If you, like me, are a Game Of Thrones fan left in despair by the last season of the show, you are now probably consuming House Of The Dragon like it’s a lifestyle guide. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you - and this is a safe space.

George R.R. Martin’s world has inspired millions of people out there in many ways: from arts and crafts to cookbooks and yes, even baby names. Whilst the past decade has seen a boom of Daenerys and Arya coming to life and Game Of Thrones-inspired recipes are not for the delicate stomach (but if you’d like to try them you can get the Game Of Thrones cookbook here), something else from the show has caught my eye. Yep, you guessed it right: hairstyles!

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From Cersei Lannister golden, regal tresses to Daenerys Targaryen’s fairy-like hairstyles, the show has been serving looks from 2011 to 2019. Eight years of braiding, plaits, sophisticated hair jewelry, and sumptuous half-up, half-down looks. So once House Of The Dragon was announced, it was a no-brainer that the Targaryen clan would be presented with a series of stunning hairstyles. Whether you’re getting ready for your next medieval fair, comic con or simply want to go a little extra this Autumn, let’s have a look at these Targaryen hairstyles to recreate at home!

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1. Targaryen Hairstyles 101: How Does A Targaryen Wear Her Hair? (back to index)

Any respectable Targaryen (spoiler alert: besides Jon Snow) has light hair. When it comes to women, their tresses usually range from platinum to pearl-white or even silver. Martin’s books want them to also have amethyst-like eyes, as per the Valyrian stereotype (although Game Of Thrones producers decided to let Emilia Clarke’s beautiful, natural eyes work their magic). Starting with Daenerys and continuing in the prequel show with Rhaenyra, the Targaryen tradition sees their women wearing their hair long and creatively braided. If you’re lacking the right length and volume to make a Dragon-inspired hairstyle, remy hair extensions are what you need.

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2. Targaryen Hairstyles 101: Ice Blonde (back to index)

As previously mentioned, the Targaryens we’ve seen on screen have been blessed with gorgeous, flowy ice blonde tresses. If you’re looking to recreate Daenerys Targaryen’s hair looks, check out our range of Ice Blonde hair extensions. Bright and icy, Ice Blonde is a chilly, fierce shade of blonde that keeps things classy whilst being incredibly edgy. This is the type of blonde you don’t mess with; the ultimate, lightest shade of platinum that looks expensive and has a unique, royal feel to it. I have talked more in detail about ice blonde on our dedicated blog

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3. Targaryen Hairstyles Tutorial (back to index)

As #houseofthedragon and #targaryenhairstyles are spiking on TikTok. HBO decided to hop on the wave (or should I say, hop on the dragon?) and lead the way with a couple of incredible hair tutorials. Many influencers and hair enthusiasts around the world have filmed themselves recreating some of the best looks seen on Rhaenyra Targaryen.

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@hbomaxnordic Need more hairstyle inspo?? Check out this hairstyle tutorial on how to style it like Rhaenyra. 🔥 #TargaryenHairstyles #HouseoftheDragon ♬ originalljud - HBO Max Nordic
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4. How To Take Care Of Bleached Hair Like A Queen (back to index)

If you decided to bleach your hair and go full Targaryen, there’s a few things that you need to know. First things first, the heir to the throne cannot be seen with frizzy, crinkly hair. So, big no-no to homemade bleach jobs. You want to look like you ride dragons, not like your tresses just got chewed on by one.

The secret to delicate, glossy ice blonde tresses is lots and lots of extra care. Bleach isn’t just a treatment, it’s the equivalent of trauma for your hair (and that’s why you need a consultation with a professional beforehand)! That said, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your bleached hair won’t inevitably surrender to breakage.

Braid Your Hair Like The Mother Of Dragons For Bedtime

Protective hairstyles are everything when it comes to damaged hair. Tucking your ends in and keeping your length secured in a plait will boost your bleached hair’s longevity. If you want to know more about how to protect your hair at night time, check out our blog about protective hairstyles for sleeping.

Dragon Egg Hair Masks… Once A Week

Okay, chances are that your odds to find a real-life dragon egg are the same that I have to find myself a real-life Khal Drogo (and convince him to marry me). But your regular, average chicken egg is an extremely powerful ally to reintroduce proteins in your damaged tresses. Not only eggs, but many other common pantry ingredients can make wonderful hair masks! If you’re feeling creative, check out our DIY hair mask recipes blog.

Oil Your Tresses

Have you ever seen any of the queens (or wannabe ones)  in Game Of Thrones go around with frizzy flyaways sticking out of their regal mane? The simple answer is no - except for that one time where Daenerys survived an arson. Oh, and when Cersei Lannister was forced to completely re-define the concept of “walk of shame”. Both in fiction and real life, women have used the power of natural oils to tame their hair, take care of their skin and much more. Check out our blog about how to oil your hair to find out what’s the best hair oil for you. If you’d like to add some shine and moisture to your real hair extensions, stock up on our hair shine serum.

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5. Conclusion: (back to index)

I get it, being a Valyrian beauty queen isn’t easy - but why settle for less when you can look like a Targaryen? As the weather gets chilly and holiday season approaches, learning to master your braiding skills to become the catalyst for attention at your next Christmas party at work is definitely worth the time. Brace yourself… Winter is coming!

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