When reading about hair extensions, you probably have seen the word “weft” quite often – but what is a weft?In today’s blog, we’re going to explain the term “weft” and what it means in the hair extensions jargon – breaking down the difference between a generic weft, a weave weft, and the uses of the latter, including: how many types of weave weft are there? And most importantly: what can you do with weft hair extensions?

Super-popular and sought-after, weave weft hair extensions are a great way to obtain a full makeover that lasts long and can be mixed with other types of hair extensions. But aren’t all Remy hair extensions made of wefts? Let’s find out together.

What is a Weft?

A hair weft, technically speaking, is an ensemble of single hair strands, collected and sewn together onto a thin strip of lace, or attached to a silicone seam, or again – the adhesive tab of a tape in hair extensions piece. This means that most human hair extensions are made of wefts – clip in hair extensions, tapes, seamless hair extensions, and weave wefts. We don’t usually call our nano ring hair extensions strands “wefts”, as they are very small (weighing only 1 gram each!), and the same goes for their silicone cousins, the nano bond extensions

Types of Weft Hair Extensions Explained

At Cliphair, we have different types of clip ins that are made of one or more hair wefts. For example, the self-explaining double weft hair extensions are made of two wefts sewn in one, providing some extra “oomph” factor that boosts your hair’s volume in a discreet and natural way.

Our classic full-head, instead, has pieces made of a single weft sewn onto lace – for a super-discreet finish. The same goes for our champion of luxury when talking clip ins: the seamless hair extensions collection. Seamless extensions use a silicone seam that is thin yet sturdy, laying flat against the scalp for ultimate discretion whilst giving your hair a plump kick. Seamless hair extensions are also made of a different quality type of hair, also known as double drawn. Double drawn hair is AAAAA grade hair that – compared to the regular AAA grade tresses we also provide – lasts longer, looks fuller towards the ends, and has a glossier finish.

Those looking to add the ultimate glamour to their hair with unmatched volume and bounce could instead be interested in our Ultra Volume hair extensions collection, whose pieces are obtained by sewing together THREE hair wefts together – coming in a nifty clip-in set.

Last but not least, products such as the Quad Weft hair extensions and Supreme Quad Weft hair extensions are made of a one-piece, longer weft that runs from ear to ear.

Why Choose a Weft Extension?

More commonly, unless discussing details of a certain type of hair extensions, people refer to weave wefts as “hair wefts”. So, why would one choose weft hair extensions over a set of clip ins, or a full-head of tapes for example?

There are many reasons. For people with a certain hair type, a sew-in weave weft ensures an even coverage of natural hair to provide a hairstyle that doesn’t match the natural hair pattern of the wearer. For some others, it’s a quick and easy way to adopt an entirely different hair colour without dyeing their hair completely. In general, weaves offer a thicker, more voluminous makeover that lasts long and can be fitted relatively quickly. Those who have naturally thick hair know that sitting down for single-strand hair extensions applications can take hours and hours…!

The Beauty of Human Hair Wefts:

Some people are confused as to why people choose to wear human hair wefts when there are so many cheaper synthetic options out there. Truth be told, it’s true – synthetic hair extensions can be an okay option for those that would love to get a makeover but are on a strict budget – but the beauty and versatility of human hair wefts are unmatched.

100% Remy human hair is cuticle-aligned for maximum performance, with a finish that looks as natural as it can (it’s human hair, after all!), and can be styled however you prefer with an enhanced hold. Curl it, braid it, straighten it, flip it, wave it… A human hair weft is the perfect match for a bold, glamorous, and all-natural hairdo – no matter what your style is!

Cliphair weave wefts are all made of 100% Remy human hair, double drawn for a fuller, healthier-looking finish.

How to Care for Your Weft Hair Extensions

Weave weft hair extensions’ after care isn’t different from any other type of human hair extensions: the tips and tricks to maintaining it looking shiny, healthy, and manageable are quite easy. Remember to always use heat protection spray before styling with any heat-based tools; wash your hair extensions with alcohol-free products to avoid drying them out prematurely; and last but not least, make sure to use a protective hairstyle when going to bed. Always dry your hair and extensions thoroughly before sleeping to avoid any smell or mould from forming around your hair extensions weft, et voila! You’ll have the perfect hair transformation that will last you months. Explore our weft hair extensions collection today!

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