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What to include in your hair extension care kit

Authored By Aida Huget

We all love our extensions to look and feel incredible but after wearing them out and styling them a few times it can be difficult to keep them fresh. Sometimes, let’s face it we forget or can’t be bothered but other times it can feel like no matte how hard we try we just cannot get them looking as lovely as when we first got them. It all comes down to your kit. The trick is if you have the right things and regularly look after your hair then they will stay gorgeous for longer.


Your extension hanger

This may seem totally crazy but trust me it works. The number one way hair extensions get all tangled and mattered is the way we keep them in between wears rather than styling. This can easily be remedied by hanging your extensions up, that’s right hanging. By allowing them to hang the way they naturally do on your head it will not force the strands out of place making them weaker and more likely to fall out. You can either buy specialist extension hangers online or use old trouser hangers with the two clips. The trick is to lay your extensions out flat and place the hanger tongs in between your extension clips at the root.


Sulphate free shampoo, conditioner and hair mask

Healthy hair comes from healthy products. Like our hair extensions need washing regularly and as autumn and winter approaches will need to be hair masked at least once a week. I would love to be able to tell you that you can pick any bottle up and they would cleanse and nourish your extensions the same but it just isn’t true. Plant based shampoos, conditioners and hair masks are the best as they are less likely to have chemicals like sulphate in them. Sulphate leeches your extension’s moisture making them brittle and weak. If your extensions are lighter than a deep brown shade the best bet is assume that they are dyed. So, if you want them to stay bright and vibrant get products that are specifically for dyed hair.


Alcohol-free hairspray and serum

Sulphate is not the only thing that can dry your extension out alcohol can too. Yes I know you aren’t likely to deliberately spill a cocktail over your extensions but so many styling products have alcohol in them. Hairspray and serum can also have alcohol in it and we all know we need to have a serum to protect our hair from drying heat product to make it helpful for your extensions and make sure your serum is alcohol-free too.


An extension brush

Like your hair extensions need to be brushed thoroughly and regularly. There is no point having a brush that does more harm than good because it rips out extension strands, instead, make sure your have a proper rubber extension brush. They are the perfect tangle teasers for your extensions.


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