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Get that look: 2 ways to get your gorgeous beach waves

Authored By Aida Huget

Whether you are hitting the Ibiza beach this summer or not beach waves look hot. I have not met a person that beach waves don’t suit. They soften your look and give you that instant glamour without it taking loads of effort. Today I am going to talk you through how to get your perfect beach waves in 2 ways, with and without heat. Yes, heatless it the best for your hair for sure but if you are in a rush grab your curlers. When I know I am going swimming I will go out natural but for the rest of the time fashion first, it is all about length and volume.




Heatless waves

If you are trying to cut down on your heat intake for the week this is a perfect style to try it out. It takes a little bit more planning than warming up your curlers.




Get your kit together

This heatless style is super easy and needs way less fiddly equipment than other heatless looks. All you will need for this style is some water you can spritz on easily, a hair donut (either a shop bought one or a DIY sock one) and a hair tie. Get these together and let’s get started.




Getting your heatless curls

Gather your hair into a high ponytail and put the doughnut on. Split your ponytail in half and spritz it with a little water so it reshapes easier. Wind your hair sections around your doughnut in opposite directions and leave it to dry. You could either do this with your hair extensions in or if you find this uncomfortable you can grab an extra doughnut and do it separately. Once it is dry (after a couple of hours) gently unwrap your hair run your fingers through your waves and spray with some hair spray. You are ready to go.




waves with tools

Haven’t planned ahead? It is all good. Beach waves are doable using your tools too. This method isn’t as hair care friendly so make sure you use a good serum or check out our blog on how to make your own. Let’s get started on how to create beach waves in a rush.




Get your kit together

So you have your hair serum, check. Now all you need is your curling iron, a hair clip and your hairspray. Let’s get cracking, shall we?



Getting super swifty waves




If you are wanting to make this as quick as possible and want a natural wave look I would suggest curling your extensions separately before you put them in so that you can get the widths of your waves accurate. The best way to curl your hair extension and your natural hair is to deal with small manageable sections. If your hair is thick like might I wouldn’t section more than two inches at a time. Start at the base of your head to make life easier. Remember as you wrap the strands around your curling wand you want to leave space in between to give your waves more volume. Once you have done your entire hair spritz it with some hair spray to hold and you will look amazing!


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