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How to Wear Clip In Hair Extensions – Q&A Session 3

How to Wear Clip In Hair Extensions – Q&A Session 3

Hey! We’re back with more answers to your questions about wearing hair extensions. This time we’re getting into the detail about wearing clip in extensions with fine hair and short hair as well as finding out the best way to protect your extensions during heat styling. Missed our previous blog post? Our Q&As about how long you can wear your clip in extensions is here.

Ready to ditch the confusion? Let’s go!

What are Clip In Hair Extensions?

what are clip in hair extensions


Clip in extensions are hair extensions you attach to your natural hair using clips. They’re semi-permanent so you need to take them out when you go to bed, shower, bathe or swim. The joy of clip in extensions is the way you can change your look so easily. Bouncy pony one day, mermaid hair the next!

Clip in extensions are hair extensions that you attach to your natural hair using clips. They’re classified as semi-permanent extensions because you need to take them off at the end of the day and cannot wear them permanently. If you want to wear your extensions all the time, then consider tape in extensions or extensions that are attached using micro rings or keratin bonds.

Clip in hair extensions vary a lot with a wide range of products that differ from brand to brand. You can get a range of sizes, lengths, and weight to name just a few of the differences.

Cliphair clip in extensions come in 10 different formats all of which come in a wide variety of lengths and colours. You can choose from full headsets, double wefts, curly, wavy, streaks, one-piece, quad wefts, fringe, DIY sets, and ponytails. Wow!

How many extensions do I need for a full head? 


human hair extensions


The amount of hair extensions you need varies depending on the look you want to achieve and how thick or fine your natural hair is. 100g is a good starting place, although you may need more if your hair is very fine or very thick.

How many pieces of extensions do I need? How much weight do I need? How many packs of extensions do I need? All these questions are common, and honestly, can easily be very confusing. A standard answer is that you will need 100g, but this depends on your own hair and how much volume you want in your finished look.  If you’re going for permanent hair extensions, it’s best to consult your extensions specialist to get their recommendation. If you have fine hair then you may need more extensions – perhaps up to 200g, depending on the look you want to create. If you have thick hair, you may need some extra extensions and should probably be looking at upwards of 120g of extensions.

When it comes to clip-ins, you can be a bit more flexible. We have a wide range of products depending on how you want to wear your extensions and what sort of look you want to create. A full head set will give you natural-looking volume while our double-wefted set will give you a more glamorous look. One piece extensions are great at quickly fixing your look and our quad wefts are a brilliant way of adding extra volume and length.

If you want to find out which product will suit you best, you can email us at advice@cliphair.co.uk, telling us about your hair, your hair type, the look you want, and what type of product you’re after as well as a few pictures, and our experts will help you find the perfect hair extensions.


How long should your hair be for extensions? 


Clip in hair extensions works best in hair that’s at least 4 inches long. Any shorter and you’ll struggle to hide the joins to your natural hair. It’s not impossible to look good though – some people do manage to make clip in extensions work with shorter hair, you just need lots of practice.

Let’s face it, hair extensions are there to help us get the long hair we crave, even if our own hair is short. But you might be surprised to hear that your own hair needs to be long enough for you to clip the extensions into your hair and needs to be able to hide the clips. After all, who wants other people to be able to see where their clips are fitted? For the most undetectable results, your hair should be between 4 to 6 inches long. But, it’s not all bad news. There are plenty of people who expertly use clip ins with shorter hair (even pixie cuts!) with incredible results. So honestly, the final results depend a lot on how well you fit your clip in extensions. Our advice? Learn from the experts (this video is a great place to start) and practice, practice, practice!

Do extensions work on thin hair?

Hair extensions will absolutely work on fine hair, it’s just a case of choosing the right sort of extensions to suit your natural hair type.

The most important part of choosing your perfect extensions is knowing your own hair type because this tells you which extensions will work best for you. If you have fine hair it can be tempting to max out on volume with a very thick set of extensions. Problem is, you’ll just end up with messy looking extensions that don’t blend in and cause headaches and hair breakage. Not a good look!

Your ideal set of extensions will blend in effortlessly and give you extra volume without straining your hair and scalp. Our beautiful clip in full head set extensions looks incredibly natural on fine-haired girls. And for those who want to oomph up their hair a bit more, our one-piece or regular quad wefts work a treat.


Do clip in hair extensions fall out?

Clip in extensions will stay put so long as you put them in properly. If you apply them to very fine or slightly greasy hair you might find they slip a little. Some gentle backcombing at the roots will give the clips more to grip onto and keep those extensions in place.

Clip in extensions shouldn’t fall out or slip easily. The clips are designed with a comb end that holds onto the hair and keeps your lovely locks in place. But there are two things that can cause the clips to slip a little. Number one – extensions that have not been put in correctly. This is easy to deal with. Just remove them and reapply. Check out some of our YouTube videos for extra tips. Secondly, hair that’s very fine or a little bit greasy can struggle to “hold on” to clip in extensions. To deal with this, you can gently tease the hair at the roots before clipping in the extensions. Or try spraying a tiny bit of hairspray onto your clips directly before clipping them and heading off for a wonderful hair day!

Can you style/ use heating tools on your clip in extensions?

So long as your extensions are made with human hair you can certainly use heated tools on your clip in extensions! Just make sure you keep the heat under control and use a heat protection spray.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have perfectly styled hair, which is why human hair extensions are perfect – you can style them, straighten or curl them however you want – it’s up to you! But too much heat styling can really make your hair suffer! Avoid that fried hair look – it’s good on no-one – by taking care of your locks and extensions… get heat protection savvy!

There are just two basic rules. Keep the temperature in check and use a heat protection treatment.

The heat is on! If you’ve got fine hair, keep the temperature at its lowest setting and if you’ve got thick hair then limit the temperature to medium. Yes – I know it’s frustrating, especially in the mornings, but girl, good hair is worth the wait. Keep the temperature down and keep moving the styler. If your hair isn’t quite right, don’t blast it with heat – move onto the other side them come back a few minutes later to sort it out. I normally recommend going over with the straightener once, then going back for a quick straighten after a few minutes. This stops you from overheating your hair but still gives you the look you want.

Heat protection. Using a heat protection treatment that’s specifically designed for hair extensions is your best route. That’s because extensions have different needs to your natural hair. Cliphair heat protection spray is specifically designed to keep hair extensions looking at their silky best. Just spritz it on before styling!

You can also add thickness and weight to your hair almost instantly with One Piece Hair Extensions, these can be used as volumisers and range from 40g Top Ups, 80g Quad Wefts and 120g Supreme Quad Wefts.

Want to know more about the heat tools and how to use them on your extensions? Perhaps you just want simple hacks? Then email us at advice@cliphair.co.uk with your questions, we’ll feature you and your questions in our email series.


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