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Get that look- Christina Aguilera inspired sleek and straight hair

Authored By Aida Huget

XXL long and sleek hair is all over social media this year and is one of the year’s hottest hair trends. Another one of the year’s hottest trends is ice blonding. It feels like everyone and their dog is going icy either in an ombred style all over. It is well known that we love going lighter when the weather is brighter but this year we have taken it to a whole new extreme. One lady who has been rocking this style for years is pop singer, actress and The Voice host Christina Aguilera. Let’s check out how to rock a sleek icy blonde style like Christina.










Whether you have ice blonde hair extensions right from your roots like Christina or are honey blonde and adding some ombre ice blonde ends we all know bleached locks need the most TLC so sleep in some hair oil and wash it out in the morning to make sure your locks are treated and ready to handle the heat you are going to be applying. Now I know we have all had the awkward hair poking out of the middle of our hair extensions look so check out the next bit for an awesome hair hack.



Straight hair don’t care hair hack




This hair hack will literally change the way you put in extensions if you find blending tricky. This may need some practice the first time or you may even need to ask a friend but it is totally worth it. Before you clip in your extensions create a centre parting that is two inches deep and divide the first few inches of hair around your face from the rest of your hair. You will need to create cornrow braids for the entire back section of your hair but not vertically. Leave a layer at the top of your hair to conceal your braids. The way to braid them is to start at the top left corner or your back section and braid horizontally and snaking down to the next line. It usually ends up being four or five rows going back and fourth.



Getting those long locks


When we are looking for this year’s trend the buzz word is LONG. So grab your 24-inch extensions to make the most this style. As normal start from the bottom, with the larger extension pieces. The brilliant thing about the rows of braids you just created is that they will become like coat hangers for your extensions to clip on to smoothly.



Finishing touches




You have your back sorted now it is time to finish this style. Lower that top layer of hair and the front section. Brush and straighten your hair so that it blends in with your extensions seamlessly. As you are working with dyed extensions it is important to add protecting spray before you straightening. Remember that your natural hair gets nourished by the natural oils on your head but extensions are not so it is important. Now you are all done. Spritz on that alcohol-free hair spray and you are done!


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