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Everything you need to know about Balayage

Everything you need to know about Balayage
Authored By Customer Service

Balayage is amazing for looking natural and easy to grow out. It looks great with every colour and every hair type, is it any wonder that everyone from Ariana Grande to Gisele Bundchen. How much do you actually know about it? Most of us don’t actually know everything they need to to get the best balayage look and keep it looking the best for as long as possible. I made it my mission to clarify everything you need to know about balayage so keep on reading.


What is Balayage?



Balayage is the hottest hair dying trend of a couple of years and is actually a French word meaning to paint. It started in the ’70s but it is more and more popular now. Balayage effect gives a natural looking tansition of your hair. There are different light and dark shades so you have a natural sun-kissed look that is as unique as you are. Say goodbye to stripy streaks that we suffered with as teenagers. Those pictures can never be fixed.


What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage

This is a question I hear quite a lot. What is the difference between ombre an balayage? There are some similarities. They both involve dying your hair and their colour builds at the end of your hair. So, what’s the difference? Ombre starts getting lighter half way down and turns to a solid colour at the ends. It will be noticeably coloured and intensify quite quickly. This is a really cool look but there is no way you can claim that this is natural lightning. Balayage is much more subtle and there is no clear start to where the dyed area starts, unlike an ombre look. There is not fully coloured at the end, there is a mixture of light and dark all the way to the end to keep it looking naturally sun-kissed.


How much maintenance does a balayage look take?



The initial investment into a balayage look but it is much easier to look after on term. There are no obvious lines where the dye begins so you can go longer between sessions to the hairdresser. On the flip side, if you want quite a built up colour, it is likely that you will need about 3 sessions to build up the colour. This is actually a really good thing because your hair will not be as damaged. Toner is the best way to refresh the colour then you can leave your sessions between the salon for up to 3 months. Just remember that the ends of your hair will have the most hair dye and sun exposure so if you want to keep your hair nice regularly apply a treatment to your locks and add the serum to the ends to keep it moisturised.


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