Love hair? Well, me too. After all, I wouldn’t be working here and writing about hair all the time if it wasn’t my thing!

In order to celebrate National Hair Day, this year we want to do something a little extra for you. Let’s have a look together at how to make the most out of your beautiful hair and human hair extensions, and how to show your tresses some real, unconditional love!

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1. Healthy Food For Healthy Hair (back to index)

It turns out that following a healthy diet is an extremely powerful weapon in the fight for healthy hair. There are all sorts of foods that boost repair, healthy growth, and regeneration, so keep reading to find out how you can eat your way to a better hair day. All eyes on fatty fish such as salmon, nuts, berries, and more. Check out our dedicated blog post to find out more about healthy food for healthy hair!

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2. How To Deep Condition Your Hair At Home (back to index)

Did you know that your hair's health starts from your pantry? If your hairdresser is fully booked and your head is in desperate need of deep conditioning, try these fantastic DIY hair masks recipes at home! All-natural ingredients to experiment with and find the perfect recipe for your hair's happiness!

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3. Trim Regularly For Happy, Healthy Hair (back to index)

At some point we’ve all struggled with split ends - they’re practically inevitable to avoid for extended periods of time without a trim every now and then - but not many know about hair dusting. The hair dusting technique is a new way to get rid of damaged ends and tips without affecting the shape of your haircut and your hair’s and real human hair extensions’ health!

4. How To Oil Your Hair (back to index)

Throughout history, women have always used the power of natural oils to tame their hair, take care of their skin and much more. Check out our blog about how to oil your hair to find out what’s the best hair oil for you. If you’d like to add some shine and moisture to your Remy hair extensions, stock up on our hair shine serum.

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5. Find Your Washing Routine (back to index)

After your shampoo and conditioner routine, a cold rinse could make your tresses go a long way. A lot of hair stylists will also confirm this to you, as it’s a common practice in many salons (when possible). Many also follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse, which - although the smell might not be the most pleasant - is considered to be a natural miracle in a bottle for shiny, strong, healthy hair.

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6. Try Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping (back to index)

Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, there’s a protective hairstyle for you. From the simplest plait to pineapples and more intricate and glamorous styling techniques such as the milkmaid braid, protective hairstyles are an efficient way to protect your hair whilst you sleep and to look glamorous when going out, without compromising on your ends’ health.

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7. Avoid Heat-based Styling Tools (back to index)

With the right styling products and technique, air drying your hair is the most efficient way to avoid heat damage from the blow dry, bringing your hair’s natural texture back to life. If you’re used to styling your hair a lot, don’t worry: air drying your locks doesn’t equal missing out on style. There are various styling techniques which take pride in being completely heatless, both for curling or even straightening your hair!

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8. Change Your Brushing Technique (back to index)

Brushing your hair too often or too zealously can make the difference between a healthy, shiny mane and a dry, dull one. Which one are you aiming for? Natural hair and human hair extensions have different needs, so always make sure you’re using the right products on them - including your hairbrush. A detangling hairbrush can be used to gently get rid of any matting and knotting, whilst if you really have to do this on wet hair or under the shower then a large toothed comb is your best bet. Boar bristles are the best to soften your hair once dry, and distribute your natural oils on your strands from your roots.

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9. Conclusion: (back to index)

Fall in love with your hair again by changing a few things in your hair care routine and I can guarantee you - it will completely change the way you see yourself in the mirror! Showing your tresses some love can start from the smallest of changes - from a healthier diet to embracing your natural colour and ditching bleach.

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