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Get that look: the hottest mermaid braid

That’s right, mermaid braids are stunningly beautiful and are great for the changeable weather this summer. If you are a fan of #hairstyles on instagram them you will have seen more than a few mermaid braids on there. Why do we love them? First of all they are named after a disney inspired mythical creature and of course they are so flowing and envy worthy that it makes us feel like royalty. Whether you are heading for a cocktail with some friends or just having a low key dinner with your other half, this is definitely worth a try.




Can everyone do this style?

This style looks so intricate it is easy to feel overwhelmed by it but it is not something that it out of reach for newbies but it really just needs some time and patience. I have never seen this look on short hair, I don’t know if it is possible or looks good. It may look great but if you want a tried and tested method that will look amazing and you have short hair, add some. Clip in some to be on the safe side. This style looks the most dramatic with straight hair so straighten your hair. If you use protective serum (which I really hope you all do) don’t make it too oily, this will hinder you with making your braid.




Divide it up

Now you have your length sorted let’s get this style sorted. Start by creating a deep part and sweeping your hair over your opposite shoulder. Take a four inch section at the back of your head, on the heavy side, and divide it into three parts.




Braid away

Now we have come to the main attraction. Using the strands at in the back section start your braid off by crossing the strands over each other and into the middle. Do this so you have two rows of a normal french braid. On the third row as you bring the back section over the middle include a few strands of hair directly below where the braid began. As you cross each strand over add a few strands of hair directly in front of the braid. Repeat this process until you reach the end of your hair. Secure with a clear elastic hair tie.




Spice it up

Your basic mermaid braid is done! But who wants just basic? Yes if you are on a bus or running late you can stop here but there are a couple of hair hacks that are easy to do and can turn your do from drab into fab. If you are a fan of colour adding a few different colours of extension interwoven (particularly blue or pastel colours) look amazing in this style and really make I stand out. Another way to rock your mermaid braid is to add some gold hair clasps. I am in love with these accessories at the moment, they are incredible and look like Pandora charms for your hair.

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