Let’s be honest: sometimes, less is more. When it comes to hair, minimalism doesn’t mean that your mane must look flat and lifeless in tone and depth. This is where the balayage hair colour technique comes into play, with its soft strokes of colour designed to add a touch of light on your tresses in a glamorous, natural way. If you’re a natural blonde, there are many ways you can achieve a gorgeous balayage to give depth and richness to your hair. Ready to find out more? Let’s have a look at the top blonde balayage hair looks to get you inspired!

1. Ash Blonde Balayage (back to index)

One of the most popular options for those lazy summer days is the ash blonde balayage. This colour looks gorgeous on warm and olive skin undertones. Adding a touch of ashy colour to natural blonde hair makes your complexion pop with brightness and a little kick to it, that you can easily revive at home. Get your Purple Shampoo to keep the silvery tone of your tresses vibrant and as shiny as ever.

2. Dark Blonde Balayage (back to index)

Natural blondes often struggle in maintaining structure and depth in their hair colour, which is often to be blamed on getting too bleach happy when adding highlights. An expert hair colourist, however, can easily prevent this from happening by adding strategically positioned lowlights, that will bring richness and movement to your blonde hair. This hair colour will also take your bouncy blowout to the next level: if you’d like to add thickness and volume to your tresses, you can always get matching balayage hair extensions and achieve celebrity-like hair.

3. Caramel Blonde Balayage (back to index)

Caramel is an often sought-after shade, especially as people are looking to warm things up around their face with the arrival of summer. Caramel highlights and balayage are an ideal way to nicely frame the features of cool-undertoned individuals. Caramel balayage is a hairstyle often seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, whose bronde hair extensions are worldwide famous."Honey Blonde Balayage

Similar to caramel blonde, this shade is usually seen around spring and summer time, when things start to get hotter and more and more women – both natural blondes and brunettes – explore the world of blonde hair. Honey-inspired shades are often leaning towards golden tones more than caramel, making it a more versatile hue that works really well with both warm and neutral skin undertones. If you’d like to achieve a blonde balayage without bleaching your hair, you can always use blonde hair extensions lighter than your natural colour, for a subtle yet effective highlighted look.

4. Icy Blonde Balayage With Dark Roots (back to index)

This is probably one of the edgiest balayage looks out there, that starts with dark roots (ideal for naturally ashy blondes or dark blondes) and bleeds into ice-cold platinum. The Targaryen blonde is quite popular nowadays (you can read more about it on our dedicated blog: As Seen On Tv: Get The Perfect Targaryen Hair), and if you’d like to achieve it with hair extensions I’d recommend exploring our range of ice blonde hair extensions: this high-contrast look is not for the faint-hearted, but will surely make you look and feel as confident as ever.

5. Platinum Blonde Balayage (back to index)

If you have naturally light blonde hair, this doesn’t mean that you have to renounce the edgy finish of dark-rooted ice blonde balayage. You can achieve a platinum blonde balayage with a different touch, this time keeping things light without adding the dark roots – the finish? A glamorous platinum do, a la Marilyn Monroe – but with more depth and movement. If you’re a natural blonde willing to switch things up every now and then, add ice blonde clip in hair extensions for thickness and volume, adding a touch of light to your tresses without the damage of the bleach.

6. Dirty Blonde Balayage (back to index)

What if you’d like to look glamorous but without losing your rebellious vibe? Don’t worry – before you eye up neon colours and jet black hair,  there’s a way you can spice up your look. Its name? Dirty blonde

Dirty blonde is a medley of highlights and lowlights that will keep things luscious and bright whilst giving you all the depth and edginess of darker strokes, often in ashy tones and even golden brunette in extreme cases. 

7. Balayage With Money Piece (back to index)

The money piece hair comes from the 90s and has seen an intense resurgence in 2021 and throughout 2022, becoming one of the most popular hairstyles of the past year. During summer, many people created a unique, bright and face-framing hairstyle with the aid of the expertly-placed strokes of a blonde balayage hairstyle paired with a light money piece hairstyle.

8. Silver Balayage (back to index)

If ashy doesn’t quite cut it, you can always choose to add a touch of silver to your blonde hair to give it a kick with its grey, metallic and punchy finish. Silver hair is incredibly trendy nowadays – after all, there’s a reason it made it to the list of our The Predicted Hair Colour Trends For 2023. If you’d like to warm things up a little, consider our gold and silver mix: Silver Sand hair extensions – for a flawless, neutral shade that doesn’t miss out on looking edgy.

9. Funky Coloured Balayage (back to index)


For the blonde that enjoys the creative look, why not add a touch of colour with a vibrant shade? Funky coloured hair extensions are the perfect way to get all the movement and punch of shades such as bright pink, deep blue, sultry mahogany and witchy turquoise.

Clip hair extensions are the best in this case, allowing you to switch things up whenever you’d like and making an ideal accessory to bring with you on your festival weekend days this summer.

10. Conclusion: (back to index)

If you’re a blonde, getting a balayage could be the perfect decision to enhance the natural tone of your tresses and bring your look to life with highlights, lowlights and touches of colour. If you’re unsure about which tone of balayage for blonde hair will suit you best, check out our post: How To Choose A New Hair Colour to find out which shades work better with cool skin undertones, warm undertones and neutral or olive undertones.

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