exactly freshly washed, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to look like a greasy mess. Sleek, high, extra-long ponytails are all the rage! Not your style? Perhaps you might be interested in the flipped-out mini ponytail, as seen on supermodel Bella Hadid. Whatever your style, check out our range of ponytail hair extensions to help you look fabulous even when skipping a washing day.

2. Use Red Dry Shampoo (back to index)

If you’d like to wear your hair down for an extra day before going for a ponytail, ditch your regular dry shampoo and adopt a tinted one. I have talked more in detail about the best dry shampoos out there before, but if you are new to them check out our guide: how to use dry shampoo. Red dry shampoo in particular can not only make your hair feel lightweight and clean for an extra day, but it can also revive your colour and can be used to hide roots in between your salon appointments. Thank me later.

3. How To Keep Red Hair From Fading? Cold Washes! (back to index)

The number one ally for your recently dyed tresses is cold water. I know, I know: it’s not the most pleasant experience, but it will help keep your cuticles in place, so that the pigment of your hair dye won’t wash out that easily. Lukewarm water during your washing day goes a long way; you can keep cold water for the last quick rinse before hopping out of the shower.

4. Use Red Hair Conditioner (back to index)

You shouldn’t wash your hair too often in order to maintain your pigmentation vibrant and vivid, however, make sure you use the right products when you do. Red hair conditioner and red hair mask are two awesome products to include in your new redhead hair care routine. Red hair conditioner can be used at every wash - it will slightly top up your hair colour - whilst you should keep deep conditioning to once or twice a week max. There are other products that have been designed specifically for red hair, such as red hair shampoo. You can read more about these products and find other red hair tips on our blog about things to consider before going red.

5. Heatless Styling Techniques Will Save Your Red Hair (back to index)

Heat is an enemy to red hair - flat irons and curling wands will make your scarlet tresses go dull pretty quickly. If you really have to resort to these types of tools to style your hair (I cannot stop you from a silky glass-hair day after all), make sure you always, always religiously apply heat protectant spray to your tresses. Need to stock up? Get your Cliphair heat protectant spray - designed to work wonders on both natural hair and Remy hair extensions.

If you love getting those nice and bouncy curls every now and then, you can always try some heatless styling techniques. Check out our blog about how to use Velcro rollers to find out how to get curly hair without a curling iron.

6. Protect Your Hair From The Sun (back to index)

This is a no brainer - realistically speaking, you should always protect your skin (including your scalp!) from the sun, even when it’s not as scorchingly obvious as it is during a summer holiday in Greece. That said, hair products containing SPF are also useful to keep your colour-treated hair from fading. During the colder seasons, beanies and berets are also a useful way to shelter you from nasty UV rays whilst keeping you fashionable.

7. Avoid The Swimming Pool (back to index)

Well I say this, but if you’re a seasoned swimmer you may want to hit the pool every once in a while and I don’t blame you. Your red hair, however, might not be too happy with your choice. Chlorine is an enemy to coloured tresses, and the brightness of your red hair may be in danger if exposed to this agent for an extended period of time. If you can’t avoid the swimming pool, use a swimming cap to protect your hair. Don’t wear your hair extensions in the swimming pool when possible, and bring your red hair conditioner with you.

8. Visit Your Salon Every 5 Or 6 Weeks (back to index)

Last but not least, although there are a few things that you can do to prevent your red hair from fading, there’s something even worse than faded red hair: roots! Roots can be disguised in a fashionable manner - find out how on our blog: How To Hide Your Roots And Make It Hot! - but try not to skip your salon appointment. Book a refresher for your red tresses every five or six weeks to make sure your colour is always on point!

9. Conclusion (back to index)

Red hair can help you to make a bold statement, and you can make the most of your it and stop it from fading with these tricks and tips to keep your redness alive! And for an even more enhanced look, explore our red hair extensions within our range - the most inclusive on the market, with 9 shades available. Be a redhead. Be you!

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