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Angelina Jolie Hair Extensions Nightmare


Angelina Jolie Hair Extensions Nightmare

The oops of all oops moments. Hair extensions are a regular addition to any red carpet; usually blended flawlessly to create impossibly voluminous styles. It seems Angelina Jolie’s hairstylist didn’t get the memo. Here’s the oops moment of the year that’s sent face-palms smacking across the global hair extension industry.

The Location: The Eternals premiere at the Rome Film Festival. The Subject: Angelina Jolie. The Crime: hair extensions so poorly blended they would make Brad Pitt file for divorce. 

Angelina emerged from her car looking drop dead gorgeous in a silver metal mesh Atelier Versace gown. With a face to make angels weep, a body to make any fitness influencer green with envy, and hair to… make us cover our eyes in horror?!

Yes, Angelina Jolie's hair extensions were painfully visible. And not for the right reasons. Fans were quick to point out that the clip-ins hadn’t been blended with her natural hair, creating a choppy, uneven line that left hairstylists worldwide scratching their heads in disbelief. 

So, what went wrong? It seems not enough extensions were installed to compensate for Angelina’s naturally thick hair. Additionally, the placement was far too low. Applying hair extensions requires a careful process of building up the hair to avoid a demarcation line, a prime example of which is exhibited here by poor Angelina.

Fans quickly took to social media to comment on the extension error. “Now, I’m no hairdresser but whoever did Angelina Jolie’s hair extensions did it wrong and/or drunk,” one person tweeted, while another simply quipped, “somebody’s getting fired.”

To avoid mistakes like these, we suggest brushing up on how to blend hair extensions to ensure a seamless transformation. And don’t worry Angelina, it could happen to the best of us!

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