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Celebrities who rock extensions

2017 has been a massive year for hair transformations from length to colour our favourite pop and film stars have not held back. I love mixing things up as much as the next person but in 2017 it seems like hair changes are happening as frequently as hair washing leaving an amazing buzz in the hair beauty world as to what trend will come next. Let’s have a look at this year’s most radical hair changers and extension lovers.


cliphair extensions-emma-watson-1

cliphair extensions-emma-watson-2


Emma Watson

This British beauty is leading the way for the low key stunning hair trend with her shaggy, yet totally elegant bob. Whether slicked back or in beach waves this style rocks but Emma does not always keep her hair the same, especially when she is on set. The biggest transformation of the year happened when she was playing Disney’s Belle in Beauty and the Beast. As is tradition for the Disney style Emma was sporting centre parted long half up style. A long way from her edgy shaggy bob. Her extensions have been so wonderfully attached if you didn’t know what she looked like in real life you wouldn’t know she was wearing any at all.


cliphair extensions-taylor-swift-1

cliphair extensions-taylor-swift-2


Taylor swift

This girl is the queen of hair changes. She tends to wear her natural hair anywhere between a bob and a mid cut but her length and colour is never the same for long. She likes to keep us guesses if she will show up in a bold and bright platinum style or honey coloured long waves. Even her fringe is ever changing from a blunt cut to a side fringe to long layers. If you want to be the on trend chameleon like Taylor why not start with a balayage and see what colours suit you.


cliphair extensions-adele-1

cliphair extensions-adele-2



This British pop sensation has as much talent as a hair product in, a lot. We love her because she is a no nonsense glam girl who knows her styles and rocks them. A couple of years ago she was known as the queen of the beehive but these days when she puts in extensions she likes to experiment a lot more with layers, colour tones and updos. If you have killer cheekbones and a killer personality like adele then these amplified updos will be perfect for you to try as well.


cliphair extensions-jennifer-lopez-1

cliphair extensions-jennifer-lopez-2


Jennifer Lopez

The “Jenny from the block” singer is not as “all real” as she claims to be. Not in the beauty department. Sure, she is one of our health idols and seems totally natural with her no alcohol and yoga loving lifestyle but she has definitely taken a not so natural helping hand with her hair styling. I have always been envious of her thick and luscious locks but it turns out she probably is as well as she is known to wear loads of extensions. If doing blame her when you have naturally curly hair styling it all the time with heat can make it brittle and weak, why not add a little help to bulk it out again?


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