Beautiful balayage has taken the world of hair by a sunkissed storm, and it is here to stay. A mellow, radiant canvas brushed with subtle strokes of light, a balayage hair treatment will leave your locks glowing with pleasure. Its main selling points - notably natural, undamaged locks that exude a basking-in-the-sun-off-the-Amalfi-coast vibe – have cemented it as a year-round favourite.

One of the most popular options for 2023 seems to favour medium-brunette tones for an edgier yet incredibly elegant finish that you can replenish and boost with volume with hair extensions for the ultimate celebrity feeling. An example? Chestnut bronde hair extensions that play with warmth and golden tones for a trendy, gorgeous hairstyle that looks (and feels) expensive. Once you’ve achieved these luminous locks though, how should you style your hair?

Read on for our definitive list of balayage haircut ideas, guaranteed to accentuate your warm tones and transport you to a week in the tropics, whatever the season!

1. Balayage Lob And Balayage Bob Hair (back to index)

Short hair, don’t care! When you think of balayage you may envision long, flowing locks dipped in sun light. News flash. Short balayage hairstyles are having a moment. Balayage works especially well on lobs, especially if texture is involved. To maximise the impact of a balayage lob, tactically place highlights around the face to accentuate your best features and brighten up your complexion. Hair styling is also a must! Style your balayage lob with curls or waves, any texture will maximise the impact of those glowing highlights and add a spring to your step as well as your hair!

If your skin undertone leans towards cool shades rather than warm, favour tones such as caramel, honey and even strawberry blonde to bring light and warmth to your face. Find out your best colour combinations and how to find out your undertone on our dedicated blog: How To Choose A New Hair Colour?

2. Balayage Curly Hair Ideas (back to index)

If we’re talking about texture, how could we not mention curls. Balayage lends itself extremely nicely to girls with a natural bounce to their hair; whether its tight coils or loose ringlets, the curly balayage effect is extremely natural as any and all seams stay miraculously hidden in the curls, bringing your haircut to life with new light and brightness.

We especially adore the appearance of darker hair with light highlights, which you can also easily achieve in a damage-free way with the aid of balayage hair extensions.

3. Balayage With Curtain Bangs (back to index)

Want shaggy, effortless layers that hit the sun when you go outside? Tmeless trending curtain bangs look extr-stunning with balayage highlights, serving as a a natural brightening frame for your face. If you’re looking for low maintenance, opt for balayage with curtain bangs and say goodbye to monthly root touch-ups. The beauty of curtain bangs is universally flattering, working on any face shape. What's not to love? If you don't feel like cutting your own bangs yet, you can always opt for clip in bangs - to switch things up for any occasion.

4. Balayage Wavy Hair (back to index)

How on earth could we talk about balayage hairstyles without mentioning wavy hair? Balayage wavy hair is THE staple look for all seasons, and there’s good reason why. The long, tumbling waves are just perfect for sun kissed highlights, and the rippling effect achieved with flowing locks only exaggerates the glow. This long balayage hairstyle works wonderfully with a range of base hair colours and highlights. If you’re looking to achieve amplified volume and length, there are a range of balayage hair extensions that will blend into your natural locks or compliment your natural balayage hair.

5. Balayage With Fringe (back to index)

Why not try balayage with a full front fringe? The blunt front fringe with balayage highlighted tips works especially well with darker hair, blending it nicely with the sharp edge of the haircut and adding body and movement thanks to the gentle strokes of light that characterised an expertly-done balayage. Add some light waves to this look with a curling iron to achieve maximum contrast between your fringe and locks; to top it off, boost the curls and replenish your ends by adding matching clip in hair extensions, for those days when you need volume and thickness in your blowout. This look works best for those with oval faces and thicker hair.

6. Balayage Hair Extensions (back to index)

If you’re looking to transform your style but don’t have the necessary hair, or want to experiment with balayage before dying your locks, extensions are the answer! Hair extensions come in a huge range of balayage colours to compliment your natural hair and add stunning length and volume to your locks. After all, tumbling balayage waves can only look better with more hair! Need some more inspo? Check out our blog: Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hair Inspirations For 2023 and get yourself inspired for the ultimate glamorous balayage ideas!

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