Beauty influencers and hair enthusiasts on social medias make it look so easy – buy your hair extensions, pop them on and go. I mean, in some cases, like when wearing clip-in hair extensions, they’re not so wrong. They are the easiest type of extensions, after all. But whether you’re going for clip-ins, tape-ins or a more permanent solution, as a newbie in the hair extensions world it’s pretty easy to slip in common rookie mistakes and ruin your new hair.

Which is, let’s be honest, something you want to avoid at all costs – especially since real human hair extensions are a pricey, long term investment. So, let’s go and have a look at the most common hair extensions mistakes.

Washing Your Hair Too Soon With Tape-Ins

When opting for tape-in hair extensions, it’s very important to research if they are the right solution for you. Surely, they are to be considered the hair extensions that will damage your natural hair the least – they are gentle on your roots, distributing their weights on big sections, and if removed correctly they leave no residues on your hair (unlike the glued-on options). Tape hair extensions have a very specific list of do’s and don’ts, but if after all your research you still believe they are the right hair extension for you, then be advised to apply your tape-ins on clean hair and postpone your wash day. Any knowledgeable hairdresser will tell you to wait a full 72 hours after application so that it gives the bond on the adhesive plenty of time to set, however if you can leave it longer than 3 days, that's even better.

Aggressive Brushing

I mean, this one’s a given. You shouldn’t do this to your actual hair, that receive nutrition from your scalp every day – so you can only imagine how mechanical stress can damage hair that isn’t attached to your scalp. Being too rough with your hair extensions, regardless of what kind of hair extensions you’re wearing, will always be detrimental to their lifespan, shine and texture. You didn’t spend a fortune on hair extensions just to have them dry out and matted after a month or so, did you?

Aggressive brushing will make your hair extensions shed quickly, making you lose volume and affecting the way your natural hair blends in with them.

Attaching Your Clip-in Hair Extensions Too High On Your Head

This is a very common and easy mistake to make because naturally you're going to think to place the clips on your clip in hair extensions right at the root, up high on your crown and all around your head on the same level. In reality, this is not the correct way to apply your clip in hair extensions! Ideally, you shouldn’t apply your hair extensions any higher than your eyebrows level – and always leave about half an inch between your scalp and the clip-in, to prevent your hair from being pulled on too tightly - and also for more grip for your clips.

Leaving Short Hair All Out

The reason why you bought hair extensions is, in most cases, to add length on top of volume. But obviously, you don’t want to make it obvious! If your hair is quite short, you will have to work extra hard on blending your hair extensions in! Especially in the back of your head, it’s pretty common to leave all of your shorter hair out. This will make your hair extensions visible, especially when pulling your longer hair on the front. Make sure your short hair and hair extensions blend in everywhere on your head, using the shorter ones to act as “layers” to a naturally long hairstyle.

Choosing The Cheaper Option

Prices doesn’t always equal quality, and I completely agree. But whilst we can all easily compromise on, say, discounted out of season clothing or end-of-day cheaper pastries, anything that goes on your hair and skin – from make-up, skin care and hair extensions – shouldn’t be bought at first sight without doing proper research first. Sometimes, cheaper hair extensions come cheaper for a reason: the quality might be poor, and the material synthetic. This is something you want to avoid as the difference between them and your natural hair would be extremely visible. Make sure you read customer reviews and see the product on people of every background, not only influencers and/or celebrities. When viewing products on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media, pay attention to any possible filter used – as they can alter the quality of an image/video and the colour’s appearance.

Using Incorrect Aftercare Products On Your Hair Extensions

As mentioned previously, hair extensions are not (obviously) connected to your scalp – therefore they don’t receive any type of nourishment from it. Keeping them clean, correctly brushed and stored, and applying the right products on them (from styling to moisture) is essential. Remember: as they are made of human hair, they are prone to damage same as your natural hair (if not more). Hair dye, mechanical stress and heat damage will affect your hair extensions – not mentioning every day’s exposure to pollution and more.
When washing your hair extensions it is imperative to use a hair extension specific shampoo and conditioner; for everything styling it’s always recommended to use a moisturising spray and heat protector in order to avoid dry and split ends.

Not Creating A Hair Maintenance Routine

If you don’t have a hair care routine, this is already bad – you should treat your hair with love and care for them to thrive and grow long, thick and luscious! And if you decided to invest in hair extensions – no matter what type – then it’s extremely important you start building a routine around them to maintain them at their best state for the longest amount of time possible. Not only there is such thing as washing your hair extensions too much (once a month should be enough for most extensions), another mistake is not washing and caring for them enough. Just like the hair on your head, you need to take care of your extensions. To prevent knots, you will need to carefully brush out your hair extensions with a special detangling hairbrush. To maintain your hair extensions for long-term use, you will need to have regular appointments at the salon. Make sure to ask of an expert in hair extensions!

Wearing Too Many Extensions

Though I am too a huge fan of big blowouts and voluptuous hairdo’s, adding in too many extensions to achieve volume is not the way to do it. Adding an excessive amount of hair extensions will result in a slew of problems: I’m talking excessive build-up on your scalp over time, itchy scalp, natural hair being pulled out at the root (and consequently, potential bald patches). None of these reasons is why you decided to invest in hair extensions, right?
More so, that’s more hair that you need to take care of and treat. Besides the pain and maintenance, adding in too many hair extensions will cost you more money than you need to spend.

Sleeping With Your Clip-In Hair Extensions On

Whilst I do understand that unexpected nights out happen, always remember to take out your clip-in hair extensions and store them safely before going to bed. You know how a bedhead doesn’t do any kind of justice to your natural hair? Exactly. The last thing you want is to wake up to a nest of knotty hair extensions after a party weekend.

Choosing The Wrong Length

Yes, I know, it sounds ironic. But let’s be real: if your natural hair is barely shoulder length and you opt for 26” hair extensions, how are they going to blend in with your natural lengths? Keep things real, and work your volume up over time. Also, keep in mind that any hair extensions professional will always suggest to cut and layer your hair extensions to achieve a face-framing cut that you can easily style at home to blend them in with your natural hair.


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